You deserved to be here for this.

You didn’t get to help me again last night or even today. I’m moving our baby back to UCF to start her second year of college. She is following the dreams and goals you two talked about for so long.

You didn’t get to help me shop for dishes, curtains, and food that she will need. You didn’t see her car packed while she pulled out of the driveway. You didn’t see how pretty she is with her long hair and your smile. You won’t  be with  me  in  the  car with all of her  things  packed for a two hour drive thinking about  how grown  up she is and how proud we are of her.

(Courtesy Teresa Kondek)

You won’t see the picture she has of you that brings her to tears when she sees it.

You won’t be here when we see all of the other fathers helping their daughter unload the car and put furniture together. You won’t be here to hug her like the other fathers will. She will see it all again today and I’ll watch her turn away when she sees it.

You won’t be here when I disappear to be alone for just a second to pull myself together so I don’t make her sad when she should be having fun.

(Courtesy Teresa Kondek)

You’re not here and that’s the hardest thing to say even today. I hate that you should be here and I hate saying it and thinking about it so much.

It’s one of those days today that I struggle with. It’s one of those days full of anger. Well anger doesn’t make it better – pissed off feels more accurate.

There are so many men out there that didn’t deserve to have a daughter but YOU DID and you were so damn good at it.

(Courtesy Teresa Kondek)

You were the happiest man I’ve ever met and you had a heart bigger than life. You deserved MORE time here with the family you loved. If there was a daddy that deserved to have these memories, it’s YOU.

You deserved to be here for this.

At the bottom line, it’s all about saving just ONE life.



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