CopBlue publishes writers with a connection to law enforcement. Articles are written by active and retired law enforcement officers, criminal justice professors, spouses of police officers, unsworn law enforcement employees, military service members, law enforcement trainers, criminal justice students, security personnel and others. We are an open and welcoming organization. We simply insist that our authors share our commitment to officer safety and saving just ONE life.


CopBlue articles are focused on Street Cops. Others read our articles, too: detectives, undercover cops, administration along with the patriotic Americans who support the law enforcement community. We will never forget that the street is where the “rubber-meets-the-road” in cop work.

Our mission is singular: At the bottom line, it’s about saving just ONE life.

CopBlue articles generally fit into one of our four main categories: CopConscience, CopWorld, CopTactics & Gear, CopFitness & Health. Other topics are welcome so long as they are focused on the street.

We welcome a broad array of article topics relating to the life of a Street Cop. Popular articles often center on one of these: comment and editorial, evaluations of gear, discussion of current practices and strategies and the analysis of the world through the eyes of a Street Cop. Readers seem to like: satire, humor, shining a light on a need for change.

Most of all, writers are encouraged to be COP BLUNT. Don’t sugar-coat your message. Don’t sacrifice the message in order to be politically correct. Cussing is not encouraged for its own sake. But, if it’s needed to convey your message –use it (sparingly, please).

Before submitting something, read it aloud to yourself. It should sound like you in conversation. Readers shy away from material which is stiff or contrived.


Your article must be easy to read. Keep it simple. The following ideas are good guidelines:

  • Be specific, concrete, and definite
  • Put the statements in positive form
  • Don’t explain too much
  • Avoid fancy words
  • Be clear

Articles should be understandable to all readers. You are welcome to include tables, drawing, charts or photographs. Articles must be your original work. Please include your recommended headline for the article.

Please submit a Word document, font: 12 point Aerial or Verdana are preferred.


CopBlue prefers articles that are 400–1,200 words. Street cops are typically reading your article between calls, so writing a novel is a no-no.

Additionally, most of our readers are reading on a hand-held device. Therefore, this is vital: short sentences and short paragraphs because anything long and drawn-out is very difficult to follow on a small screen.

If your article is outside these guidelines, get in touch with the editor so we can figure out the best way to proceed.


Please submit short biographical details (150 words or less) including the professional and educational background. Plan on this being published as part of an article. We also request a mug-shot to show the world that you are a real human being.


Please attach your article to an email addressed to editor@CopBlue.com and put the word “Submission” as the subject.


Contributors retain intellectual property rights to their work. However, by submitting your work to CopBlue for publication, you agree to editorial review and understand changes might be necessary. CopBlue editors may change submitted work to correct for grammar, syntax, clarity or brevity. The editors will never change your thoughts or opinions.


The editorial team makes every effort to ensure that only accurate data, opinions, and statements appear in CopBlue. However, the data and opinions appearing in the articles and advertisements are the sole responsibility of the contributors and advertisers.

CopBlue and its staff accept no responsibility or liability for the consequences of any inaccurate or misleading data, opinion, or statement.


CopBlue likes to use photographs that complement submitted articles. When submitting pictures, please indicate permission to use the picture is granted to CopBlue by the person or institution that has the copyright/ownership to it.  By submitting an article, the author will hold CopBlue harmless from any claims of copyright infringement for text and pictures therein.


Articles are loaded in WordPress for publication. We want as many people to read your work as possible. We distribute all features to our social media platforms.  We also want internet search engines to find them based upon word search queries. As such, minor modifications might be made to accommodate this.

All contributors will be added to our subscriber list and receive emails as articles are published.

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