I’m going to warn you – this article is going to trigger a lot of people. I don’t really care. These are the kinds of conversations we need to start having in America.

Over the past few years, I’ve spent a LOT of time with cops.

I’ve done sweeps with counterterrorism guys in NYC. I’ve gone hog hunting with patrol officers in Texas. I’ve chased gators with cops in Florida. I’ve drank with police in New Hampshire. I’ve gone ATV riding with cops in Utah and hiked mountains with police in Colorado.

Most of my friends are police officers. Members of my family. Colleagues. Neighbors.

They all have one thing in common. Every single cop I know who spent time on the street has said it.

In 2016, there was only one viable candidate for president for police officers – and it was Trump.

That doesn’t mean they love everything about him. It doesn’t mean they agree with all of his policies. It doesn’t mean they think he’s perfect or infallible. It simply means that he was the one chance we had to try and fix the morale in America for those who hold the thin blue line.

And many of these warriors agree – our country is in some serious trouble right now.

They bust their asses going after those who break the law. I’m not talking about your regular schmuck on the street. I’m talking about really bad dudes.

They finally make the arrest, and some Democrat appointee judge has the criminal back on the street before the officer has even returned to his desk to finish his report.

And what do you think that does for their morale? I’ll tell you what it does. It destroys it. It makes them wonder why they put their lives on the line every single day when some judge is going to just let the bad guy go because he’s an illegal alien and it’s a reelection year and we don’t want it to hurt Democrats.

If you’re mad right now, it’s for one of two reasons:

1. You’re a cop and you get it and this is bringing up lots of memories that piss you off.

2. You’re someone who tends to vote Democrat and you believe that feelings are more important than law and order.




Well you know what? It’s about time we get mad.

I watched as the Portland mayor prevented police from being able to rescue ICE agents who were under attack and calling 9-1-1 for help.


Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler (U.S. Department of Labor)


I watched as a man on the way home from seeing his wife and newborn in a hospital was killed in a head-on collision by some kid who should have been behind bars but was out because, well, “feelings.”

I watched as a Weymouth, Mass. police officer was killed by a guy who should have been in jail on drug charges.


(Graphics courtesy Rose Borisow GrafX)


I watched as Democrats passed down piece of legislation after legislation that puts the handcuffs on our law enforcement officers and prevents them from doing the job they were hired to do.

I watched as police officers were shot and stabbed and run over … and then turned on the news to find the media condemning and attacking the very officer who was wounded. Then I watched as local politicians demanded investigations of the police officer who was wounded simply because the uneducated community was protesting them.

Then I watched as the officer who was just doing their job and upholding the law got screwed over, shafted out of the resources and pay and support they needed and deserved and was hung out to dry and left to deal with their injuries on their own.

I watched as officers hesitated to take action against criminals threatening them and were nearly killed … because they were worried about the media and bureaucratic fallout they’d face for simply protecting themselves.

I watched as their wives and children were attacked because Daddy is a “pig.” And then the very unemployed NFL wannabe who wore pig socks and supported the family of a police killer was named “Man of the Year” and given huge sponsorships and endorsements.

These stories are repeating again and again and again. And you have cops kissing their husbands and wives and kids goodbye, going into work with an increasing risk that they’re going to be killed not just because of bad people … but because of bad politicians who are forcing their own far left agenda on Americans.

Why did so many officers vote for Donald Trump as president? Because he was the only candidate truly seeking to bring law and order back to America. The only president willing to call out the media for their sheer bias against cops. The only man willing to actually pay tribute to those who hold the Thin Blue Line. The only candidate who RESPECTS them.

Let me tell you something.

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump both held rallies in a big city near me. I’m good friends with the officers who organized the logistics.

Both rallies were in the peak of summer.

Clinton’s campaign insisted officers not be seen. They were instructed to rent BOX TRUCKS with no windows and use those for staging and operations. She wanted no sight of the officers. There was no gratitude – just rudeness and disrespect from the entire campaign.

President Trump? He made sure to personally buy pizza for all of the cops and wouldn’t leave until he shook the hand of every single police officer and thanked them individually.

“Why would they choose someone who isn’t a cop to be the National Spokesman for Law Enforcement Today?” you ask.

I’ll tell you why I was tapped. Because these officers need a voice. They need a citizen to back them and stand behind them and share their voices and their fears and their passions and their concerns.

Someone who can’t be fired by a department. Someone willing to stand up and say that it’s time we cut the drivel in America.

It’s time we take the shackles off our cops. It’s time we return to law and order. It’s time we allow these men and women to do what they need to do to fix our country … protect our citizens … and hold the Thin Blue Line.

And it’s time we start standing behind them.

God bless these Sheepdog … and God bless America.

At the bottom line, it’s all about saving just ONE life.



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