On 14 March 2018, students across the country walked out for 17 minutes to honor the memory of the 17 that were killed in the gun free zone known as Marjory Stoneman Douglas high school.

Ooops. I was wrong.

It was to support stricter gun laws. And there’s another one scheduled for later in the month of March.

As I’ve done the past couple of articles, I quote the infamous Tommy Flanagan, ‘cause he’s almost always on it, “Yeah, that’s the ticket” (c. l985).

Of course, the usual suspects tweeted and Facebooked their support (kinda sad to see Captain America there, but he is not his character). We also know that this was orchestrated by many left wing protest groups.

As noted in the above link, the actor Andy Richter (didn’t know he was still around, or that he was an actor, my mistake) asked, “If more guns make us safer, why aren’t we safe?” To him I would answer, we are. The evidence is clear on that.

The Marjory Stoneman Douglas high school students were not. Neither was the Huffman High School student in Alabama.


Though not a school killing, but neither were the people at UAB Highlands Hospital in Birmingham, AL.

But, here’s my insensitive, uncaring and, I’m sure some kind of ist or ism question, “Why do we care?”

That is, why do we care what a bunch of high school students think, care or believe? Most of them have yet developed the ability to think critically, to think on their own. Most of them can’t yet drive. Enlist. Vote. Drink (well, maybe that). So, why do we care what they say? What they write on their many factually incorrect signs?

We don’t. And, we shouldn’t.

Unfortunately, many a politico will and do. And from that will come ridiculous policy. Policy that makes no sense. Policy (or legislation) that is either a) unenforceable and/or b) that will be overturned in the courts.

Do we need to have a conversation? Absolutely. With the individuals who matter. With those that are and need to be involved: cops, legislators (maybe), teachers (not their union reps), mental health professionals; but not uninformed youngsters or actors.

We know what to do. We know how to do it.

The question is whether we have the cajones to make it so (Picard, J-L, c. 24th C).

At the bottom line, it comes down to saving just ONE life.




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