Back in September, one of us had the opportunity to visit one of Orlando’s theme parks for ten days with the family. Yes, that’s right, ten days!

We have a daughter who is a nurse (certified nurse midwife), a son-in-law who’s a copper and a wife who is a retired security director. Clearly, we know what we’re doing when we’re out and about.

Getting on the plane, visiting the multiple parks within the park and returning, of course, we could carry none of our usual Every-Day-Carry items. None. Zip. Zero. Nada.

In fact, boarding the plane to depart, I forgot that I had a multi-tool of sorts (the credit card type) in my wallet. Lost it.

Returning from Orlando, not only did the TSA dude mess with my Margaritaville hat (an asshole he was), I also lost my mini ultra-thin nail clipper tool (OK, go ahead and say it) because it had a blade on it. Maybe 2”; maybe.

Mitzie Forrest, my co-author, is a criminal justice instructor, former corrections and an armed security officer. She has gone through a rather contentious divorce with her own asshole. As a result, she couldn’t carry in the courthouse where she was involved in various activities involving juvenile criminals.


Imagine what would have happened if her ex decided to confront her enroute to or returning from the courthouse.

The dreaded Wikipedia defines force multiplier as “a factor or a combination of factors that gives personnel, weapons or other hardware the ability to accomplish greater feats than they could without it.” Why then do so many places, including governmental institutions, choose to eliminate the force multipliers that might be of assistance should the shit hits the fan?

Remember the two off duty coppers dropping their kids off at school? Ran to the sound of gunfire. Saved lives. Off duty.

And, the off duty copper (and coach) in Parkland who ran to the sounds without his gun or vest. Saved lives. Off duty.

Frank Borelli in a recent column for cites four examples of the experience of off duty coppers carrying, in various places CLICK HERE.

Places, events, especially those with security would have us – all of us – believe that they’ve got this handled. We can be sheep, because they’re gonna protect us. Really?

Security at Mickey’s house was OK. The four parks within Disney World are clearly different from each other. Not only in terms of entrance security, but also security within the park. Only in the Magic Kingdom (or whatever it’s called now) did we see any armed security (and he was with a K-9).

Security was certainly friendly and most were conscientious in their job. Most. We know that every profession has those who forget they are really doing God’s work. They either ignore their job completely or simply do the least amount they can.

Regardless of the quality of the security or the officer performing the duties (and some are cops), they’re only enforcing the policies of the establishment.

Borelli asks a great question: “Why do ANY of these places want to disarm the police, anyway?” We ask the same thing: why limit the force multipliers available to you? Why? Why? Why?


While Wayne LaPierre of the NRA got blasted for his comments, nevertheless they are true. “Bad guys with guns are stopped by good guys with guns.”

The Heritage Foundation frequently runs a column chronicling the number of good guys who have stopped bad guys. Usually saving lives. And often, they’re not cops or security officers. They’re usually trained civilians willing and able to step into the gap and take care of business.

Why would any place want to limit that?

A victim of the Chabad of Poway active killer is suing the Synagogue for failing to provide security. As with all lawsuits, it’s a little more complicated, but that’s the bottom line. They could have and should have provided security. They didn’t. Wanna guess whether or not they will win?

And, it’s reported that, “More lawsuits are being filed against employers in connection with active shooter incidents.”  CLICK HERE  Essentially, the claims allege that the places knew or should have known of the threats and did nothing. We would suggest that failing to allow force multipliers in with their Every Day Carry items is tantamount to knowing and doing nothing.

We would further suggest one other thing as well to our Brothers: The operative word in Carrying Concealed is . . .  concealed. With that said, how come cops working security and security officers aren’t allowing their brothers and sisters to enter these venues with their concealed weapon and/or every day carry items? Yeah, I know, it might violate a policy. But really — if something happens, reckon anyone will think about that? If they do, will anyone care?

And, before anyone asks, yes we consider security officers to be part of The Brotherhood. Kissing cousins if you want, but a part, nonetheless. Without them, the world in which we live would be way more dangerous than it is.

Borelli says it best in his conclusion, “If you disarm the good guys all you do is increase the potential target pool for the bad guys.  That’s just stupid. Stop doing that.”

After all it’s about saving just ONE life.



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