This article will be direct and straight-to-the point. Cop-blunt is one of my favorite descriptions. I don’t have enough time for fancy.  I had planned a totally different topic, but as cops everywhere know: shit happens.



Since the election, things around here, i.e. the entire country, have been pretty damn tense. On-edge, if you will.  About the outcome. Most folks know – even if they won’t admit it – that something very rotten happened and the outcome is not being reported honestly.

Lawyers have been traversing the countryside, filing complaints with one court after another. Affidavits have been piling up by the thousands from folks who testified that they witnessed some very shitty deeds go down in a whole bunch of places.

Laws were changed without the blessing (or involvement) of their respective state legislators.

Millions of ballots being trucked from one state to another and processed without any of the legally required poll-watchers being present.

Polls that were announced as closed but, in reality, remained open and processed hundreds of thousands of ballots through voting machines in the middle of the night.

Voting machines which were designed to ensure guaranteed outcomes in Venezuela were widely used in places where Biden mysteriously ‘won’ the race.



Four busloads of senior citizens from our county in Central Florida made the trip to D.C. to protest Congressional approval of the electoral votes.

These are folks are generally quiet residents of America’s flyover country. They worked every day, raised their families, paid their taxes and tried real hard to be good citizens.

On Wednesday, we saw a zillion people in the streets in D.C.  Every gender, every race, every walk of life came to support their President. Trump spoke to all of us. He thanked them for making the trip from all over the land and then said they should be certain that their representatives in Congress knew how they felt.

By dinner time, we were seeing the Capitol and it had been commandeered by a whole bunch of people. Many of them appeared ill-intentioned.

In, nothing was very clear. We could only see an enormous amount of confusion and angry citizens.



The political elites, the leftists, mainstream media and the tech giants all blamed President Trump for inciting a riot.

The response from most of us was, “Huh??!”

Within a short time, we watched videos like this:  VIDEOLINK showing terrorists from ANTIFA and other subversive groups at the Capitol, causing trouble.

Things began happening at a rapid rate so, forgive me if I get something out of sequence here.

TWITTER permanently shut down the President’s account and his primary means to reach the American people, directly.

FACEBOOK followed soon afterward.

I had heard from multiple wise sources that in an attempt to quiet conservative groups, we would soon witness attempts to strip us of our fundamental rights.

By Friday, Madam Pelosi was calling for invocation of Article 25 which would forcibly remove the President from office. That got stopped.

Quick switch, now it’s a plan to remove him with an impeachment.

I thought, “Is she nuts? His term expires in a few days. Congress will NEVER act that fast.”


Tens of thousands of people shutdown their Twitter accounts. The move is on to Parler, Rumble and Gab.

That sounds OK, but now Apple and Google got into the act. They removed the Parler app from their app stores until Parler, “… straightens up and starts censoring the conservatives.”

Sunday morning arrives with yet more news:  Amazon (who currently hosts Parler on its servers) has announced that Amazon will shut down Parler in the very near future. That would stop them and their users, cold.

So, let’s look at the list of players on one side:

  • Democrats
  • Other unaffiliated liberals
  • Educators
  • Mainstream media
  • Hollywood
  • Big tech on the West Coast
  • Apple
  • Google
  • Amazon
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram


And then, there are those on the other:

  • Many Republicans (certainly, not all of them)
  • Conservative media
  • Parler
  • Rumble
  • Gab
  • NewsMax
  • Selected newspapers
  • Most Americans who don’t live on the West Coast or in the North East


This has been a time when calm, soothing voices were in order to begin the long process aimed at getting America pulled together, again.

What did we get?  Exactly the opposite.

Liberal leaders (like Pelosi) have been throwing gasoline on the fire.


As I have written previously, I sincerely fear that America is headed directly toward a second Civil War. I have wondered if there would be a ‘tipping point.’

In light of the past few days, I estimate that said Tipping Point is very near.



Do all you can to ensure the safety of your family. You know what to do; you’ve prepared before. Now, do it again. If you’re unsure, ask a brother or sister in your agency for guidance. Still unsure? Email me:


THE IMPORTANT POINT:  We need to recognize that many average citizens don’t know where we stand.  By that, I mean: if Washington orders average citizens to surrender their weapons, will the local cops turn against the citizens of their local community to become agents of the mob-left and attempt to enforce their illegal orders?

You may think to yourself, “Of course not! I would never do anything like that.”  Me either.

But John Q. Public needs our reassurance right now that we will honor our oath of office and protect them.

We’re not going to padlock churches or any of that inane bullshit going on in many states.

We will not do anything to cancel or stop Conservative conversation – or any conversation, for that matter.


WE MUST REMEMBER:  Our fundamental duty is:

  • Defend the Constitution
  • Uphold the laws of our state

I urge you to remember who authored our founding documents. It was, “We, the People.”

In some places, there has been confusion about the cops’ responsibility to enforce executive orders of various types. I immediately think of Michigan with their nut-job lady governor has assumed the role of Queen, in that state.

Remember what we learned in the academy: There are three types of laws: Constitutional, Statutory and Case. By constitutional definition, laws are deliberated and passed by the legislature. Always. Every time.

That authority cannot be delegated or passed to the Governor or Mayor. No exceptions.

Our job (in part) is to enforce the laws adopted by the legislature or Congress. We should not be dabbling in enforcing orders from any executive because, they aren’t laws.



 Remind John Q. Public that we stand with them. After you’ve done it once, do it again.

Their support is vital.

We will do our best to protect them from all attackers.

Our oath, duty and honor is for, to and from them – our fellow citizens.

We can place our trust in God and His divine provenance for our wellbeing and a safe future.


“Above all, it’s about going home at the end of the shift … “

We couldn’t agree more.



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