More specifically, what is a police officer’s life worth?

In Houston, Texas the answer is apparently $150,000.

That is the unfathomably low bond Harris County Hearing Officer Colin B. Amann, gave to the coward accused of killing Sergeant Kaila Sullivan.

It’s not lost on me, in 2019, we are inexplicably in a new era of “criminal justice reform” where some people seem to think treating the criminal element with “kid gloves” is the best way to have a safer and more cohesive community. It couldn’t be further from the truth, but I guess we need to let them learn that the hard way.

I realize there’s conversations to be had about low level NON-VIOLENT crime and how cash bonds disproportionately affect the poor. I’m all about common sense change. This isn’t one of those cases.

Where I will not bend is how we treat criminals who kill police officers. Not just criminals, career criminals.


Take one look at the top three photos on this post and explain to me how this thug gets $150,000 bond? Do you think he’s danger to society? He doesn’t appear to have any issue flaunting his criminality all over social media. How is he deserving of a low bond? Disgusting.

Take a look at the photo on the bottom left and ask yourself how such a beautiful life can only be worth $150,000 in the eyes of the law? A public servant, killed doing what she loved. Leaving behind a wife and a child. Protecting the public selflessly and courageously from evil.

The man on the bottom right of the photo is Harris County Hearing Officer Colin B. Amann. I don’t have anything to say about him. I just wanted to put a face to the name of the person who decided a police officer’s life is only worth $150,000.

Is this justice? Is this where we are going as a country? What a slap in the face of our public servants.

Thankfully judges in other courts and jurisdictions did the right thing and revoked the thug’s bond for other unrelated cases.

It should NEVER even come to that!

Wake up America.

Look at these photos and decide for yourself.

Again, I ask…

What is a life worth?

More specifically, what is a police officer’s life worth?

At the bottom line, it’s all about saving just ONE life.



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