The water ripples just slightly and the fear of what lay just beneath the surface keeps the swimmer on the shore. How many times do we assess a situation and make up our minds at first blush? How many times have we let what someone told us or God forbade something we read on social media make up our minds for us?

Have we become a society where mob mentality rules or band-wagon thought is our reality?

When did we cease to have thought based upon truth and replace it with thought based upon conjecture? What’s worse is when did we allow social media to become something that is viewed as a legitimate news source? Listening is great and reading is even better. Perhaps we should once again act as a society of independent thinkers.

We need to become people who listen, read and assess, forming our own opinions, not allowing ourselves to be spoon-fed what we should think. When we don’t think for ourselves we can be led down a path that is not necessarily right for us a path forged based on someone else’s best interest and not our own.

Let’s get off that bandwagon thought-train and flee from the thoughtlessness that is mob mentality.

We should form our own opinions based upon facts, not suppositions, agendas or points of view based upon someone else’s self-interest.

The time has come to pull back the veil and peer at what is beneath. It is not always pretty or pleasant however, it is for you to discover. Unless of course you are happy continuing to languish in the dark or worse – allowing others to tell you what to think.

Freethinkers, innovators and pioneers are what made our country the greatest on earth. What did all of those people have in common? They thought for themselves, maybe we should wake up and do the same.


“Above all, it’s about going home at the end of the shift … “

We couldn’t agree more.




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