I’m sure that the majority of those reading this article will agree that defunding or eliminating the police is an idiotic idea.  Despite that, many also feel replacing the police with a team of social workers would be a better choice.

This group is significantly composed of career criminals looking to eliminate their biggest roadblock as well as naïve and usually well-educated people who have no idea what is going on outside of their cul-de-sac or parent’s basement.



There are three parts to crime.  Before the crime, during the crime and finally, after the crime.  Most police work is concerned with during the crime or after the crime.

Police work is reactionary.  There is little we can do before a crime is committed.  The 2002 movie Minority Report showed the problem with arresting a person before they are guilty of a crime.  We all know that person who is going to end up breaking the law or hurting someone but until they do, there is little for the police can do.

Beyond the ethics involved, our laws and society simply won’t allow proactive policing like that.

Last night, I followed an internet chat on an app called “Next-Door.”  If you are unaware of it, this app has you sign up then groups you according to your neighborhood.  You can then discuss topics and issues common to your neighborhood.  Great idea for finding babysitters or a good mechanic.

A gentleman started a thread posting a thank-you to Chicago police officers.  A simple idea, but the haters jumped on it and tried to intimidate anyone also thankful for the police.  Most called for defunding the police or even eliminating them with personal attacks on anyone not anti-police.

In not so many words, police are fat, lazy, racist slops looking to steal as much as we can and then shoot an innocent person whenever we can. 

There were three who tried to manipulate the conversation.  They were quick to accuse all police, however when confronted and asked to provide a solution, they simply left that thread of the conversation.  No one answered my question, “How would you handle things?”



I became a police officer during Ronald Reagan’s presidential term.  It was under his terms that federal funding to many social programs including mental health was significantly cut or diminished.  Mental health halfway houses closed and many people became homeless.

The social workers and programs were no longer there to handle that issue and it was thrust upon the shoulders of police forces everywhere.  We got no additional funding or tools to do that job – and we had little choice.

Now they talk about taking police funding to pay for those programs.  When it is pointed out that we never received additional funding for those programs and taking money away would result in further understaffing and diminished training they fall back on their old, “Police-Are-Bad” mantra.

Most people have little contact with the police.  Since most of our work is after a crime, they are either a victim or offender when they deal with us.  It is seldom a positive time in their life.

To resolve this, we need to address the real problem.  The police have handled two-thirds of the crime issue for many years.  If no people were looking to break into your garage or home; if no people were looking to buy dope on the corner; if families had the time and resources to raise their kids properly … then, the first third of the crime equation might be greatly diminished.

So be my guest take money from somewhere else and use it to solve these issues.  Keep in mind; it is too soon to take money from police departments.  That’s only hurting people.  Lessen the need for police before you lessen the number of police.

Stay safe my brothers and sisters in blue.  Run low and zig zag.

Robert Weisskopf (Lt. CPD ret.)

“Above all, it’s about going home at the end of the shift … “

We couldn’t agree more.


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