The fever was brutal. Periods of uncontrollable shaking and teeth chattering abruptly morphing to stages of profuse sweating and quite literally, dripping with perspiration. After finally breaking the temperature barrier, I thought I was out of the woods. Then, the cough began.

It wasn’t an ordinary cough. This was the cough from hell.

There was no relief from it because it was triggered by breathing. Every time I took a regular breath, I immediately started this uncontrollable cough. It was cyclical; breathing would lead to the cough and the coughing would lead to air intake which would initiate more coughing.

Remember: the Coronavirus is a respiratory problem that affects the victim’s lungs.

Breathing is the fuel that energizes the human body. Without air introduced into that machine, it dies.  So, you can see my dilemma, and similar issues for many others with the virus. Breathe and trigger a coughing jag that is uncontrollable, or refuse to breathe and end your time on earth.

I chose discomfort, but, with a vengeance.

I coughed as hard as I could to try and move that layer of phlegm. It was impossible. Continued hard coughing was useless and tiring.  Trying not to cough was laughable, like trying to hold that fart in during church services. Not going to happen!

I finally surrendered and went to bed. After hours of continuous coughing, apparently the cough got tired and withdrew, or maybe I was just too damned tired. On the plus side, I gained a few hours of shut-eye.

Half way through the night, I was awakened by a dripping forehead. My pillow was wet and I was lying in a puddle of the recycled water my wife forced me to drink prior to turning in.

Knowing the drill, I toweled off, covered the wet sheet with a dry towel. After changing the pillow case, I laid back down and – surprisingly – fell back asleep.



As morning broke, I was pleased to be alive. After washing the night from my face. I was able to enjoy the taste of coffee. Although not as bitter as I remembered, this brown water did taste like the real thing. Hooray! My taste was improving.

The killer cough had subsided to a semi persistent cough which allowed me to breath. It decreased during the day and right around that time I decide to go to bed, it awakened.

My wife also had this cough, but nothing compared to mine. Interesting. I spoke to other COVID-19 positive people and they too had this cough, all to varying degrees. I do believe mine was the worst.

Maybe it’s my age?

I took a cough medicine, but saw no significant improvement compared to the wife and her cough.

Three days have passed and I still have that persistent cough. Not as violent as the previous two days but, I still had a mountain to climb.


The wife keeps filling up that 16 ounce plastic tumbler with liquid ‘pain in the ass’.  Did I tell you how much I disliked water? Without exaggeration, I must be up at least every 30 minutes throughout the night to empty my bladder.

I do believe I stored enough yellow liquid to service an entire Bedouin tribe in the deserts of South Africa.

Lest I forget to inform you of the tingling sensation when I urinated.  I was not enjoying that very much at all. And, there were the burning eyes.

I later found out that I alone enjoyed a couple of side effects that were non-existent in others.

The first gift was the slight burning or tingling when I urinated. The second was when I blew my nose, I felt the sensation of effervescence in my nose. Both of these items were singularly mine for the bragging rights.

After almost three weeks, I am starting to feel somewhat normal again, albeit for the tiredness and weakness.

In recapping my COVID 19 experience:



My symptoms from day 1 to 7 days:

  • Cough
  • Light headache
  • Slight sore throat
  • Slight pain while blowing nose
  • Painful eyes
  • Everything tasted bad
  • Bathroom every 2 hours
  • Loss of sleep


From 7 to 10 days:

  • Light headache
  • Bad fever of 103 for three days
  • Chills and sweats
  • Major loss of sleep


From 10 to 15 days:

  • Severe cough
  • Slight fever


From 15 days and on:

  • Slight cough
  • Lethargic and weak


Symptoms which missed me:

  • No loss of taste or smell
  • No fever until a 3 day period
  • No major body aches


My tools for the fight:

  • Water and hydration are essential in fighting COVID-19.
  • Rest is vital. Be prepared to sit and do nothing. The more nothing you do, it appears, the quicker you bounce back.


I hope this information helps people out there. Remember, it’s a virus, it can be beat.

To all my brothers and sisters in blue, lock and load and protect one another. And as always, stay safe.


“Above all, it’s about going home at the end of the shift … “

We couldn’t agree more.



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