Two police officers shot: one dead and the other in critical. (As of this writing, the second officers allegedly has no neurological activity) This is what was read to every police roll call in the city of Chicago Sunday morning.

I first wondered where the outrage is. The mayor stood in front of the cameras and stumbled and mumbled through some gobbledygook message that all citizens need to pray for and appreciate the police. She appeared to have a difficult time finding words to offer a positive view on police officers. In comparison, the often times she described police misconduct, she was forthright with her criticism and very descriptive of actions that officers mistakenly did incorrect.

This is in the era of police bashing and hating. This senseless, useless shooting took place while the city administration finds more ways to punish their police for doing what they are paid to do; serve and protect the citizens.

This shooting took place weeks Jackie Wilson was released from prison after being convicted repeatedly of executing two Chicago Police Officers years ago during a traffic stop.

This shooting took place while Chicago’s black city council demands police EARN the respect of the black community.

These police murders took place in a black community where black on black crime is at 100 percent. There are no white supremacists driving through this neighborhood gunning down poor defenseless black citizens.

These police officers weren’t “hassling” people: they made what is considered a routine traffic stop of 2 males and one female. Without warning, one of the cowardly occupants came out shooting striking both officers immediately. Courageously, the officers returned fired and wounded the shooter. Both officers belonged to a specialized unit tasked with protecting the local residents from gangs and drug dealers. They were protecting the very same black neighborhood they are routinely accused of brutalizing.

At seven o’clock this Sunday morning, my phone came alive with text alerts regarding this shooting. The outrage was enormous. The compassion was heart wrenching. Retired Chicago Police Officers spread throughout the country were sickened and disgusted with the simplistic description of the loss of life of fellow police officers. This callous and coldhearted action of this person responsible for the shooting is simply not human.

Yet, the spin placed on this murder will be that of a poor innocent black person, downtrodden and ignored by society in their cries for help. Disgusting doesn’t do this nightmare of a narrative justice.

At the wake and funeral, no dollar will go unspent. All the pomp and splendor will be afforded while the mayor and other local dignitaries profess their devotion to the officers who make the ultimate sacrifice. The little box will be removed from purse or breast pocket: the small teardrop will be taken out gingerly and placed alongside the phony Politian’s eye. The cameras will obtain footage of the insincere outrage and once again the tear will be stored in its little box for the next police officer’s funeral.

Only the Chicago Police Chaplain will summarize the respect and admiration that is owed all police officers across our nation. He alone will represent the 900,000 police officers across the land that a segment of useless people hate.

Soon after the flag covering the coffin is folded and place in the loved one’s lap, will the media and the Politicians once again begin to berate and disrespect the rank and file of police officers nationwide.

Words cannot describe this author’s disgust adequately enough.

To all my brothers and sisters in blue, lock and load and protect each other. And as always, stay safe.


“Above all, it’s about going home at the end of the shift … “

We couldn’t agree more.



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