Picture this:   It’s 4:00PM on a Friday afternoon at City Hall. It’s a typical government building.

There are lots of workers at their desks, busily getting things finished up in preparation for the much-anticipated weekend.

Phone calls.

Folks at various counters talking with workers about paying their taxes, getting building permits, there are water bills, voter registrations and all the kinds of things people bring to City Hall.

Nothing special – but it’s Friday in Virginia Beach.  It’s sunny with a light ocean breeze and it’s summertime.

What would be better?  Then …




Is that a firecracker?  Are people screaming??!

Suddenly, from around a corner you see one of your long-time co-workers – He’s got a gun and he is shooting everywhere.

This can’t be real, you think, as you frantically try to decide …

Should I run?

NO …  I can’t risk being shot. I’ll dive under my desk.  Oh, my God, I hope he doesn’t see me.

Where’s my phone?  Your shaking fingers can hardly touch ‘911’

You hear your friends screaming that they’ve been shot.  They are screeching, yelling for help.

When the 911 operator answers you do your best to be calm enough to explain what is happening and where you are.


“SEND HELP,” you implore the operator.

“He’s got a gun,” you tell her.

One of my co-workers has been shot.  She’s pleading for help, but I’m afraid to get out from under my desk to go help her.

The operator tries to calm you saying that help is on the way. You hang up and try to remain calm.

Time has slowed to a crawl … you think it’s been an hour since you called for help. Your co-worker is now moaning quietly and then … she goes silent.

Suddenly you hear the sound of stern male voices yelling at the shooter:








Is it over?

Then the shooting begins again. Many shots are fired. You don’t know who is shooting.

Finally, all is quiet.


Am I safe or …


After a short time, a man in a blue uniform with a badge on his chest and a rifle slung over his shoulder, comes to you. He tells you that the man with the gun is no longer a threat.

You have never in your life seen anything so wonderful as this brave cop who risked his life to save yours.

He takes your quivering hand, helps you up and asks if you are hurt anywhere. Through your tears, you tell him that you are OK.

You want to thank him. You want to hug him. You want to stay near him because for you, he represents safety. He saved your life.

But, he cannot stay as he moves on to the next person who needs his protection and care just as badly as you.

As you emerge from your hideaway, you realize that your hero in blue is not alone. There are others dressed just like your hero, ministering to the needs of others who seem just as frightened and thankful as you are.

You think, God bless these officers. How can I ever repay them or properly show my gratitude?




For example …

If you lived in Portland, it is quite possible that Ted Wheeler, the cop-hating mayor of that city, would have told the chief of police that they are not to respond to your calls for help.

That’s exactly what he did to employees of the federal government Immigration & Customs Enforcement bureau when gangs of people inflicted injuries on them. The bad guys damaged or destroyed their cars and refused to let them leave the building for many days.

Those people needed help, they needed medical care, they needed food and they needed their freedom.

Mayor Taylor told them all to go to Hell.


If you lived in New York City the police would have come to your office. But, because Mayor Bill de Blasio has given order telling the cops to [essentially] not to take enforcement action against teenagers, the cops would have needed to check the shooter’s age before they could stop the killing.

That’s a great thought. So, if the shooter is twenty, the cops can use their guns to protect the innocent victims. However, if the shooter is nineteen, I guess that the cops are forced to coax the shooter to stop shooting.

I don’t think that arrangement is going to work very well.



If you lived in Baltimore, Chicago or many other urban areas, the cops would pause before stopping the shooter to first determine if he is black.

You see, many of those cities live under mob rule. They have public lynchings of police officers. Cops are lynched by the media by organized groups of black people. They claim cops are racist because they have the gall to take enforcement action when it’s a black person breaking the law.

Hard to believe? Check out the story of Nashville Officer Andrew Delke who is facing first-degree murder charges. He shot an armed black man who broke multiple laws and caused this officer to believe he was in grave danger of being killed.

The message to cops in these cities: let black men do whatever they want.

So, if a black man starts shooting up your office in one of these cities, you might very well be on your own.


The story is not over.

Under the guidance of Governor Gavin Newsom, the entire state of California has turned into a cop’s worst nightmare.

Imagine if there was a mass shooting in the city hall at San Bernardino. Because of a newly passed law dreamt up by a bunch of lunatics, the first thing the arriving cops would be required to do is DE-ESCALATE.

 That means talking real nicely to the shooter and asking him to pretty-please put his gun down.

The officers in California could not use their guns to end the killing of innocent citizens until they were certain that it is necessary to use deadly force and that there are no other options.

That might take half an hour or more.  I wonder how many people the villain could kill while the cops are doing what is required under this insane law?


Finally, comes Minneapolis.  Mayor Jacob Frey receives our HORSE’S ASS AWARD.

This publicly elected idiot has decided that police officers in Minneapolis may not attend or participate in any of the many national training programs available to law enforcement officers which has any reference to being a warrior.

The imbecile has ordered that no Minneapolis cop may attend any such training whether or not they pay for it themselves and even if they go to it on their own time.

Based on a political whim from a person who knows absolutely NOTHING about law enforcement, he is endangering the citizens of his city and also – to a much greater extent – the lives of the city’s police officer. Such stupidity, in my opinion, should not be elected but rather, institutionalized.

Instead mayor, maybe we should have your cops attend classes on flower arranging. You think that’s a good idea?



From the Good Book, “No greater love has any man than to lay down his life for others.” Amen.

Four Virginia Beach cops put their lives on the line when they engaged the asshole who just killed twelve innocent people.

Yes, one of the officers was injured in the process.  The point is: there was a job to be done and they did it.

Just like a Sheep Dog protects its sheep, the Virginia Beach Police cops protected their community. They did it without regard for their own wellbeing.

Warriors care for their community.

There are dozens of instances every day where cops have cared for a child, helped a senior citizen, looked after someone who was sick or just demonstrated a sincere love for their fellow man. Those may not make the headlines, but it is those things that are our real reward.

When the chips are down, and danger presents itself as it did in Virginia Beach last Friday, Street Cops will rise to the occasion. They will end the threat.

God love them one, and all.



Praise is due to the leaders of that city.

[Disclosure:  Many years ago, I went through the application process to become a full-time police officer in Virginia Beach.]

Virginia Beach Police Chief Jim Cervera has provided the leadership necessary to ensure that his officers had the training that they needed to do their jobs.

Those officers were inspired to put their lives on the line to save their fellow citizens.

Their guts and their grit should be an example to every American. Hundreds of thousands of American Street Cops share the same determination and Blue Blood in their veins to take on the very same kind of challenge in their communities.

These Street Cops are doing God’s work. From Matthew 5:9, “Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called sons of God.”

The next time you see a cop – even if it is when you get stopped for speeding, say “Thank you” for protecting me and my family.

Each day when those officers hug and kiss their families goodbye, they do not know if they will ever see them again.

May God bless and protect them all.

At the bottom line, it’s all about saving just ONE life.




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