Over two dozen people killed. Over two billion dollars in damages. Two thousand police officers injured. Continual riots for 120 days across the nation. A police station was set on fire with police officers trapped inside after the rioters barricaded the escape routes. A federal court house was overrun and occupied while numerous court personnel were injured. This was truly a demonstration of an insurrection.

The Vice President of the United States, Kamal Harris aided in collecting and distributing money intended on bonding out the perpetrators of these vicious, violent crimes.

Reviewing the many thousands of crimes committed, a measly few hundred arrests for this historic criminal rampart were made. The vast majority of these criminals were released as their charges were dropped.

This was the real insurrection, thank you black lives matter and Antifa.

January 6th 2021. Two thousand conservative supporters took place in a mass riot at the U S Capital building. Several Capital police officers were injured and one person was killed. The lone fatality, Ashli Babbett, was an unarmed United States Air Force Veteran who was shot and killed by a capital police officer who has since been unceremoniously cleared in this homicide.

Anywhere from 500 to 700 people have since been hunted down by the Federal Bureau of Investigations and charged with an array of crimes such as: disorderly conduct, disruptive conduct in a restricted building, disorderly conduct in a capitol building, civil disorder, engaging in physical violence in a restricted building, Parading, demonstrating or picketing in a federal building, unlawful entry, assaulting an officer with a deadly weapon was the most serious crime….

The sentences handed out were probation and up to 5 years in a federal penitentiary. Most defendants are being fined and given short but disruptive sentences. Many have lost their jobs and ruined their professional futures after spending months in jail awaiting trial.

The treatment between the amateur rightwing zealots who entered the U S Capitol and the professional hardcore rioters who travelled from city to city is incomparable.

Depending on what side of the aisle one sits on is the difference between justice and criminal law.

One groups honestly believed they were committing a patriotic act while the second group was focused on committing maximum mayhem and disorder. And according to many sources, that second group was and still is being financed by a billionaire who is hell-bent on destroying the United States government as we know it.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation, once the epitome of law enforcement has been relegated to a political arm of the Democratic Party. The agents themselves are top quality, honest and ethical, but the leaders in the FBI simply have lost their independence and are now acting contrary to a free and democratic society.

Both of these groups violated the law and should be punished, but the leniency given to one group and the extreme harshness to the other is Un-American.

While we discuss law breaking and leniency toward the political agenda of the

Democratic Party, whatever happened as a result to these people and/or events:

  • The Russian hoax and collusion that was proven to be fictitious?
  • Eric Swalwell and his romantic liaison with a Chinese spy?
  • Nancy Pelosi with her Chinese spy chauffer of 5 years who snuck back to China?
  • The FISA warrants signed on false presentation of evidence?
  • Maxine Watters calling for assaults on Republicans?
  • Joe Biden and his extortion of the Ukraine caught on video?
  • Hunter Biden and his phony job scam with the gas company in Ukraine?
  • Eric Holder and his contempt of Congress?
  • Hillary Clinton’s missing emails?
  • A feeble-minded female comedian with a picture of the severed head of a sitting president?
  • Another feeble-minded comedian saying she wanted to blow up the White House?

Where are the indictments and charges?

I could go on, but you get the message. Those mentioned above sit of the ‘correct’ side of the isle.

When our investigatory agencies stand on the side of the criminality road and hand pick which people to charge and which politically anointed people to overlook, this whole thing that we call society comes tumbling down and no one is safe in the end.

Remember, the sword will eventually be in the other political party’s hand one day.

To all my brothers and sisters in blue, lock and load and protect each other. And as always, stay safe.


“Above all, it’s about going home at the end of the shift … “

We couldn’t agree more.


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