For many days recently, there have been crowds of people in Sacramento, California who are all wound up.

  • They are marching in the streets.
  • They are carrying signs, some of which make no sense.
  • In some places, they have trampled on the rights of others by blocking roadways and entrances to public buildings.

Of course, the media hypes this stuff to the hilt. Politicians use it as an opportunity for free publicity. The ‘Al Sharpton’ types use it to create discord. Both groups use it for fund raising.

What led to this angry display of uninformed stupidity? Here are the details.

On Sunday, March 18, 2018 at approximately 9:00PM local time, a resident of the community calls the police. He reports that a man had “busted both my truck windows out, and he’s in people’s backyards right now.” The caller said the man was wearing a black hoodie.

Uniformed officers in a marked unit arrive in the neighborhood at 9:13PM.

About 9:25PM, the sheriff’s helicopter spotted a man in a backyard and told police officers that the suspect had picked up a “toolbar” and broken out a window in a home. As the man climbed a fence and entered another yard, the pilot directed officers to his location.

The police ran into the backyard and yelled at the man “Show us your hands,” repeatedly.  During a short foot pursuit, the officers were yelling “Stop! Stop!” over-and-over again.

The cops took cover and from that position yelled, “Show us your hands!” All to no avail.

The suspect began approaching the officers at which point one of the officers yelled frantically, “GUN!  GUN!  GUN!

Twenty rounds were fired.  Stephon Clark was dead.



It was past 9:00PM at night. It was dark. Officers did not have the benefit of visual perception that daylight brings.

By the time of their arrival, Clark had already committed multiple crimes. One of them was witnessed by the pilot of the sheriff’s helicopter.

There had already been at least one citizen complaint about vandalism on his truck

Clark had failed to obey the lawful orders of law enforcement officers – a crime in itself. Specifically violated were their orders to: Stop running and to show the officers his hands.

For a short while, Clark was actively attempting to elude the officers by engaging in a foot pursuit.

One of the officers believed that he saw that Clark possessed a gun. In accordance with his training, he yelled the word “GUN!” three times to ensure the other officer would hear him.

The officers believed that Clark was advancing toward them at that point.



In the academy, we were all taught about one of the most significant cases to be ruled on by the U.S. Supreme Court: Graham v. Connor.

Given ths decision, the officers responsibility at that moment was to NEUTRALIZE THE THREAT.

For our civilian readers, the definition of the term “Neutralize the threat,” is to render the threat unable to bring harm to anyone or anything. If the target is a human being, it typically means the use of deadly force.


Tough? You bet. That is why its use is reserved for extreme situations.

Following the incident, the officers involved were put on administrative leave until an investigation is complete. That’s standard everywhere.



They blocked freeways so citizens could not use them.

They blocked access to the Sacramento Kings game.

They made death threats against the officers involved.

They were egged-on and sanctified by the likes of Black Lives Matter and Al Sharpton.

The media has raged on about the brutal cops killing an “UNARMED BLACK MAN.”





Let’s examine what the cops could have reasonably known – or believed – at 9:30 PM on a dark Sunday night.

Could they confirm the race of the suspect:  NO.

Did they know that the suspect had been uncooperative with them:  YES.

Did they have reason to believe that the suspect had committed several crimes in the minutes immediately preceding their arrival:  YES.

Could they be 100% certain that the suspect either did – or did not – possess a gun?  NO.

Were they in fear for their own safety?  YES.

Did they believe that the use of deadly force in their situation was acceptable under the law and previous Supreme Court decisions?  YES.

Did they fire enough rounds from their weapons to ensure that the threat posed by the suspect was ended?  YES.

Is that approach what they were trained to do?  YES.



We hear those words being shouted and screamed from every corner in Sacramento.

There are those who believe that the police force needs new and different training.

Believe it or not, there are some in the state legislature who want a law restricting when an officer can use deadly force. It would be a violation of federal law. They want to restrict an officer’s right to use deadly force ONLY WHEN ALL OTHER OPTIONS HAVE BEEN EXHAUSTED.

Yes, you read that correctly.

If passed, the law would essentially extinguish every officer’s right to ever use deadly force.

Would you work the streets in a cop uniform under those conditions? I certainly would not.

Do the cops need to be reformed? Hardly.

For a state than cannot hire enough cops to fill gaping shortages, this is no way to keep or attract good talent to wear the uniform.



The behavior of the residents desperately needs to be reformed, for openers. Notice that I didn’t use the word ‘citizens.’ That’s not an oversight on my part.

We ought to start here:

  • Children need to be raised by both mothers AND FATHERS.
  • Children need to be taught the value of a good education and parents must ensure that they get one.
  • The people of the community must understand their role in the Self-Government enterprise.
  • Young AND old must begin obeying the laws that are on the books.
  • Residents must gain respect for life, property of others and authority.

This is where real reform is needed. California is on a track that will result in the withdrawal of police services from the areas which most badly need them.

Imagine: if you were a cop in this neighborhood and the proposed silly-assed law restricting the use of force passes – how would you respond to a resident asking for a cop to come out because someone broke the windows in his truck?

Though I might not say it out loud, it would be cold day in Hell before I would venture into such an area.



Law enforcement agencies across the country cannot attract enough qualified candidates to fill the openings created by those who retire or simply quit. This is a nationwide problem.

While having a really low unemployment rate sounds good, it can make it very tough for cop shops to fill their ranks.

I’ve heard there are agencies in Texas who are offering a signing bonus for lateral hires. That’s perfect for a cop who is being crapped on by the California politicians and the out-of-control black criminals.

Now, before you get your panties in a bunch, I am not saying that all blacks are criminals. But I am saying that the assholes in Sacramento who you see on TV committing acts of violence and/or vandalism most probably are.

Nearly every agency needs more cops.

Find out now where you stand where you work.

If it ain’t right, now is the perfect to get out and go somewhere that you are wanted.

At the bottom line, it’s all about saving just ONE life.




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