In the midst of absurd social unrest and calls to destroy policing as we know it there are still some heroes in blue.

Today, even being accused of racism is career suicide for a police officer. It results in a stigma that will follow you and prevent advancement. Even when there is no evidence to support that label. This is a thought that never leaves the mind of officers and can impact their decision making.

Fortunately, there are still some officers who are willing to do the right thing even when it puts them at odds with an irrational mob who wants to overthrow the criminal justice system.

The heroic actions of Officer Nicholas Reardon of Columbus Ohio were caught on body camera and published by hundreds of media outlets. This officer had to do something no officer wants to do: end a life to protect the innocent.



When Reardon arrived on scene to intervene after a 911 call asking for police, he was met with a knife wielding suspect giving all indications she meant to kill others. He was placed into a situation cops never want to experience. However, through his bravery innocent lives were saved.

With the saber rattling and chants of “systemic racism” brainwashing the masses, let us be thankful officer Reardon held a clear mind on that call. It would be foolish to think that he was not worried as every cop is about being portrayed as a racist. Thankfully when people needed to be saved from a maniac brandishing a knife and refusing to put it down this courageous officer arrived.

He did not stop to consider the skin color of the people he was encountering. He simply did his duty and saved innocent lives.

We all need to be thankful for officers like Nicholas Reardon who have not let the media brainwashing tactics change their morality. These officers deserve our support and compassion.

They are expected to be more than superheroes.



Where are the politicians and police administrators? Are they too afraid to say no to calls from a mob? A mob that wants to destroy the essence of what policing is. They should be standing at press conferences proudly pinning a medal on Officer Reardon’s chest for bravery. Instead, they are more interested in aligning themselves with those that hate goodness and love.

Officers are here to protect and serve citizens while being impartial. A weaker officer in the same situation may have hesitated out of fear of being called a racist. That would have resulted in the death or serious injury of innocent people. God bless Officer Nicholas Reardon for his heroic actions.

 “Above all, it’s about going home at the end of the shift … “

We couldn’t agree more.



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