I am confused.

I checked the calendar; it shows the month as October. Yet, my IN BOX is cluttered with email from the NLEOMF about next weekend being the time for the 33rd Annual Candlelight Vigil.

Excuse me??!

Have I slipped into another world?

The Annual Candlelight Vigil happens on the evening of May 13th every year.

No pencil-necked bureaucrat can change that with a stroke of a pen.

Oh, I forgot: COVID. Yeah, law enforcement agencies have been working hard all spring and summer in spite of COVID. God forbid, anyone should catch it.

Did the Gutless Wonders in D.C. think all 800K of us were sitting quietly somewhere, wearing a mask and quivering in fear of catching this horrid disease? Did they think police departments just put up a “CLOSED” sign at the front door?


Wrong again. They weren’t shuttered. Business went on, as usual.



Where is Craig Floyd when we need him??!  How did he allow this to happen?  Oh yeah … he retired and was replaced by someone who is very talented.

Talented at raising money. But, hasn’t spent a single shift working in a patrol car or spent one night on the street in a town like DC. No clue.

No. Rather than better understanding the challenges of street coppery, we now are offered classes that teach white cops how to get along with black cops when the two work in the same agency.


Yeah, what horseshit!

Cops of one agency do need to like one another. The just need to love each other and protect each other with their lives. And, they already do. We don’t see black or white – only blue.

It seems that the focus of organizations which claim to be of ‘service’ to cops or educating them seems to have their primary focus on raising money from them.

As brothers and sisters, let’s always remember that our primary focus is on keeping ourselves well and taking care of one another. I’m not going to spend my time whining about losing one organization or another to the pursuit of money.

Although these organizations may come and go, our Brotherhood will remain strong and steadfast into the future.

As for you and me, let’s plan to see each other in D.C. next May 13th.  As for canceling, changing or postponing Police Week, that’s pure bullshit. The bureaucrats can sit home on their ass while us cops are on the street working … or celebrating.


“Above all, it’s about going home at the end of the shift … “

We couldn’t agree more.



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