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It appears to be happening in Minneapolis. Whether it can happen elsewhere depends on how many nut-jobs you have and whether or not they will turn out in large enough numbers on Election Day. You can have a city full of really smart and astute people. (I think of Cambridge, MA home of Harvard.)

But if those really smart people won’t get off their collective asses on Election Day, the jerkoffs just might prevail.



This is a hard idea for most cops to swallow. But, give it a try. They truly and sincerely believe that there are NO truly evil people in the world. No one would intentionally harm a fellow citizen or steal something from them. These folks figure that if some shithead robs a little old lady, he had cause to do it – like maybe his father was mean to him.

Equally nuts is the failed belief that every person who commits evil acts can be rehabilitated into a fine, upstanding, happy-to-have-as-my-son-in-law kind of guy. Nuts? Yes   Dangerously crazy? You betcha   Guaranteed to get that believer hurt, maimed, victimized or murdered? Not a shred of doubt.

But the Looney Tunes demand that you swallow their line of shit. Worse, they want you to be a policeman but swear-off violence of all kinds.

I can just imagine it now: A woman calls 911 saying that her ‘boyfriend’ is jacked-up on some cocktail of drugs. He is beating the shit out of her. Our response: ask to speak with the male half and try to talk him into calming down and stop hurting his girlfriend.

Uh huh. Sure. That’ll work.



Makes me sick to my stomach. I think of all of the do-gooders try to justify what the cartoon suggests. It goes directly against the grain of everything I have been taught to eliminate – with deadly force, if necessary.

As a group, cops may enjoy a cartoon or funny story. But when someone is being hurt or killed, that’s where it stops.

I have an idea: Maybe the real cops in Minneapolis and elsewhere should incorporate to create a ‘contract police’ or militia. Regular citizens who wanted their protection would sign up via an agreement of some sort.

Among other things, it would give the militia members the equivalent of Qualified Immunity. Militia members couldn’t be sued or punished for doing the jobs outlined in the agreement.

Civilians forming a militia? Sure. Americans did it some 200+ years ago. Sworn police officers would be welcomed.

Being really crazy, it is feasible that such a group could take the ‘911’ phone number – if the current holders of it are peace-loving panty-wastes who would do nothing to protect a citizen being attacked.



Insurance.  Hold-harmless agreements.  The 911 phone number.  Liability insurance. Charge a monthly fee for service so you could pay the bills. You will be off to the races.

If the government won’t meet its obligation to protect the citizenry, maybe it’s time for us to take it on as a private group that does care about human life.


“Above all, it’s about going home at the end of the shift … “

We couldn’t agree more.



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