Patrol cars traveling through neighborhoods, foot patrols, bike patrols and other means of police presence in cities is rapidly coming to a close.

It seems now that the top brass of agencies are only interested in their officers going to the exact place they are called. It has even become hard in some areas to simply go into a restaurant to have a quick break without coming under scrutiny.

In twenty-five years of law enforcement, I was constantly under the impression that the first step in the force continuum was officer presence. Now officers are booted from restaurants, convenience stores, coffee shops and yes, even doughnut shops.


What is the world is going on?



Has our culture somehow become so frightened of its own shadow that even seeing an authority figure leaves them running for their safe space? I guess just seeing an authority figure now causes society to run for their safety closet so they can cry it out.

We used to tell our children to call the police or find one if they were lost or in trouble. Now who do we tell them to call?

Should they call congress?

Should they call ANTIFA?

Who will now mount a search for a missing child?

Who will now mount a search for an endangered elderly person?

The same people who are crying out because of police this or police that are, in fact, the same ones who call the police for virtually everything under the sun 95% of the time.

The ludicrous reasons are frequently so ridiculous that it is almost impossible to name them without a hardy guffaw. Oh, why not? Here are just a few:

  • My six year old grandson won’t mind me.
  • My water is off.
  • My power is off.
  • The neighbors’ leaves are falling in my yard.
  • My fourteen year old son won’t do his homework.
  • They didn’t pick up my garbage.
  • My personal favorite, “Someone stole my drug stash.”

Without a doubt, police departments are service oriented organizations. But, we are not here to straighten out problems that have simmered for years — and do it in five minutes.

Here’s a suggestion: If we are so terrible, if we are so racist and so corrupt, the next time you have a problem, call the Boy Scouts.

Thanks, Daniel Watson

At the bottom line, it’s all about saving just ONE life.



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