Michael Brown. Michael Brown was a very large man who attacked a diminutive police officer responding to a theft in progress. That aggressor was under the influence of drugs, stole from a local store and attacked the store owner. The officer responded and was immediately attacked and in fear of his life, shot and killed the assailant. Ferguson Missouri. That was the day the Rule of Law was tossed aside for political purpose.

Danial Prude. Danial Prude was eventually subdued by police officers after running through the streets naked at 3:00 o’clock in the morning.  Resisting arrest and becoming combative, in self-defense, officers were forced to place a spit hood over his head. His autopsy revealed he died from Complications of Affixation and Acute Intoxication.

George Floyd. George Floyd was arrested after resisting arrest minutes after he passed a counterfeit twenty-dollar bill in a store. The two accomplices surrendered immediately after being confronted by responding police officers. Floyd resisted and was handcuffed while acting erratic and resisting arrest.

Floyd repeatedly complained that he could not breathe. An autopsy revealed Floyd had 4 times the fatal dose of Fentanyl in his system. That high level of Fentanyl was terminal and would cause the lungs to shut down which accounted for the complaint of difficulty breathing.

Breona Taylor. Breona Taylor was shot by police officers while they were conducting narcotics search warrant with Kenneth Walker named as the target. The officers knocked and announced themselves; with no response they rammed the door.

Taylor’s boyfriend, Kenneth Walker immediately fired at police officers as they entered the apartment striking one officer. They returned fire in the direction of the muzzle flash. Taylor was accidentally shot and killed in this exchange of gun fire. This was one of five warrants issued with four actually served that night with Taylor’s boyfriend as the target. There was speculation that Taylor was involved in the drug operation.

Atatiana Jefferson. Atatiana Jefferson was shot and killed by police officers responding to a call of an open door or possible burglary in progress. The initial responding officer, peering through a window, observed Jefferson holding a pistol in her hand. He felt threatened and fired through the window striking her and killing her instantly.

Aura Rosser. Police officers responding to a domestic incident were immediately confronted by Rosser holding a large knife. After refusing officers’ repeated commands to drop the knife, a Taser was deployed which failed. A single shot was fired by a threatened officer and Rosser was killed.

Stephan Clark. Clark was shot and killed in his grandmother’s back yard after officers mistook a cell phone in his hand for a gun. Clark was breaking car windows at nine o’clock at night and when police arrived on scene, he ran through backyards. A police helicopter observed him break a back door to a residence and when spotted, he jumped a fence and ran into his grandmother’s back yard.

When confronted by pursuing officers, he approached them with his arms raised and extended toward them. The officers, believing, they were about to be shot, fired and struck Clark killing him.

Botham Jean. Jean was shot and killed when an off-duty officer entered the wrong apartment and thought Jean was an intruder. The officer was charged with murder and found guilty. She is currently serving her sentence in a state penitentiary.

Philando Castile. Castile was shot by an officer during a routine traffic stop. He informed the officer that he had a carry and conceal card and was armed. The officer acknowledged the information and ordered Castile not to pull the weapon.

Castile was ordered numerous times not to touch the weapon. He apparently was attempting to retrieve his wallet when the officer mistook his intentions and believing he was being threatened, shot Castile numerous times, killing him.

Jacob Blake. Blake was shot by police officers who originally deployed a failed Taser after he resisted their attempts to arrest him. Blake was the subject of an arrest warrant and named in an Order of Protection from his girlfriend. Blake violated the Order of Protection and fought with his girlfriend initiating the call to police.

Blake resisted and fought with police officers stating he had a gun in his vehicle. He broke away from the officers and was shot as he opened his car door and leaned in appearing to reach for something on the floor.



All of these incidents have a common thread, with the exception of those stated as accidents: all offenders are black, they all committed crimes, and they were actively resisting police officers.

Furthermore, the locations where these incidents took place are similar in that they were in control of the Democratic Party for decades. The State’s Attorneys were Democrats and most likely their elections were financially supported by George Soros and left-wing, anti-police groups.

Chicago and Cook County are perfect examples, both controlled by the Democratic Party for decades. Both have anti-police agendas, i.e. defund the police, and neuter the police. It was reported that the States Attorney for Cook County received over one million dollars in election support from George Soros.


Bonding procedures are relaxed to the point of being useless. Refusal to prosecute individuals for criminal actions is commonplace. Charge reductions from felony to misdemeanors occur on a daily basis.

Police officers are routinely under attack with no recourse from the courts or protection from their supervisors. Murders and shootings in Chicago are up over 50 percent and similarly elevated in other major cities. Car jackings have doubled with less legal recourse.


Society is no longer controlled by the Rule of Law.

The Rule of Law is a mainstay in the United States’ government. It simply means that all people are governed by laws and not by individuals’ wishes. A mob cannot force punishment on any one individual, the law must provide for outcomes for resolving conflicting issues.

We are now controlled by mob mentality. Riots are described by our political leaders as protests. Police officers are routinely attacked and punished if they protect themselves. Left-wing politicians demand the abolishment of all law enforcement agencies. And to no surprise, gun and ammunition sales are off the charts.

Can society maintain this pace or does civil war breakout? Does this antisocial movement end after the presidential election, or do the law-abiding citizens need to rise up and end it?

Buckle up and wait. We’ll find out soon enough.

To all my brothers and sisters in blue, lock and load and protect one another. And as always, stay safe.

“Above all, it’s about going home at the end of the shift … “

We couldn’t agree more.


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To our BROTHERS and SISTERS in BLUE:   We have now arrived at the time in the ELECTION SEASON when each of us MUST pay close attention to what candidates are saying. Every person we elect in November can affect our lives as cops.  Will we THRIVE, just get by or will we DIE?

  • Consider the disaster created in New York by Mayor Bill DiBlasio.
  • Look at the number of cops who have been critically injured by the Portland District Attorney, Mike Schmidt.
  • We cannot ignore how cops have been blamed for the problems in places like Chicago, Minneapolis, Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Austin, Baltimore and other cities where civilization has damned near crumbled.
  • Don’t think that school boards are immune. Last Saturday, Steven Lysenko of Spencerport High School, went on a tirade against police officers for targeting protesters in Rochester by yelling, “Fuck the Police!”
  • Last, but most important, is the top job: the Presidency. Electing Joe Biden would have a horribly deep, permanent and (in some cases) fatal effect on every cop in the nation.






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