Maybe it’s time to throw in the towel. Or, maybe not. It’s beginning to feel like we can’t win, no matter how hard we try or what we do. Just look back over recent weeks.

The incident in Kenosha, WI comes to mind. Well known dirtbag Jacob Blake was the center of attention. The cops had been summoned because of an ongoing domestic violence event. Blake ignored their lawful orders, he fought with them and at one point had a cop in a head-lock. He was armed with a knife which he refused to put down when the cops ordered him to.

He continued to ignore their orders and was hit twice with shots from Tasers which had no effect. He was desperately trying to reach into his vehicle – continuing to ignore orders. There have been reports that a gun was found in his vehicle. In any event, based on the totality of the circumstances, the officers neutralized the threat with shots from their duty weapon(s).

They intended to go home at the end of their shift – instead of the morgue.

Blake was injured and sent to the hospital.

Riots erupted in Kenosha claiming that the cops are the problem.  <Ahem> A recent analysis of the arrest reports from Kenosha shows that 175 individuals had been arrested; 102 of them lived in distant cities.



DATELINE:  Minneapolis.  Last Thursday (08/27/20), one of their local scumbags was being pursued by the cops as a murder suspect. As the officers closed in, the bad guy committed suicide as they watched.

Riots erupted in Minneapolis that night. The collective assholes claimed that the cops are the problem.



Who can forget the death of Rayshard Brooks in Atlanta?  The cops were called by the crew of a Wendy’s because Brooks had fallen asleep in their drive-thru lane. A call that began in a civil manner turned ugly when Brooks began to fight with the cops as they attempted to arrest him.

In the course of the fight, Brooks stole a Taser from one of the cops.

At the commencement of a very short foot pursuit, Brooks attempted to fire the Taser at the cops. The two cops on scene intended to go home at the end of their shift – instead of the morgue.

Accordingly, Brooks was shot dead.  Stevie Wonder could see it was a “good shoot,” yet the prosecutor used it in a feeble attempt to get re-elected and charged the cops.




Of course, we cannot forget Portland. It reminds us of its trouble every night along with its sister city in lunacy: Seattle. We learned that Portland’s own Ted Wheeler endured thugs who set fires around the first floor of his hi-rise condo. His is the reasonable response. No, the thugs aren’t going to jail; Ted has decided to move.

You can’t make this stuff up.


There is the ongoing nonsense in Washington D.C.   Did you see the assholes bombarding people as they left the President’s speech last Thursday night?  It made my blood boil.

It would be wrong to leave out St. Louis / Ferguson shooting by Officer Darren Wilson. It was kickoff for the Black Lives Matter movement. Too bad its foundation is a complete and total lie.


Aaah yes, Black Lives Matter.


Except when they don’t.

Except when it’s little babies shot to death as they sit in their strollers.  Those black lives don’t matter.

Also to be ignored are the 2,694 black folks who have been shot (so far) this year just in Chicago.  Keeping with the playbook, the mayor there claims that the shootings are also the fault of the cops … or President Trump. I forget.

These lawbreaking thugs aren’t what they seem. They are not a few local citizens who have gathered to air their grievances with the government. Look at the roots of Black Lives Matter.

They want to end/destroy the nuclear family in America.

They want to end our way of life as a society using a republic form of government and capitalism as our economic system. They are lead and funded by the likes of George Soros and his ilk. Look where their money goes.

Of course, we cannot omit the fine organization of ANTIFA. Their stated goal is the overthrow of our governing system by violence and force. Go to your computer and type in ‘’ and watch where it takes you.  That’s right, to the Biden/Harris for president website.

At least, they’re being honest about it.



I believe that all of this is being driven by these two organizations with the help of a few others.

They do not exist to support ‘peaceful protests’ of the citizenry. Their goal is to end our social order and then become the rulers of our land. I judge that we need to recognize it for what it is: war.



That is exactly the response we should now have with the Black Lives Matter and ANTIFA  folks – no matter where they are:

Kill the ones we can and take the rest to Guantanamo.

It’s time to stop expecting local law enforcement (on their own) to do battle with these war criminals.



 No matter what their propaganda says, cops are NOT killing black people on a wholesale basis. That line is bullshit simply used to rile people up. The evidence makes it clear – just listen to the Attorney General; he’s got the facts and the stats.

We are Americans. In our collective guts, we know intuitively what is going on and it’s time for this crap to stop. Today. Right now.

That’s how I see it.


 “Above all, it’s about going home at the end of the shift … “

We couldn’t agree more.



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