I’m a corrections officer, but have many friends who are police officers and dispatchers. Prior to my current boyfriend, I’ve never dated someone in law enforcement.  The profession was not new to me even though I am the first in my family to pursue a career the criminal justice field.

I’ve heard and read so many articles on how to be a cop’s wife. Many of them have a few things in common. For example, don’t show too much worry because your husband will think you don’t trust his training. Another item is that you must accept how dangerous the job really is.

I don’t live under a rock by any means. I went to school in the same area he patrols and I’ve turned on the news once or twice to know what happens in there. I don’t think I can ever fully appreciate how dangerous the job really is, but I do understand.

I can confidently say that we have never gone into a shift without saying “I love you, be safe.”





They will always be my favorite and least favorite words that we say to each other. Why? Because I know full well of what can come in the next twelve hours. Those two little words are the most genuine words we can say to each other.

  • Be safe on the highway when you’re assisting a motorist changing a tire.
  • Be safe when you’re driving – whether you are on patrol or going hot to a call.
  • Be safe when you’re searching a vehicle. There may be dirty needles or fentanyl hidden where you can’t see them.
  • Be safe when you’re on a foot chase and the bad guy reaches for something in the waistband of their pants.
  • Be safe from the monsters who hate the pressed, blue uniform that you wear every day.

Those two little words have so much meaning when I utter them before he steps out the door and enters his patrol car.  These ten things I need my Trooper to know before he puts on his Kevlar vest, his pressed uniform, and straps on his gun:



  1. My worry will never outweigh the admiration I have for you.
  2. I not only trust your training, but I trust you. I trust that your partner and everyone else on your squad has your six.
  3. I know you love your job, as do I, even with the long and obnoxious hours.


  4. My face may grimace at some of the details you tell me, but I will never not want to hear about your day/night.
  5. I love hearing the passion in your voice when you talk about the police work in your life.
  6. I will always be your safe space and you will always be mine. If you need laughter, tears, or angst in that space I’m right there with you.
  7. I know your guard is up whenever we go somewhere. I notice you looking at every person who walks through the restaurant door. I’m reminded of how safe I am when I’m with you.
  8. I love the Trooper you are in uniform and the Person you are out of uniform.
  9. You will always be my hero.
  10. And last, but most importantly, COME HOME SAFELY TO ME.

Some may say it’s a struggle being in a relationship with a Law Enforcement Officer. I’m not saying it’s easy, with the long, dreadful hours spent on overtime or at court.

I’m not saying it’s always easy to hide the worry. I’m not saying I love hearing every dangerous detail of your shift. But if it means I get to be my Trooper’s rock after all this, I’ll take this life forever.

At the bottom line, it’s all about saving just ONE life.




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