There are 1%ers, 5%ers, 99%ers, and there are 13%ers, but in the law enforcement profession there are 10%ers.

10%ers are in every law enforcement agency and we should all thank God they are!  10%ers are those Cops (law enforcement officers) who truly make the streets safer for everyone else.

10%ers are the cops that the cops call when they need help.  And I don’t mean everyone in SWAT, Narco, ESU, SRT or ERT since not all of them may be 10%ers.

It’s that 10% of each agency that really makes a difference. I’ve even heard some cops even call them The Real Police!

You Know Them By What They Do

If you are a law enforcement officer reading this article, you know exactly who I am talking about.  It may be you or someone you work with but it is definitely not everyone.

I would be either foolish, naïve or a liar to say that most cops took the job to ‘confront’ bad guys every day.   It is almost impossible to maintain that zeal and outstanding work ethic throughout an entire career.

I may be a lot of things, but not naive.

While I think many cops took the job to chase bad guys, enforce the laws and do the right thing, many others were just looking for the power, job security or just a job.

I can tell you, I was not one of those.

I always worked hard to be a 10%er and often got in trouble for doing it. That goes with the territory.  I felt I can live with the bumps, bruises, law-suits and lost pay but I had to look myself in the mirror.

I guess it’s like “…a coward dies a thousand deaths; a hero dies but one!”

Where is Everyone Else?

As a 10%er, you know all too well where the other 90% stand.  And sometimes, when the going gets tough, you look around and you may be standing alone.  You know what I mean!

There’s that 40% that would do their required work but not go to the great lengths as the 10%ers.  The 10%ers could always count on them for back-up and support even through danger and some gray areas as long as the 10%er was taking the heat when the shit hit the fan with the bosses.

Then there was the 25% that would answer their calls, do the job but not go any further and use a variety of excuses like, “The job isn’t on the level”, “You can get jammed up for doing your job”, or “I’m not risking my pension for anyone”.

And there is that 5% that is always looking to get ahead by studying for promotional tests, kissing ass and creating a façade of conscientiousness but it is only about them and their own selfish goals.

Many of these become big bosses and don’t care who they step on during the ladder climb.  They seldom will take the heat for serious decisions or something that might hurt their career.  Of course, not all big bosses are like that.  Some 10%ers and 40%ers make it to the top.

Last, but not least, there is that 20% who seem to never be around when the shit hits the fan and never seem to get involved in anything but yet they work the same job as you. They are always conspicuously missing when there is a ‘hot’ call or a call requiring an arrest or extensive paperwork.

They often go out sick and if they get injured on a job, they are out for months.  They seem to be looking for a medical or stress disability pension.

Bottom Line

I think almost every cop starts out in his or her career to become a 10%er but gets lost along the way.  They succumb to complacency.  They are hindered by their fellow cops making fun of them.  Maybe they just can’t take the heat that goes along with being an aggressive cop.

These cops are deterred by those ‘bumps’ I referred to earlier in this article. Those bumps include civilian complaints, internal affairs beefs, bad bosses and other pressures.

While it is understandable, the 10%ers still rise to the occasion every day in every agency, whether it is police, corrections, feds, sheriffs or another law enforcement discipline.

These 10%ers face the same pressures, if not more because they are proactive, and continue to keep the bad guys afraid.

This article is for those cops, the 10%ers!  Keep it up!

God Speed!!!






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