It was in the news. Not national headlines, mind you. But a headline in my world about an agency just down the street from me: Daytona Beach Shores. A cop, a kid by my standards. A 24-year-old cop was fired for being “insensitive” on social media. His name: Matthew Moriarity.

INSENSITIVE?  Have you been on the street lately, buster? As I read the headline, I figured that for the milk-toast leaders, I assumed that the new, young cop was not candy-assed enough for their liking. (And we wonder why our brothers are being summarily slaughtered on the street.)

Let’s look at the facts, as they are known today:

  • Matthew Moriarty is 24 years-old, with about two years on.
  • A few short weeks ago, Matt composed a satirical humorous image about Black History Month and dispatched it to about fifteen of his (thought-to-be close compatriots) using Snapchat.
  • Under normal circumstances, said message would automatically disappear in a few seconds.
  • But, these circumstances weren’t normal. One of his “believed” brothers sent it to Matt’s boss. That’s when things went sideways.

The cartoon was turned over to I.A. for investigation.

“It was a terrible thing to do. It was reprehensible. How do you defend that?” said Daytona Beach Shores Public Safety Department Director Stephan Dembinsky.

It was humor. Plain and simple. I wonder if Dembinsky squats when he pees.  Probably.  And he most likely needs to drop his pants occasionally to make certain that his ass hasn’t changed to candy, as well.

Officer Matthew Moriarity was fired on April 11, 2018.

Since then, a few other facts have surfaced.

Matt’s cartoon is best termed satire.

It is humor aimed at the month-long celebration: Black History Month exists which (obviously) is for the benefit of a single racial group in America.

It favors Black people above all others.  (Hmmm, I wonder why there is no White History Month, too.)

The satire of Matt’s imagination seemed to focus on the circumstances and charges to the ‘celebrants’ he had collared that month. Nothing mean or nasty, just a smile or two.



My mind was drawn to such messages – text messages to be specific – that we have all read, heard and seen out of Washington D.C.  The FBI and DOJ to be specific.

We were told about a small crew of people who worked at very high levels of those organizations who were conspiring to affect or void the 2016 Presidential election. The names ‘Peter Strzok’ and ‘Lisa Page’ ought to sound familiar.


I see it as malicious use of social media and technology. Certainly NOT humor. This conspiracy and “reprehensible” use of social media didn’t cost these folks their jobs. They are still working for the FBI even though they attempted to wage a “coup against President Trump.”

How does that fit when compared to Matthew Moriarity? It doesn’t. Pure and simple.

Now think about the partisan leanings of most of the people employed in the Special Prosecutor’s office. They too, are trying to hang the President out to dry.



Humans have a tendency to cling to folks similar to themselves. Look at the way cops hang together in any social setting.

While we are one species, there are different genders and different life roles.

I recall as a young guy, someone telling me that my group of friends would change over time. I was single then. The first change would come when I got married: my wife and I would migrate to other married couples. The second change happened when kids arrived.

The advice was absolutely right – on all fronts.

This stuff isn’t necessarily bad or evil – unless it is used as a reason to hurt or hate another person.



 Black History Month is unique: it invites questions.

  • Is there a White History Month?
  • Is there an Asian History Month?
  • Is there a Jewish History Month?
  • The list goes on.

We already know the answer. It is NO.  Why?

There are a few other holidays that have their roots in a segment / group:

  • St. Patrick’s Day – I think of the parade in Manhattan. EVERYONE is Irish that day.
  • Of course, there is the Christmas Season when everyone can be joyful and kind to one another.

It seems improper to me that the Black race has a month all to itself with no others.

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 Most everyone is well-served by a good belly-laugh, occasionally. The doctors tell us it is good for our mental health. It can help keep us in emotional balance. It is an outstanding stress reliever.

Frankly, I don’t enjoy dealing with someone who is serious and poker-faced constantly.  How does that old saying go, “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.”  Amen to that one, brother.

Think about Black History Month. Consider the people cops encounter during the month along with their demeanor.

Pervasively, cops report that minorities are increasingly confrontational. Ferguson seemed to be a watershed moment.

Black people in troubled neighborhoods have become emboldened when dealing with Street Cops. There is a sense with these citizens that they may ignore authority and those laws they do not agree with.

Every traffic stop is a confrontation – before contact is even made.

So, consider what a cop is likely thinking when he thinks about making a traffic stop with a Black driver. These contacts often involve:

  • An arrest
  • Drugs
  • Weapons
  • Anger / confrontation
  • Subject’s refusal to comply with the simplest directions
  • Physical force (of some kind) is required

As human beings, our prior experiences flavor our future expectations. That’s how we learn.

If that trait / skill fails a cop, chances are he won’t make it far in this profession. It’s a matter of survival.



It is well known by cops and anyone close to them that we use “Blue (dark) Humor.” It’s the trait that allows us to be at a murder scene, waiting for the M.E. and be telling jokes or eating our lunch on the hood of our patrol car.

We deal with human beings at their absolute worst. Every day. There is no question that scraping the body of a child off the pavement after a crash leaves a permanent mental mark.

Imagine the mental damage made on the Sandy Hook cops when duty demanded they enter that elementary school where dozens of very young children had been crucified. Those officers will carry that scar with them for the rest of their lives. Sad.

In an effort to bring some relief to an otherwise somber job, Matthew Moriarty drew an electronic picture which he believed was a satirical, humorous cartoon to share with his brothers. Let’s list the facts that are evident by looking at the picture:

  • Matt was wearing civilian clothes. No cop uniform visible.
  • No police l.D. in any form. There is a non-descript police car with no markings that tie it to an agency.
  • Vehicle appeared to be a civilian car.
  • Moriarty looked like an average civilian – except for the makeup and add-ons.
  • There were added items on the picture: syringe, gun, sunglasses, etc. which are all often part of an average stop of a Black man.
  • He shared it with fifteen fellow cops on the department.
  • It had a shelf life of a few seconds on Snapchat and then it was gone.

He was burned by someone he [wrongly] trusted. In my days, that traitor (yes, I said traitor) wouldn’t have been around long. I recall a guy once who had his locker filled to the brim with Styrofoam peanuts on multiple occasions. The same guy found his patrol car filled to the top with trash from the dumpster what contained the jail’s food discards.

He didn’t last long. And he shouldn’t. Betraying a brother cop is a cardinal sin. Period.

For Moriarty: there was an I.A. investigation. Black groups got their collective panties in a bunch. The gutless Chief terminated an otherwise good cop for telling a joke. In a following news conference, Candy-Assed City Manager Booker quietly mentioned that, “There is no evidence that Mr. Moriarty has acted in a racist manner in the performance of his duties or has targeted racial minorities.”

How gracious of him. It sounds a lot like the reports out of D.C. on the two FBI assholes who conspired to overthrow President Trump.

But, the FBI jerks are still working. And theirs wasn’t done for a humor relief.

Officer Moriarty, 24 years old, is without a job. For creating a cartoon.



This comes down to SOCIAL TERRORISM.

Since Ferguson, Black leaders and especially BLM, have made demands based on repeated false premises. “Hands Up – Don’t Shoot” was a complete fabrication and disavowed by the person who originally put it forward.

Yet, it gets screamed by uninformed idiots – or out-and-out liars – as they try using it to have their demands met. These “leaders” have been aided and abetted by other leaders in:

  • Baltimore
  • New York
  • Minneapolis
  • Chicago
  • And more

False claims. Proven false. They don’t care. But, I do.

Many of our Candy-Assed ‘Law Enforcement Leaders’ lack the balls to confront them. I say, “If you can’t do the job, get out and let someone in who will take charge.”

Today’s America has reduced racism to the point that it is nearly down to the point of natural selection: where similar folks cling together.

If you want to know about REAL RACISM talk with someone old enough to have lived through the post War 1940s – 1960s. If you think today’s world is laden with racism, all I can say is, “You ain’t seen nothin’ yet, baby.”

Can it be better? Sure. Most everything in life can be improved. Racism is no exception.


My brothers are being killed based on lies and weak-kneed ‘leaders.’

And a 24 year old honorable cop lost his career over a 15 second social media cartoon.




At the bottom line, it’s all about saving just ONE life.




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