The scene:  I’m in a store.  Nothing special; maybe Target.  Further down the aisle I see a 30-something woman with a young son of maybe eight.  The kid is OUT-OF-CONTROL:  yelling, screaming, and shaking fists at Mom apparently because Mom had the unmitigated gall to decline the kid’s demand for some asinine toy-of-the-day.


Mom’s response:  she was talking to him in a tone and with a volume suitable for greeting the pastor at the end of a church service or comforting someone at a funeral.   WTF?


I was upset, pissed, frustrated, disgusted – and more.  On reflection, I don’t know which of the two bothered me the most:  the kid, who needed the snot slapped out of him or the mother who needed the adult version of something similar for letting such an event take place.




I was raised in the 1950’s by a stay-at-home Mom and a Dad who endured the tragedy of World War II in Europe where he saw things no human should ever encounter.  They loved me more than words could ever describe.


  • “Eat your food; there are children starving in Europe.”
  • “Respect your mother and don’t talk-back to her.”
  • “I love you.”
  • “Mom and I got married when we knew we wanted a family. Thank God, He sent you.”


Right was right and wrong was wrong.  They didn’t mix and they didn’t change.  They were absolute.   Respect your elders.   NEVER argue with an adult.  If you disagree with an adult, bring the issue to Mom & Dad and they will handle it.


There were three special groups of people in the world, according to Mom:  “Teachers, Preachers and Cops. They are ‘cut-above’.  More is expected of them, and they give it.”



Dad returned from the service with a nice, wide, heavy-duty, leather belt.  It was folded in half and laid atop the kitchen refrigerator.  If I made the mistake of failing to heed Mom or one of the rules, she used it to help me adjust my attitude.  It was a very effective tool in the family child-rearing arsenal.  <ahem>


I learned fast that maneuvers like:  “Billy’s mom lets him do it.”  Or, “All the other kids are going,” just didn’t make it with my folks.  (See earlier statement about right and wrong being absolute concepts.)


In my teens, the world started hearing from the child-rearing “expert,” (Dr. Benjamin Spock) who introduced notions that radically changed how the “smart-set” thought the rest of society’s peons should raise their kids.


  • Respect your kids, putting their opinions ahead of your own.
  • Never spank, punish or do anything negative to them.
  • Never shout.
  • Never use the word “wrong” when describing their behavior.
  • Make sure your kids all feel like stars with a sparkle that never dims.
  • Above all, protect their precious self-esteem from ever being bruised.




I read somewhere that Spock never had any kids of his own.  Figures.  It’s like a priest being a marriage counselor.


As a married adult, my wife and I were blessed with the two most-awesome people God ever put on this earth.  We decided that spanking would be reserved for extreme situations and then only to get their attention.


I recall looking out the front screen door one summer afternoon.  My two year old son was standing in the middle of the street in front of the house.  I raced out the door to his side.  Without moving a step, I dropped his drawers and with my bare hand smacked his bare butt three times for all I was worth.   Done.


A neighbor later voiced her disapproval.  I will spare you my reaction to that load of crap.


TIME BRINGS WISDOM (in most cases)


Well, the chickens are here.  They’ve come home to roost.


Remember the home remedies used by Grandma?  You poo-pooed them when the new-fangled, high-tech products emerged.  You’ve since concluded that Grandma was pretty smart, after all.  Believe it or not, some of today’s kids have figured out that music on vinyl records actually sounds better than something playing on earbuds from their iPod.   Shocking.


In the world of 2017, Law Enforcement officers, i.e. COPS have become, “the enemy” categorized by some like ISIS.   War has been declared upon us.


We have some college campuses where the dainty little snowflakes need ‘safe spaces’ where they are protected from encountering anyone who might disagree with them.  There is now a tourniquet on free speech, for God’s sake!


They are so delicate that they need counseling to handle the results of an election.  They cannot study and plead relief from performing at any level. On THEIR sports teams, EVERYONE got a trophy – even the losers.  No one has ever told them NO and really meant it.


It’s a social tragedy.


If these snowflakes can’t force others to comply, they react just like the eight-year old at Target:  instantly turn into complete assholes.  Unfortunately, they are now physically big enough to be capable of causing damage to other people and property.


This is no longer cute.




How did we get here?  Let’s take a brief walk down memory lane, shall we?


The sixties ushered in hippies, drugs and free love.  Of course, there were the protests against the War in Vietnam.   The Students for a Democratic Society made the mistake of crossing paths with Mayor Daley’s COPS in Chicago during the 1968 Democratic Convention.  Night sticks in hand, it turned into a Bruise-Fest.


The anti-war protests continued, grew and became angry.  Gatherings turned from peaceful, vocal events to centers of violence and civil disobedience.  In 1970, four students were killed on the Kent State [Ohio] campus by the National Guard.  The protests became shrill and divided the country terribly.


The right to protest, the right to assemble, and the right to tell the government that it is wrong are inalienable rights which are near and dear.  Violence, however, is not a right or a privilege.  A wise man once said, “My right to throw a punch ends at your nose.”  Well put.


Rather than clamping down on violence and illegal behavior in those times, the ruling elites decided we should look the other way.  They’re just kids, after all.


In 1992, South Central Los Angeles was torn apart with riots over how Rodney King was treated by the cops.  Building and businesses were torched.   People injured and killed.  Violence and social disorder abounded by the bushel full.  How did we react?   Like a bunch of candy-asses.


In 2010, Oakland, CA erupted over a BART officer killing a citizen.  Was the officer wrong?  Yes.  Do Americans administer justice in the streets?  We did that time.  Who is MORE wrong:  the tantrum-throwing eight year old or the parent who allowed it to happen?  You decide.


Five years ago, young jerks around the country decided to commandeer the property of others with the “Occupy” movement.   What did we do?  Picked up their trash and set up porta-potties.   You can’t make this stuff up.


The trouble-makers use the term “protest” as a cover for misbehavior – often criminal misbehavior.




 Officer Darren Wilson was on point and he got speared.   He did his job.  He did it right.  He was honorable in his actions.   He endeavored to do exactly what we were all taught to do:  stop thuggish behavior and take the dirt-bags to jail.  It is our job to remove the assholes from life amonst the good people (who obey the law).


Ferguson, MO erupted.  Innocent people were hurt / killed.  Business people lost their livelihood; others lost their jobs.  A scar was inflicted on the area that will require the most of this century to heal.  What did we do?   We send the Attorney General to the funeral of the street thug and nailed the cop shop with an investigation by the Department of Justice.  And my brother, Darren Wilson?  He got screwed for doing exactly what he was trained to do and that which was morally correct and legally required.


So tell me: if things in that Ferguson were so horrible, why weren’t the citizens at town council meetings demanding change years before?   Where were their names on the ballots to be elected to public office?  What effort had they made to change and correct the situation?   You know the answer as well as I do: NONE, ZERO, ZIP, NADDA.


Out of that pile of sewage is born Black Lives Matter – conceived and fed on one enormous lie (“Hands Up, Don’t Shoot”) and the hundreds of other lies spewing from the mouths of the human trash espousing the package of BS.  Based on their stated beliefs, public outcries and resultant illegal actions, BLM should have been put on equal footing with the Weathermen of the 1960s:  outlaws, considered armed and dangerous and on every MOST WANTED DEAD OR ALIVE list on the wall of every Post Office in the nation.


Did that happen?  Nope.  Instead, their leaders were invited to the White House.  They were given space at the Democratic National Convention.


In 2015, following the death of another well-known thug, Freddie Gray, many wanted to protest police actions.  Fine.  Recognizing the probability the “protests” in Baltimore would become violent, the wise elected Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake told the cops to give the folks room.  Stand back a bit.  Leave your protective gear at home.  After all, we wouldn’t want to upset them, would we?


Yup, there was a bunch of rioting, looting and burning of businesses.  After all, isn’t that the way we were ALL taught to show grief when someone dies?  What REALLY matters is that over 100 cops were injured.   Baltimore is lucky it has anyone who remains willing to don one of their cop uniforms.


If you’re a parent, you’ve likely witnessed a youngster do something that is considered socially a no-no, like the 2 year cuts a loud burp at the dinner table and we giggle because we think it’s cute.  At some point, laughter must be stopped and replaced with a verbal reprimand – lest the kid starts cutting stinky farts at the table, too – because it’s cute.


Remember these:

  • Dallas, TX – July, 5 cops killed; 12 injured
  • Baton Rouge, LA – July, 3 cops killed; 3 injured
  • Des Moines, IA – November, 2 cops killed
  • Canonsburg, PA
  • Urbandale, IA
  • Detroit, MI campus officer


Allowing citizens to convert Constitutional guarantees into licenses to kill cops isn’t “good sport” – and it never was.


It’s time to smell the coffee and call ‘em like we see ‘em.  If we continue to accept poor behavior for ANY reason, we can depend on it continuing and getting worse.


We cannot tolerate national leaders terming the cops’ behavior, “stupid.”  It is no longer fashionable to put cops in a position of being “guilty until proven innocent.”   It is not acceptable to demand video from a car or personal video recording in order for society to accept a cop’s word as truthful.


THEY ARE THE COPS!   We chose them because they have a proven history of being honest.


We must demand that citizens at every level, top to bottom, make a decision: you’re either on board – or it’s time to go.  There is historical precedent.  Prior to commencement of the American Revolution, a sizeable number of people remained loyal to the Crown.   They went north to Canada and stayed there. The exits have not been blocked.  America is yours to love or leave; it’s up to you.  The time is NOW.


If you are going to stay, it’s time to grow up, to toughen up and straighten up.


Breaking the law must come to an end.   The time  to stop the TANTRUMS is long overdue.  (Remember:  starting last January 20th, there were many huge changes rolling over the land.)




There may be doubters.  “You can’t do that,” they think.   August, 1967: my family had a business located on the near northwest side of Detroit.  The city was engulfed in flames with the 1967 Riot.   Our precious business was in the thick of the mess.


The riot started late on a Saturday night.   Within a couple of days, this is what we saw on TV and in person:




Long about Tuesday, the Governor made this announcement:   Martial Law was declared; the National Guard would arrive the same day; the previously announced curfew (dusk) would be enforced this way: anyone on the street after dark would be shot.  Questions would be held for later.


Roughly five rioters were shot the first night of the “Shoot-to-Kill” order.  The riot immediately ended.  As they say, the Fat Lady had finally sung.


Today, fifty-one years later, scars remain.  Plenty of burned-out hulks of structures populate swaths of the city.  Much of the city is now vacant land.


There is a moral to this story:   “Good People Won’t Tolerate Bullshit


Today’s lawbreaking must end.   It cannot wait.  The war against cops will end. We must insist that everyone – from the President to our next door neighbor – demand a return to the nation the Founders conceived.  We owe it to ourselves and most important, we owe it to our kids.




I was about four years old.   As a kid, I was a handful – and then some.  Today, my behavior would be drugged – HEAVILY.


Mom said, “NO” to something I wanted.   Wellllll, I threw myself down on the floor, arms and legs flailing about as I screamed.


Mom got down on her knees, next to me.  She firmly grasped each side of my head in her hands and proceeded to ‘thump’ it (just hard enough) on the floor with three quick hits.  At the conclusion of the thumping she said, “Isn’t this fun?  Would you like more?”


That was my one and ONLY tantrum.   Lesson learned.


Remember, at the end of the day, it’s all about saving just ONE life.







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