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We are pleased that you have stopped by to view the next CopBlue video article. These are published regularly and address a variety of issues which are important to American Street Cops.



It’s 2300 hours on a Saturday night. Dispatch has sent you and your area partner to DV. The call came from the neighbors who overheard the loud yelling and screaming. It’s the nature-of-the-beast in a trailer park: one can often hear another as though they were in the next room.

The caller heard one of the parties yell the word, “gun,” and believed that both parties of the screaming-match are intoxicated.  Ya think??!  That’s hard to imagine. You and your partner park a couple of homes down and quietly make an approach.

As you advance, you are constantly watching the windows of the trailer while you also consider what you can use for cover. Each potential cover item is quickly put into the YES vs NO category.

Engine block                YES

Trunk lid                      NO

Trash container            NO

Large tree trunk          MAYBE

The list goes on as you almost do it automatically. This is where the FATAL mistake can be made.



Watch as my partners, Danny and Ben, demonstrate how well items which could be considered cover take the heat from a few hot rounds sent their way.

Note:  The producer of this video sent word that while Ben may be BIG and HARD enough to be used for cover – they didn’t go there. They only shot at inanimate objects.

Listen and watch as a couple of seasoned cops share some insight and their wisdom about what can and cannot be used for cover.



“Above all, it’s about going home at the end of the shift … “

We couldn’t agree more.



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