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It’s that time again. The yard signs are popping-up just about everywhere. “Elect Me” … “Retain Her” … “Vote YES” … “Vote NO”. By the time it’s all over in November, it seems like we’ve endured a four-month circus.

Unless we work really hard, the only thing we will know about the various candidates is what the advertising types want to tell us. When it comes to the sheriff, that’s not enough. We want to know more about the candidates so we can make a smart choice … not just the one that the pundits are endorsing.

How can you do that?

There are many ways, some easier than others. If you are a cop in the local sheriff’s office and your guy is up for election, it can be very delicate. Done the wrong way (e.g. using the ‘Bull In the China Shop’ technique) it can come back to haunt you in the future.

You don’t want to get the answers you’re after only to find yourself assigned to the property room for the next four years.

In this week’s video, you can watch as our own Danny Watson asks Michael August, one of the candidates for sheriff in his home county of Darlington, South Carolina questions that are sure to have a broad appeal.

Here is a sneak-preview of some questions that you may want to ask the candidates in your home community.

What proactive measures will you take so that you will always know, ‘where you came from?’

How will you focus on the troops in order to get results while keeping their morale high?

In the current climate, citizens are demanding that we field better-trained officers. As we both know, the first thing to get cut with any budget reduction is training. How will you meet the training expected by the public if/when your agency’s budget is cut?

These and other questions will be explored by Danny. Take a few minutes – you may get something that you can use in your elections which may make your life better.



 “Above all, it’s about going home at the end of the shift … “

We couldn’t agree more.



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