Don’t you find it interesting that if you are doing your job that you are suddenly labeled?

As a police officer if I had a nickel for every time, I was called a Racist, I would be a millionaire. Here is a good example of what I am talking about. I was invited to speak at an event. One of the people in the audience stood up and asked why our agency ticketed so many African Americans in our community.

The population was about 55% African American and 45% other. I was conscientious about knowing every number our agency created through interaction with the public. I was able to correct this fallacy by stating exactly what the numbers were. He didn’t like this at all. He expected me to be ignorant.

During my rebuttal I spoke on the issue of a lot of white males driving pickup trucks receiving tickets because they refused to wear seatbelts. His retort was that didn’t happen to African Americans because they couldn’t afford pickup trucks.

The actual numbers or – the facts – didn’t meet his agenda or focus, so I must be a Racist. The fact is that 56% of the citations issued were to whites, while the population of the city was considerably less than that.

Does that make the police agency anti-white?

No, it does not. It was a ludicrous accusation followed by an even more outrageous supposition.



Don’t you find it interesting that the people who have been tasked with guarding our southern borders are labeled as xenophobes?

Truly, we are a country of immigrants. Our country is the great melting pot. We are stronger because of the different kinds of people who make up our country. Here is the issue that most people don’t get or do get and wish to ignore and continue with their argument because it fits their political agenda:  If you live here, then you must abide by our rules. If you live here, then you must contribute to the whole. If you aren’t willing to be a part of supporting our great nation, then why did you come here?

It is not your right to come here.

It is by our charity that you are allowed to come here. Just as it is in every other country on Earth. They do the same if they wish to allow immigrants into their nations.


Any agency who supports upholding our laws which – include immigration laws – are now called xenophobes because they do their duty and report information to immigration officials.

How much sense does that make? I’ve traveled extensively and in 100% of the countries I have visited there are rules. If you try to sneak into their country, they put you in jail. Does that make those countries xenophobic? No, it does not. That would be ridiculous.



Don’t you find it interesting that if you patrol a neighborhood which is of modest means, you are against the poor?

This is very interesting because it transcends race, religion or anything else that you could name. There are poor people of all types, I assure can you. It is a known fact people in areas of modest means often call the police for assistance more than people in affluent areas do.

It is also true that most police outreach programs take place in those same poor neighborhoods. So how do you bring those two things together and make sense of it?

The answer is very simple you can’t.

So, when the police patrol those areas in which they receive more than 80% of their calls for service, what does that make them?



If people would accept responsibility for their shortcomings instead of blaming everyone else for their problems, the world would be better off. Are there people out there who are racists? Yes!

It just so happens there are racists/xenophobes in all races, religions and so on. Instead of weaponizing these terms because it is politically expedient, why don’t people accept the possibility that things can be better, but we all must work together to get it done?

Once you’re labelled a racist unjustly, how do you undo that exactly?

Once you’re labeled a xenophobe unjustly how do you undo that exactly?

Maybe you should choose your words a little more carefully. Maybe you should take a hard look at yourself before you accuse anyone of such an evil term.

After all, how would you feel about being accused of being something that you are not?

Kind of sucks doesn’t it?

At the bottom line, it’s all about saving just ONE life.



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