Imagine, if you can, a world where there is no enforcement for anything. Just roll with it and see what will happen.

In England in the 1800s there were a tremendous number of slums built without regulation. People, who lived in these tenements, were often killed when the buildings collapsed because of shoddy building techniques.

Did this cause an outcry? Perhaps it did, but the fact of the matter is it continued, because there was no regulation.

Imagine now, if you can, a country with no police officers or sheriff’s deputies. Imagine, if you can, a country with no regulations. Does that sound like anarchy to you?

It does to me.

It is already happening, all around our country. There are law enforcement leaders who are very interested in compelling their officers to do nothing. Why? Because it is easier than allowing them to do their jobs.

It increases their popularity among the loud-mouths, the constant complainers.

It has gotten so bad that some police leaders have taken the side of criminals during an officer complaint investigation instead of siding with the officer who was just doing their job and deserved their support.

The role has been reversed into the criminal becoming the hero and the officer being painted as the villain.



These constant complainers, are now screaming to defund police departments.

Most officers have more calls for service every shift than they could answer. Traffic enforcement is a thing of the past because every vehicle stop has the potential to turn into an internet sideshow. So, Hell yes, by all means, we should move forward with defunding the police.

The first level in the Use-of-Force Continuum is officer presence. You could never know how many crimes are averted because an officer drove through a neighborhood when a crime was about to occur.


It is impossible to know how many major crimes are averted because a criminal was placed in jail thereby unable to commit additional crimes. Prevention by officer presence is soon to be a thing of the past.



Defunding the police is inviting chaos. The more likely thing to happen will be the staggering reduction of police budgets. Cuts like have already been proposed in cities like Minneapolis, New York and Seattle.

Less patrol to work the streets only helps the scumbags, who are intent on breaking the law.

Less money for training means that the remaining officers will not be prepared to face the challenges of tomorrow.

When the bad things inevitably occur in the poor neighborhoods, too often the response will be delayed an inhuman amount of time.

It will come from officers who are under-trained and departments that are undermanned.

Guess who will take the blame?

You can be certain that it won’t be the architects of this dimwitted insanity.

I am confident that being popular is far more important to those morons than being right.

May God be with us.


 “Above all, it’s about going home at the end of the shift … “

We couldn’t agree more.



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