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This is a change of pace for CopBlue. Today’s 1½ minute mini episode is to promote our upcoming series on GUNS.

CopBlue’s resident tactical genius is being joined by a cop buddy of his: Ben Weatherford.

The two of them have dreamed up things you can do with a gun for fun. These video articles will all be shot on the range.

Really these two guys will be shooting through objects that (too often) we regular guys mistake for cover when – in reality – they are only concealment.

The problem with that error is simple: Bad guys know that the bullets they shoot at you will go right through anything that is only good for concealment. You need to know (and remember) it, too.

Think of doors, furniture, heavy-duty glass panels and yes … car doors as concealment.

They may be able to hide you, but they won’t do squat when it comes to stopping a round that’s been fired at you.

As for stoppers, think cinder block, a brick wall or an engine block.

If that weren’t enough they will also do some really need stuff with various guns. All cops love guns, right?  Right. You can share in some neat tricks and stunts without any risk of lodging a round into your own leg or butt.

Give up a minute and a half. Get to know Danny and Ben.  BTW:  Ben is so big and strong that he frequently goes hunting for bear armed with just a stick.  I bet you will have a good time.



 “Above all, it’s about going home at the end of the shift … “

We couldn’t agree more.



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