Each day, I survey our country and our people.  We seem to be more angry with one another, with more divisions and less patience for our fellow Americans than we have ever seen in the past.

There is a line in the sand.  There are two sides.

On one side are people who very much want the country to return to what our Founding Fathers envisioned.  These folks are generally in “flyover” America.  For many years, they have been unhappy with the direction of the country, but they have been quiet.  Now, they are fighting back – unwilling to be silently compliant any longer.

The “other” side is an amalgamation made up of various groups whose commonality is a desire to “fundamentally change America.”  In that group one can find the Coastal Elites (New York, D.C., San Francisco, and Los Angeles).  Black Lives Matter (BLM) found a home there, too. Closely nestled in are the Hollywood entertainers along with the Major Media Lefties.


 Reading from olden times, it was the senior citizens who were respected for their wisdom.  Made sense.  They had lived their lives and learned much in the ‘School of Hard Knocks.’

Today, I find myself in that group.

Young people are smarter than I am, though.  They had so much more to learn in school than I did.  After all, I lived it. They learned about it from a book.

But, there’s this: I have had experiences that they haven’t had YET.


Until recently, we Americans could agree to disagree.  We argued about stuff like the minimum wage; how many immigrants should be allowed in each year; the national debt and other issues of the day.

Now, we are yelling at each other. We are calling fellow Americans hateful names. Hideous words and actions are thrown around recklessly.

PLEASE REMEMBER THIS: Hateful behavior like this is sowing the seeds of a bloody war. We are playing with fire. Once ignited, it won’t be out until one side or the other is annihilated.

Our forefathers built a country where no matter how much we disagree, we can never lose sight of this:  first and foremost, we are Americans.

Let’s take a quick look at the major events of recent days.

Saturday, February 10th

Officer Anthony Morelli

Officer Eric Joering

Westerville, OH cops Anthony Morelli and Eric Joering are shot and killed as they responded to a 911 hangup call. These types of calls are not difficult or angry. Cops are just checking to confirm that the residents are OK.

Both officers were shot as they arrived at the scene of the call. It gives every indication of being a setup / ambush.

Friday, February 9th

Officer Chase Maddox

Locust Grove, GA cop Chase Maddox was killed as he was assisting two Sherriff’s Deputies who were trying to serve an FTA TRAFFIC WARRANT.

After several minutes, when the cops tried to take the subject into custody, he opened fire on them, killing Maddox and injuring the other two.

When I saw Maddox’s picture, I was stunned.  “He’s just a kid!” I said to my wife.  The 26 year old cop leaves behind an expectant wife and a young daughter.

All over a F******G traffic warrant! I expect the jailers are making him VERY comfortable during his stay in jail.

Wednesday, February 7th

Officer David Sherrard

Richardson, TX cop David Sherrard was shot and killed while responding to a disturbance at a local apartment complex.

On arrival, the cops found a civilian who had already been shot. Once they figured out what apartment the shot came from, they entered.

The asshole doing the shooting then shot Officer Sherrard in the neck. He didn’t make it home.

The 37 year old cop leaves behind a wife and two daughters.

Tuesday, February 6th

Deputy Steve Belanger

Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Deputy Steven Belanger was ambushed while conducting a traffic stop on December 10, 1994 – 24 years ago.

While searching the car, a buddy of the driver rolled up on a skateboard and shot Belanger in the back of the head. He has needed constant medical care and been confined to a wheelchair ever since.

The 52 year old cop is survived by his wife and daughter who have endured their own hell ever since that fateful day.

Tuesday, February 6th

Reserve Ofc Jarate Condit

Asher, OK Reserve Police Officer Jarate Dewayne Condit was on his way to mandatory training.

His patrol car left the road and crashed into a concrete culvert.  The patrol car became engulfed in flames. Our Brother burned to death. Another kid; much too young for this.

The 23 year old cop is survived by a daughter and his parents.

Monday, February 9th

Deputy Micah Flick

El Paso County Colorado Sheriff’s Deputy Micah Flick was killed while conducting an auto theft investigation.

Several officers attempted to take a suspect into custody. The man began to struggle and opened fire, fatally wounding Deputy Flick and wounding two other cops plus a bystander.

The asshole was shot and killed by return fire, thank God.

The 34 year old deputy leaves behind his wife an 7-year-old twins.


If you are a cop – or you are considering a cop career, you might pause and wonder to yourself if living the life of a cop is what you really want.  Notice: I didn’t say anything about cop work being a “job,” because it isn’t.

There are REAL cops and there are the PLASTIC version.  But, that’s a different story for another time.  As a wise man once said, “If being a cop isn’t in your heart, you probably won’t be a good one.”  Amen.

Being a cop isn’t a job.  Rather, it is who you are.  Through and through, with every breath, ‘til the day you are planted in the ground.  It literally flavors everything about a person.  Good or bad, it’s just the way it is.

SHORT WAR STORY. Yesterday at the gym, I was shooting the breeze with an ‘older’ guy who turned out to be 79 years old. Retired NYPD. He told me that just last week he came upon a fresh car crash. He pulled over, asked the occupants about injuries and rendered aid until the first responders arrived on scene.

Evidence that once a cop – always a cop.


Baltimore Police Department is an example of bad that’s gotten worse.  There was the Freddie Gray fiasco where a vindictive prosecutor attempted to get criminal convictions on six cops for doing their jobs. The feds looked at possible civil rights charges. No charges there, either. Finally, the agency worked them over for a third time on the same incident.

The leadership wonders why they can’t keep and hire enough cops in Baltimore.  The political jerks make all kinds of excuses about why the murder rate has skyrocketed in Baltimore. The cops know why.

But, that’s not enough.  Catch this:

Dateline: February 1, 2018 – The Baltimore Police Department plans to require officers to scan their fingerprints at the start and end of shifts in order to prove they’ve worked the hours claimed on their payslips, officials have confirmed.

Let’s see: The department put prospective cops through all kinds of tests, checks and grilling before hiring them.  Then, most of a year is spent training them in the academy and in field training before they can work as cops on their own.  Everything they do is checked and double-checked throughout their careers.

They have the authority to arrest and to KILL citizens in the performance of their duties.

But management doesn’t trust them enough to fill out a timeslip. Is this a dream?


We listen to the incessant whining of the Liberal Left about how those terrible, biased, racist cops are mistreating people – especially young Black men – who live in tough neighborhoods.  They cite the high percentage of Black men in jails and prisons as evidence of unfair treatment by the cops.

Helping with the chorus of whining are groups like Black Lives Matter.  (I have news for them:  ALL Lives Matter.)  They whip people into a frenzy using the same old lie about “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot,’ which was a total fabrication and is a compete lie.

The Liberals insist that the problem is the cops.  They ignore the fact that nearly all of the lawbreakers were raised in single parent homes and that they got a poor education, at best. They spout incessantly that the source of the problem remains the cops.

Dateline: February 6, 2018 – New York.  The nation’s best known jerkoff mayor is now demanding that NYPD officers confront their biases and work through them so they can become better cops.


Over the next two years, the entire force will take eight hours of “implicit bias” training designed to help cops handle interactions with the public more effectively and fairly. The best aspect of the classes is that it will give the cops a chance to read the newspaper or surf the internet on their phones.

The place to start the corrective action is by teaching the citizenry to respect: our country, our flag, authority, the law and the fundamental values of American citizenship. Teaching men to take responsibility for fathering the children they sire would also be a great move. “Implicit bias?”  It’s psycho-babble. It is not recognized by anyone except those looking for an excuse for bad behavior.


Dateline: February 10, 2018 – The College Republicans at the University of Washington invited members of Patriot Prayer to speak in the university’s Red Square for a “freedom rally.”  The goal was to bring conservatives together and promote free-speech rights

More than 1,000 counter-protestors showed up to oppose the event.  “I learned that they thought my vote was a hate crime,” said Kathryn Townsend who voted for Donald Trump in 2016.

“We’re here to fight back against the far right and fascism on our campus,” one counter-protestor said.


Over recent days, I made a point of watching, listening and absorbing incidents and events which I judge are subtly threatening our Constitutional republic.


A man whom I have known since I was in first grade (a VERY long time ago) posted a picture montage on Facebook. Three of the six pictures were of President Trump speaking to large crowds.  The other three pictures show a remarkable similarity of poses and gestures to Trump’s.   Those pictures were of Hitler – suggesting that Trump is comparable to that evil Nazi.


A brother officer of ours, who is also a published author, wrote in an article that the “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot,” line was a total lie; a complete fabrication. His article did not reference his employer in any way. Yet, the local Black Lives Matter chapter tried to have him fired thus ending his career as a cop.


Around the time of his inauguration, President Obama said in a speech given to thousands in Chicago that his administration would, “ … fundamentally change America.” I could never have imagined what the full meaning was of those words.


I was in a small group meeting recently. One of the attendees was a former U.S. Ambassador to a middle-eastern country. He is not a man of brash, unreasoned statements. He chooses his words carefully, befitting his career as a diplomat. He said, “Unless there is a significant change in the U.S. in the near future, I cannot see us escaping an extremely bloody conflict to end the current divisions in the country.” That is sobering.


When I was an elected official, I learned a valuable lesson from another Council member who was many years my senior.  When faced with a perplexing issue, he suggested we employ the, “Hundred-year rule.”

Translation:  look back 100 years and imagine how citizens of that time would have resolved the issue.  The country was strong and it was growing.

So, I pose this theoretical question: If we look back over the issues raised in this article of dead cops, out-of-control criminal behavior, suppression of Constitutional rights:  What do you think the citizens of 100 years ago would have done to resolve the issues which face us today?

There would have been some serious ass-kicking and probably a few hangings in the town squares. Today’s bad behavior and the people who do it simply would not have been tolerated.


As a senior member of society, I judge that I have some responsibility to warn of impending danger which younger folks might miss.

The hateful, disrespectful division between Americans cannot continue.  As Abraham Lincoln said, “A house divided will not stand.”

Disrespecting the President, the Flag, the National Anthem, the Constitution and other institutions of the country is literally sowing the seeds of war.  People seethe and they hate the speaker for their hateful rhetoric. It resolves nothing.

We are playing with a lit stick of dynamite.

A friend of mine named Lou recounted a recent conversation he had. It was with one of his left-leaning liberal colleagues who refuses to accept the 2016 Presidential election results. The man has been one of the ‘haters.’

Lou shared his concern about the possibility of another civil war with him. The colleague was shocked at the thought.  Lou finished his warning about a possible war with these thoughts for his colleague: If it comes down to a war, remember who has the guns and where the cops and military will side.

According to Lou, the colleague was shocked and left speechless at the thought.

The point here is not to threaten. Rather, it is to emphasize the importance of THINKING before we open our mouths.

Words have meanings.

Just because the Constitution says we CAN speak, doesn’t mean that we SHOULD.

I fear we are sitting on a powder-keg and the wrong kind of incident could cause an explosion which would take many lives before returning the nation to a peaceful state.

Let’s argue. Let’s debate. We can agree to disagree. We can do all of this regarding policies, rules, laws and methods.

There is no room for hateful name-calling or personal degradation of a fellow citizen. After all, we are Americans. We cannot allow ourselves to forget that fact.

At the bottom line, it’s all about saving just ONE life.



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