Now, California has degenerated to a state where no real cop wants to be.

It’s not the whole state, mind you.  Just the elite coastal areas which are loaded with liberal, self-righteous jerks which is pretty much in the tank.

Such a shame.  What a waste of an otherwise wonderful place.

The breaking news is that the democratically controlled legislature is on the verge of passing a law that will override decades of Supreme Court precedent on the use of deadly force. The landmark case of Graham vs Connor established the precedent way back in 1989 – some thirty years ago.

The change is simple, yet profound. The use of deadly force by law enforcement will no longer be judged on the basis of being “reasonable.” No, now the wizards in Sacramento believe the standard should be changed to “necessary.”


This means that police must feel confident that it is truly necessary to shoot to protect themselves or others from danger, or they could be prosecuted for killing the subject.



Cops would be pressed to engage in de-escalation tactics and must consider options such as a Taser or a baton before they can shoot. Now, get this: de-escalation will demand that cop listen to the asshole’s story, then explain what he intends to do and all the while, ensure that the asshole’s dignity is preserved.

WTF?  Yeah, you read that right.

So, just imagine you arrive on scene at a DV with violence. The male half has the female pinned down with a knife at her throat, threatening to slit her throat.

In a “normal” state (like Kansas), the cop would issue a couple of demands to the jerk to ‘drop the knife.’ When he didn’t comply, the necessary number of rounds would be deployed from the cop’s service weapon to neutralize the threat.

Makes perfect sense, right?

Oh, but not in California.

No, first we would have to chat a little bit, asking the POS to ‘pretty-please, put down the knife.’ If that didn’t work, the cop on scene would carefully explain what will happen next if the asshole doesn’t comply.



Then – and only then – could deadly force be used.

Of course, the female involved would probably have been dead five or ten minutes before all of this bullshit could be accomplished.

The elected idiots said (their words, not mine), “This new bill would make the preservation of life law enforcement’s top priority in California.”

Maybe so.

But the lives they will be preserving are those of the bad guys – who should be pushing up daisies.

It will likely be the victims and the cops  who will be dead.

I’ve heard this too many times at the funeral of a brother cop …   (please listen to just to put you in the right frame of mind)


The memories from Police Week are still too raw


Of course the jerks, the low-lifes and the dirtbags are strongly in support of this ill-conceived measure.


Making it even better.  There have been a few amendments suggested for the proposed law. Their fate is uncertain at this time. A few of them:

  • Adopt the Mayberry / Barney Fife policy: only one bullet issued to each cop which they must carry in their shirt pocket.
  • Remove all sidearms and other assault weapons from the cops’ arsenal and in their place issue each officer a pea-shooter with a small carton of peas.
  • The third idea is to adopt the British plan: only supervisors have guns. Street Cops are unarmed.




The San Francisco board of supervisors is expected to rule that law enforcement agencies may not use facial recognition systems in their city.

This should come as no surprise. This same group of morons has resisted the deployment of Tasers to SFPD cops for years.

As we all know, Tasers are no longer considered a ‘new-fangled,’ untested technology. We know that Tasers don’t kill people. We know that Tasers often reduce the number of deadly force encounters. But this collection of boobs believe they are smarter than the rest of the country.

Rumor has it, handcuffs may be next on the chopping block.



Back to facial recognition. Part of the argument against its use is that it is not 100% perfect at identifying bad guys. I don’t see that as a problem because a human being still must make the final call.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t stop there. This stuff is so ludicrous, I can’t help but wonder if these jerks are on the take from the trial lawyers association.

The elected SFO idiots also want to ban ALPR (Automatic License Plate Recognition) systems.

These systems are nothing short of phenomenal – and getting better every day. I have worked with them. Just imagine:

  • Being out on patrol, driving down the road and the system is checking the tag of every vehicle traveling in both directions against a ‘hot sheet.’
  • Think about simply driving through the parking lot of a busy shopping mall – cruising up and down the aisles.
  • How about on slow nights after 0300, systematically cruising through neighborhoods in the city.

When the system gets a ‘hit,’ it can put a picture of the tag and the vehicle up on the car computer’s screen. The cop can then choose to act or dismiss it.

If he chooses to act, typically, the cop asks dispatch to confirm the status prior to taking any enforcement action. As for middle-of-the night neighborhood cruises: consider the value of knowing who is where in your city when the DB (or CID unit) is investigating a crime.



There are groups (imagine who they are) that complain such activity is a violation of the Fourth Amendment. Sorry, Charlie. There is case law (from the Supremes) saying that a person has no expectation of privacy when it comes to the tag (license plate) hanging on their vehicle for the public to view.

I ask: what’s the difference between a cop manually running a tag as he drives and have the ALPR system do the same thing?

HERE IS THE IMPORTANT factor: a cop who is really fast with his computer might run 25-30 tags an hour. An ALPR system can run 1,000 – 1,500 tags each hour. That’s the difference.

No matter. The powers that be and the criminal element who has given them money … oops, I mean ‘support’ them, don’t want the cops to be that good.




Apparently, the California officials want to give the crooks every possible advantage. Maybe we should return to patrol cars like this:


Police car of yesterday


In their aversion to technology, just think about the items which have been added to the patrol car in recent years. What would our work on the street be like with:

  • No in-car computer
  • No access to the state system for information on driver licenses, driving records, and incarceration history
  • No access to the national NCIC
  • No knowledge of wants & warrants other than in your own agency

It hasn’t been all that long ago that a patrol car had one switch for the light bar, one switch for the siren and a radio.



If the creeps whine loudly enough in California, maybe cops there will return to those days.



 Following the demands that we pay homage to the politically correct crowd, we may receive changes to the general order like this:

When calling out descriptions of individuals we may no longer call out their race or their gender. After all, we wouldn’t want to offend anyone. We don’t want to be called racist and we don’t know the gender with which a person identifies. All we will have left is their hair and clothing to describe.

For those neighborhoods that self-identify as being oppressed by us cops we will limit patrols there to only between 0700 – 0900 hours. We certainly want to be sensitive to their needs.

On future citizen contacts:

  • Officers shall limit the loudness of their voice and their choice of words so as not to upset the delicate individuals in our community.
  • Officers shall be careful not to glare at anyone.                                                                                                             
  • If a subject resists or becomes violent, we shall not escalate in accordance with the long-standing Continuum. Rather, we shall disengage and give them a “Time Out Card” asking them (politely) to take a time-out in the corner until they can behave themselves.
  • At the end of each citizen encounter, including arrests, the officer will hand out a “survey” card for the subject to complete. The card shall include the officer’s name, badge number and home address so the citizen may contact that officer at a later date and time.
  • The department has a new website where citizens can register a “one-click complaint” anonymously against any officer for any action, anywhere, on or off-duty. This will give our citizens a sense of empowerment.

The administration believes these changes will produce a positive benefit for the community we serve.



The above is pure bullshit but, unfortunately, not out of the realm of possibility in San Francisco.



In light of all of the limitations and nonsense being put on SFPD Street Cops, look at what the chief did in the past few days. Chief Bill Scott defended his decision to have a crew raid the home of a journalist who publicly reported information leaked in a police report on the death of Public Defender Jeff Adachi.

Pardon me?


The search of freelance videographer Bryan Carmody’s home and office has become a national controversy for violating Carmody’s First Amendment rights.

Carmody is not suspected of committing a crime.

The chief is trying to find out who leaked a confidential report. Seems that Adachi collapsed in an apartment with a woman who was not his wife. Cause of death was a mix of cocaine and alcohol along with heart disease.

It was reported that the leaked report outraged some city officials because they found that what they were doing was embarrassing.  Poor babies.

Two IA inspectors showed up at Carmody’s home asking him to reveal his source. When he declined, they returned early the next morning with sledgehammer and smashed the front entrance of his home. It appears that they decided they had the right to seize his computers, phones and hard drives from the residence.

All of us know that breaking into a home and seizing stuff from a journalist in order to learn a source is illegal. There is plenty of case law on this kind of thing.

But, I guess in California, they run by their own laws.

Cops working there need to think long and hard about whether or not they want to stay and possibly be forced to follow other illegal orders.

Maybe the next illegal order will be to confiscate personally owned guns following some kind of natural disaster.



 If you are a cop working in one of the coastal elite enclaves, you are probably best served by standing down. Don’t stick your neck out. Avoid any proactive citizen contact.

Answer your calls. Take them from the donut shop or the gym.

Get some good PR with kids in your area – play ball, play with a friendly dog, buy some kids ice cream.  You get the idea. And take plenty of pictures for posting on the socials.

Go to community meetings.

Give out lollipops. Have friendly conversations with local pastors.

FACE THE FACTS:  California cops are being neutered.

Avoid getting into stuff that may risk life, limb or your job.

Look for work elsewhere.

Take your skills and your heart where you are wanted.

 Come to Florida.  Florida citizens LOVE their cops.

At the bottom line, it’s all about saving just ONE life.




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