New York City, a once bustling and vibrant city that witnessed historic victories against, crime, violence, homelessness and filth has fallen victim to the old saying, “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” Seems that the current fool sitting high in his castle forgot the hard work and dedication of the prior administration. The huge gains made due to the hard work of the city’s work force.


We have seen a huge increase in the homeless population complete with beggars and squeegee men at major roadways and bridges aggressively pan handling. An increase in the number of assaults against police officers. A decimated morale in the NYPD with a noted decrease in activity by rookie and seasoned officers alike.


Brazen low-level street crime is common amongst all the boroughs with a new viral video popping up every-other day. Communities are fighting with cops that are trying to secure fire scenes as their building burns down and most recently, Emergency Medical Technicians beaten and maced for not transporting a patient to a different hospital when triage was taking too long.




The things that are common among all this: they took place under the failed two terms of Mayor deBlasio’s administration and he failed to step up and address these acts.

I guess it’s hard to stand up against the thugs of NYC when you know deep down inside that it’s the thugs who got you elected. When you know that the miscreants are your meal ticket, it’s hard to do the right thing. His silence a sign of his lack of courage, the absence of testosterone and shortage of intestinal fortitude.


NOW THAT YOU TOOK THE BAIT …                                                                                                                                                             

Speaking of the right thing, the administration is now discussing the licensing or rather registering of bikes in NYC. Because nothing makes a city safer than the residents paying a fee to register their bikes and send hundreds of cops out to strictly enforce bike regulations to improve community relations.


Sad but this is the future of NYC, a carefully crafted plan that was years in the making.


Mayor deBlahBlah and his “Vision Zero” placing bike lanes all over the city, lowering speed limits and encouraging the use of bikes for the environment. The increase of speed cameras, red light cameras and swelling of the traffic agents making the local commute so much easier via a bike.







Now that the numbers are swelling, he wants to register the bikes in the city and force those environmentally conscious to pay fees to ride their bikes and face off against officers being forced to pummel then with fines by ensuring no discretion on the officers part.



Residents are fleeing the city for greener pastures and this is definitely one of the times when the grass is greener on the other side of the fence. The increase in lawlessness compounded by the political pandering to the dredge of society is rotting the core of the big apple like a cancer. Stripped of its life and vitality that so many fought and slaved to bring back to Gotham.


If ever there was a time to bring solid and common sense candidates into the state and city, it would be now. Like a beacon with a bat logo shining from Commissioner Gordon’s rooftop, our own Gotham is calling for a hero to answer her call.


At the bottom line, it’s all about saving just ONE life.


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