Retired Police Officer Jimmy Meeks was concerned that the pro-police crowd was just kind of “sitting back and watching the other side take over.” In his mind, they weren’t speaking out as much as they should.

So he staged his own ‘protest.’ It happened a couple of weeks ago on July 7th.

Meeks, who served for five years as an officer in Oklahoma, and then thirty years in Texas, put together his own signs and headed out to a busy intersection.

“I knew that Tuesday, July 7th, was the 4th anniversary. It was the night that five officers were killed in Dallas. I just felt the public needed to be reminded of that,” Meeks said.

One of his signs read: “4 YEARS AGO TODAY – 5 DALLAS OFFICERS MURDERED – July 7.

Meeks probably remembers that night more vividly than many because he was there.

I went to the protest in downtown Dallas that night. I didn’t go to participate, but to spectate. I wanted to see what was going on.

The press later claimed that it was a ‘peaceful protest turned violent,’ but that wasn’t true. The atmosphere was thick with anger and hate. There was no peace.

Meeks said he got “mixed reviews” for his actions on Tuesday.

One guy shouted, “black lives matter,” and I shouted back, “yes they do.” Several people flipped me off, and a couple of times, “fuck you” was shouted, as well.

One particular passerby certainly got his attention.

One lady flipped me off, and then stuck her hand down her mouth. I guess she was telling me that my actions were making her sick.

Only one person actually stopped and spoke with Meeks.

I’ll never forget it. This lady pulled up and got out of her car. She was wearing a mask and she seemed upset. Actually, she was crying. She kept getting closer, so I told her I was social distancing.

It turned out that the woman was a police officer and had just gotten off work.

She was crying. She said I had made her day. I could tell that all the anti-police rhetoric had taken a toll on her. She just kept crying and thanking me.


Since his retirement, Meeks has been working alongside Lt. Colonel Dave Grossman. The two of them have conducted over 100 seminars ( around the country. Most of them are designed to assist churches and faith-based organizations in creating a safe atmosphere for the flock.

Meeks said Colonel Grossman has come under a lot of fire lately.

Some are actually saying he is the reason officers kill black men. The accusations have been unbelievable. I’ve seen some of the hate mail he has received. I’ve never, in all my years, seen such venomous language.

Colonel Grossman is a brother to me. A man of integrity and honor.

Meeks’s organization, Sheepdog Seminars have, for the most part, been shut down due to the false accusations and COVID.

They’ve kind of put us out of business, but I am confident we will bounce back.

Meeks and Grossman, along with former police officer and author Adam Davis, have also put together a new kind of seminar, based on a book Grossman and Davis have written, ‘On Spiritual Combat’ (

Meeks wants his phone number in the article. I want cops everywhere to know I’m here. If they need to talk, for any reason, they are welcome to call me. I can be reached at (817) 437-9693.

“Above all, it’s about going home at the end of the shift … “

We couldn’t agree more.


Jimmy enjoys hearing from his readers – EMAIL

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