LeBron James is nothing more than an athlete.  Nothing special. And he is definitely no hero.

Cops are heroes!

Armed Forces members are heroes!

So, don’t listen to the likes of LeBron and his nonsense trying to stay relevant and trying to show he is more than just an entertainer. And entertainers are not celebrities.  Don’t celebrate them! Don’t celebrate LeBron. His opinion, is pure bullshit.  As is said about assholes, everyone has one and some just act like one. Wow, he fits several categories!

Sadly, today, many of the many of these public jerks thrive due to the purposely damaging media outlets that enable it. Any idiot can get someone to listen, even if their message is purposely deceptive, anti-American, and polarizing. Even sadder, is the demonization today of our nation’s law enforcement heroes.

However, there is a bright side.

I do certainly believe intelligent, law abiding people don’t listen to people like LeBron the Entertainer.  They listen to their hearts and their brains. They see through the bullshit.

I believe those people who use an incident to demonize police in clear-cut situations like Columbus, Ohio, have an agenda and just don’t care about the truth.  There is no doubt they fully know the truth, but the truth will definitely not get in their way of their selfish, hurtful agenda.

Let’s take NBC, for example, and their coverage of the Columbus, Ohio incident in which a hero police officer saved the life of young girl who was within seconds of being killed by a knife-wielding attacker.  When NBC aired the story, they purposely left out the part of the 911 caller mentioning someone was trying to “stab” them.

Why would NBC do this?  It’s simple!  It didn’t fit their agenda.

What agenda is that?  The agenda of demonizing police officers and fanning the flames of the newest, most effective, way to discredit anyone and anything:  Racism!

Because the obvious agenda of NBC, they needed to depict the officer as a racist pig who wanted to kill a black teen rather than report the truth. So sad for staff of NBC that they were exposed as intentional liars who tried to create more controversy and chaos.  And so sad for the rest of the media liars who try, every chance they get, to cry “RACISM!” and work hard at making people think we all hate each other.  More untruths.

The NYPD dealt with the likes of Reverend Al Sharpton and his nonsense for many years.  The truth never slowed him down, nor did paying taxes on the extortion money he squeezed out of businesses in his race-baiting career. And he didn’t even get a house, or two or three, in Beverly Hills!   LOL.

Nevertheless, our nation’s law enforcement heroes need to stand tall, stand together, and be proud.  They should never forget the vast majority of Americans, though quiet, support them and appreciate them.  However, that may change:   The quiet part!

Law enforcement officers, all types, everywhere, need to stand together and enlist their friends, families and like-minded acquaintances. Before we know it there will be several million, maybe tens of millions or more standing together.

Honest, patriotic Americans will be defending the Thin Blue Line as they speak out against the LeBron’s, the Reverend Al’s, and the lying, agenda-driven media. They will be setting the record straight against the cowardly social media warriors who hide behind their miserable made-up lives on their social media pages.

And, imagine if the law enforcement officers, their friends, families, associates and others decided to boycott any network, TV show, sports team, ice cream, media outlet or any other anti-law enforcement fools out there.  Let’s see how they like the Power of Blue when our Brotherhood acts in unity.

It’s time!

 “Above all, it’s about going home at the end of the shift … “

We couldn’t agree more.



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