Have we lost our minds?  Will our kids (and grandkids) survive, or have we created a generation of permanent victims?

Are we so intimidated by the liberal / progressive politically-correct gang in our society that we men have chosen to keep our testicles in a glass jar on the mantle?




Yes, it’s our motto.   But, I fear that we’ve stepped across a line.   Someone has decided that violence in any form is an unacceptable tool in the hands of anyone other than us cops.  Only the professionals can use force, we’re told.

The leaders in our schools embrace a zero-tolerance policy on violence.  It no longer matters, who “started it.”   Anyone and everyone involved in an act that is even remotely violent or physically confrontational gets full-force punishment.   How absurd.

Let’s look at a short list of America’s mass shooting incidents from the last decade that are both infamous and horrible:

  • JUNE 5, 2017 – 5 killed, 0 injured in Orlando, Fla
  • JANUARY 6, 2017 – 5 killed, 6 injured in Ft. Lauderdale Airport
  • JUNE 12, 2016 – 49 killed, 53 injured in Orlando Pulse nightclub shooting
  • DEC. 2, 2015 – 14 dead, 22 wounded: San Bernardino, Calif.
  • NOV. 29, 2015 – 3 dead, 9 injured: Colorado Springs, Colo.
  • OCT. 1, 2015 – 9 dead, 9 injured: Roseburg, Ore.
  • JULY 16, 2015 – 5 dead, 3 wounded: Chattanooga, Tenn.
  • JUNE 18, 2015 – 9 dead: Charleston, S.C.
  • MAY 23, 2014 – 6 dead, 7 wounded: Isla Vista, Calif.
  • APRIL 2, 2014 – 3 killed; 16 injured: Ft. Hood, Texas
  • SEPT. 16, 2013 – 12 killed, 3 injured: Washington, D.C.
  • JUNE 7, 2013 – 5 killed: Santa Monica
  • DEC. 14, 2012 – 27 killed, one injured: Newtown, Conn.
  • OCT. 21, 2012 – 3 dead, 4 injured: Brookfield, Wis.
  • SEPT. 28, 2012 – 6 killed, 2 injured: Minneapolis, Minn.
  • AUG. 5, 2012 – 6 killed, 3 injured: Oak Creek, Wis
  • JULY 20, 2012 – 12 killed, 58 injured: Aurora, Colo.
  • APRIL 2, 2012 – 7 killed, 3 injured: Oakland
  • OCT. 12, 2011 – 8 killed, 1 injured: Seal Beach, Calif.
  • JAN. 8, 2011 – 6 killed, 11 injured: Tucson, Ariz.
  • AUG. 3, 2010 – 8 killed, 2 injured: Manchester, Conn.
  • NOV. 5, 2009 – 13 killed, 32 injured: Ft. Hood, Texas
  • APRIL 3, 2009 – 13 killed, 4 injured: Binghamton, N.Y.
  • DEC. 5, 2007 – 8 killed, 4 injured: Omaha
  • APRIL 16, 2007 – 32 killed, 17 injured: Blacksburg, Va.

Unfortunately, this list will likely never be finished.

Many of the cops in our community insist that the right to use violence is reserved only for those in our ranks.  I believe that this attitude is causing people to die.

I believe that our attitudes on this subject have led John Q. Public to develop a false sense of security.   It has caused an improper transfer of personal responsibility for self defense to someone else, i.e. society, the government, or more specifically, to the cops.  Citizens are literally afraid to protect themselves.

In some communities, this fatal notion is rooted so deeply that even police volunteers, e.g. auxiliary and reserve officers, are prohibited from carrying a weapon and/or using force to end an adversarial confrontation.   What are we thinking?

Let’s be very clear about a few fundamental concepts.  First, nowhere in the U.S. Constitution will we find anything that requires the government to provide the populace with protection from violent acts perpetrated by other citizens.  The U.S. Supreme Court has determined that citizens cannot hold the government responsible for providing complete and comprehensive protection to individual citizens.



With each incidence of a mass shooting, very predictably, handwringing from the left-wing crowd begins.   Their solution is ever constant:  more strict control of guns with more laws and more government.


Are these people complete morons?  Are they really as stupid and ignorant as their words make them appear?  Do they really believe that people who commit such heinous acts are concerned with the latest statute passed by a legislature?   Lawbreakers of this magnitude don’t much care about what the law says.

Do they somehow believe that in an open society, such as ours, that the “authorities” can ferret out evil-doers in advance to prevent an incident?  They aren’t thinking clearly here either.   That level of intrusion into our personal lives wouldn’t be tolerated by any of us, least of all by the ACLU.

Laws that restrict the ownership or use of guns only affects law-abiding citizens.  They are then left to the mercy of the villains.

Gun-toting, sick, perverse individuals who commit such egregious crimes are likely emboldened by the preaching of these do-gooders.  The murderers realize that as a direct result of the PC crowd, there will be no one armed at schools, churches and similar venues who might be able to abort their killing spree.


Where I come from, these No-Gun locations are more commonly referred to as SEZ:  Shooter Empowerment Zones.

No one ever suggests the obvious: teach the potential victims how to recognize a potential/actual risk, how to intervene, and how to respond, i.e. defend themselves with up to, and including use of deadly force.

The PC crowd got very quiet after 9/11/01.  They should have stayed quiet, but they haven’t.   This collective group of idiots seems to have three primary concerns

  • Foster individuality. Being different is good for its own sake.   Now, it’s no longer enough to be American.  I must be Irish-American, Italian-American, or African-American.
  • Nourish diversity in the populace. Multi-culturalism should be encouraged, as has happened in metropolitan London and Paris.  Blow away the notion of our forefathers: it is our similarities that make us strong.  To be strong we must act as a single people.
  • Don’t ever offend anyone – even if they’re wrong. No one ever loses.  No one is ever wrong.  Everyone gets an award, even if they didn’t earn it.

The PC group is driven in their efforts to achieve a fantasy-land utopia that never has and never will exist.  They make the rest of us feel guilty for violating any of their proscription of what is “good behavior.”   My response (in a single word):  BULLSHIT.




A few weeks ago, I became aware of Strategos International and I talked with Vaughn Baker of that organization. Strategos is a professional training organization. Its operation is firmly rooted in basic Christian values and that belief is abundantly clear when reviewing their website:  http://www.strategosintl.com  With the introduction of Intruder Response courses for workplace, schools and churches they have a website located  http://www.intruderresponse.com.

Strategos has instructed over 6,000 law enforcement and military professionals since 2002 on various tactical related topics to include “Law Enforcement Response to the Active Shooter”, “Strategies of Low Light Engagements”, “Strategies of Vehicle Engagements”, Ballistic Shield Operations & Deployment”, “Special Operations Team Tactics” and several other live-fire and defensive tactics related topics.

Strategos recently recognized the need to not only educate law enforcement personnel on “active shooter response” strategies but also educate administrators, faculty and leaders of colleges, governments, schools, teachers, churches, and others to recognize potential risks and prevent these incidents prior to them occurring.  Additionally they educate these same leaders in immediately responding to these types of incidents PRIOR to law enforcement arrival.

Strategos is a faith based, conservative Christian training organization. They put that out there for all to see and make it clear: they won’t change their approach. If their approach is not for you, then you’re welcome to go elsewhere. How refreshing.

Strategos teaches people to recognize a potential (or an actual) threat. Strategos educates these leaders on the history, demographics, traits and behavioral characteristics of those that have a potential to commit these types of crimes.  This training hopefully increases the chances of preventing these incidents PRIOR to them taking place.

Violent acts required for self-defense & protection of the innocent are not wrong but rather, necessary and blessed by our Maker.  That is, after all, the fundamental manner by which the United States was born.

Remember that the greatest fear of a predator is an armed victim.  ‘Nuff said.

The Strategos principles are simple: recognize a potential threat; intervene and prevent acts PRIOR to them being committed; and the quickly responding to reduce, minimize and neutralize the danger. They are taught effectively, efficiently, and tailored to the attendees needs.




We must reject the Politically Correct philosophies that are paralyzing our society.   No partial acceptance.  No compromise.   Those notions are tearing at the fabric of our nation.

End this crazy notion that profiling is bad behavior.   Profiling based upon race alone is wrong.   When profiling is done based on a variety of elements in concert, it’s an effective way to prevent criminal behavior.  That is exactly what John Q. Public wants us to do.  The public wants the bad acts prevented.


A holy war (jihad) has been declared against America by radical Islamic terrorists.  We must focus on that group of people as our enemy.  Stop the silly searching and grilling of grandmothers at airports.  We’ve been told that we cannot just focus on folks of Middle Eastern descent as they might be offended.  What a crock of crap!  We’re at war.  Wake Up!

The zero tolerance of violence in schools must end.  Now.   It is a God-given right for a person to defend themselves.  It is their duty.  As a kid, my dad taught me never to throw the first punch – but make sure I threw the last one.  He was a very wise man.  Amen.

We have a responsibility to teach our children about guns, knives, and other weapons.  Children need to know how to use them safely, just like driving a car.   People of all ages can learn martial arts like karate or krav maga.   Youngsters need affirmation that they should not play the victim in today’s world.


In my opinion, teaching a child that, “guns are bad,” is sinful.  How could a parent teach their child that going to one’s death as a sheep is preferable to defending yourself?  How could anyone retreat from defending their spouse and children with deadly force, if necessary?

Guns are not bad, and they never have been.  Some people use guns in bad ways.  Those actions don’t vilify the gun, but rather the actor.   The notion that guns are bad would lead one to conclude that calculators are bad because people use them to cheat on their taxes.

It’s been proven: we cannot legislate guns out of existence, no matter how hard we try.  It didn’t work with Prohibition (alcohol) or drugs and it sure won’t work with guns.   It’s time to wakeup and smell the coffee.

Responsible civilians must be encouraged – at every turn – to participate in self-defense and actively supporting those in law enforcement.  As cops, when a citizen chooses to become productively involved, we should praise them.  We need to remind people constantly that they are the first line of American defense.


Too many in our ranks exude the attitude of arrogance to civilians.   Too often, we talk down to them.   We minimize their contributions.   We make them feel unimportant.   We act as though, “I’m the cop – you’re nothing.”   STOP THAT!  We need every ally we can get with all of the eyes, ears, and hands we can muster.  Our survival depends on it.

As cops, we need to recognize that many of our citizens see us as leaders.  They weigh our words and actions carefully.   I realize that, at first blush, you think of the dirt bags who ridicule you.  Believe it or not, those jerks are in the minority.  Realize that most people value what you have to say.

We need to encourage new immigrants to contribute their heritage to the American melting pot.  That’s what has made us great and strong.   Encourage them to become active Americans.  Bring their traditions to our common table, much like the Irish brought St. Patrick’s Day.

An immigrant should not forget their heritage.  But the notion that America is “multi-cultural,” needs to go the way of buggy whips and sealing wax.   Our commonality and similarities are what give rise to our strength and endurance.  Becoming an active American is what we should encourage.

Acting in self defense or defending the weak among us is not solely the job of cops.   It belongs to every citizen in our nation.  Failing to rise to a challenge is a defeat.  Self defense is good and honorable.

We need to encourage the good citizens to join the good fight.   We need to encourage them.  We need to help train them.  We need to acknowledge and praise their participation.


When responding to an incident, we often have opportunities to share the concept of “when/then” thinking with the victim.   We can provide concrete examples of how the victim can be the first line of defense, rather than remaining a victim.  When appropriate, we can offer information about self defense training, gun safety, and other structured settings where an individual can learn more, if they want to.




Thinking back to active shooting incidents, we learn that often, people who knew the shooter suspected a problem.  Rarely does such a vicious animal materialize from thin air.   Someone noticed something that they found odd or suspicious.  Unfortunately, no one acted on their hunch.

As a people, we must stop acting like pansies.  (Check my recent article, “Check Your Ass; See if it’s Turned to Candy”)

We can no longer afford to be afraid to act because the other person might be offended.

Americans don’t hunker; we fight, otherwise America will cease to exist as we know it.

When confronted with a threatening situation imagine, “What would John Wayne, Davy Crockett or Wyatt Earp do?”  What would you have done had you been on Flight #93 on 9/11 – the one that the citizen patriots forced a crash in Pennsylvania, rather than let it be crashed in Washington D.C.?

You’re and American.  It’s time to STAND UP!

You have a duty to defend yourself and those you care about.  Those of us in Blue have an equal duty – as a cop – to encourage that same behavior in the good citizens around you.

We must put a stop to those who want us to believe that we will be better if we become a nation of wimps.   It just ain’t so.

The folks at Strategos have a great story.  I hope you’ll check it out.

In the meantime, stay strong, stay staunch, and keep yourselves wired tight.

At the bottom line, it’s all about saving just ONE life.






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