Don’t let the cancel culture, the agenda-driven radicals or the cowardly law enforcement leaders cancel the Thin Blue Line! The time to fight back has come.

Who would ever think the Thin Blue Line, a symbol of righteousness and ‘protect and serve,’ would become the subject of such lies? It is inconceivable to think anyone could ever say the blue line represents racism and divisiveness.

I judge that anyone who says these things has an agenda which supports everything the Thin Blue Line stands against.  Whoever has attacked the Thin Blue Line supports crime. They support criminals and racists because those who make up the Thin Blue Line have and will sacrifice to uphold the laws and our rights under our Constitution.

It is obvious to see why this fraud has been willingly spread through the unscrupulous media.  And who are the perpetrators?  It is easy to understand why those who want to cancel law enforcement would use such a tactic to “cancel” or “emasculate” them.

What kind of special idiot or radical, came up with the term, “Defund the Police?”

Who are these people, who are focused on harming the Thin Blue Line?

  • Can it be drug decriminalization groups and individuals who support this agenda?
  • Can it be anti-American groups and individuals who support this agenda?
  • What about racist groups and individuals who support this agenda?
  • Is it people who make up the groups which have rioted in 2020 and attacked cops across the US while causing immense destruction?
  • Could it be the same people who orchestrated and carried out the attack on the Capitol?

I could go on about the many groups and individuals who really want to destroy America.  The media claims there are school students who are “upset at the mere sight of the Thin Blue Line flag” or “the blue line on back of the patrol car.”

Someone is telling these kids to say these things.

  • Is it their radical parents?
  • Are their parents criminals who hate cops?
  • Are these people who want to live in a country where law enforcement is no more?

Think of the First Lady of New York City, Mayor Bill Di Blasio’s wife, Charlaine Mc Cray, when she said, “I can see a world without police.  It will be Nirvana!”

Why would she say that?  What is her agenda?  What is her real agenda?



Sadly, there are too many of these criminals, criminal supporters, anti-Americanists and racists. We all should not let it continue!  The Thin Blue Line is a representation of all which is GOOD.

It is a symbol of GOOD fighting against EVIL.

That will never change, no matter what lies are told by anyone. It is a symbol of the nearly one million law enforcement officers who stand shoulder-to-shoulder, to protect the law-abiding citizens from those who would do evil.

We all need to protect the Thin Blue Line and what it represents.

Without question, there has been a small number of law enforcement officers who have chipped tiny pieces away from the Thin Blue Line.  However, this insignificant number of bad cops can never, ever, destroy the blue line.

The reason, cops work very hard to identify, expose, investigate and prosecute every bad cop we find.  Can any other profession say that?

  • Do politicians do that?
  • Do these radical agenda-driven groups do that? Does the media do that?

I say, NO! Only cops expose and investigate their own to protect the integrity and reputation law enforcement officers, everywhere. That is what reinforces the importance and value of the Thin Blue Line.

To protect the symbol of the Thin Blue Line, whether it is a flag or a sticker or a term we use, is to preserve the importance of GOOD over EVIL.

That is what we cops stand for.

Do not be afraid to challenge those who attack the Thin Blue Line. Expose their agenda.  Challenge those who facilitate the attacks on the Thin Blue Line, such as colleges, school officials, the media, cowardly law enforcement leaders, politicians and others.  You know who they are.

Continue to protect the Thin Blue Line by exposing bad cops wherever you see them. Remind everyone who will listen: the Thin Blue Line stands for righteousness, inclusion, tolerance, fairness, law and order, courage and protecting Americans everywhere.

As a reminder, vote for those who support law enforcement. DO NOT vote for those who do not support law enforcement, turn off sports or other entertainers who are anti-law enforcement, boycott businesses that support anti-law enforcement groups and buy from businesses who are pro-law enforcement.  Tell your friends and families to do the same and WATCH!

To all of my Brothers and Sisters in law enforcement across the US, thank you, God bless you, and God Speed!

God Bless America!

“Above all, it’s about going home at the end of the shift … “

We couldn’t agree more.


Lou Savelli is a retired NYPD sergeant who created and operates Homefront Protective Group, the leading provider of reality-based training in the US, since 1998.  Visit  his website at for a list and description of the many dynamic in-person and virtual training classes scheduled. Today’s author, MJ Johnson is a student of Home Front Protection.

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