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Part of my job as the editor here at CopBlue is to write introductions for our video articles. Yes, they are new – in case you haven’t seen one, yet. They have been published every Tuesday for the past few months and have been the brainchild of Chief Dan Watson (ret).

Until this week, the videos have been interesting and informative, once I get past that thick South Carolina drawl all of those Southern boys seem to have <smile>.

Until this week. This week is different.


Part of me wants to go get a few asshole politicians by the throat and choke the life out of them. Another part of me was in tears for our guest, Lt. Ben Weatherford as I listened to his story.

Make no mistake. Ben is a young cop with a family. Yes, he’s got sixteen years on; I figure he became a cop when he was twelve. He’s a darned good-looking redhead who has spent plenty of time under the weights at the gym. He looks, talks and acts like the kind of guy I would welcome as my son-in-law.

He’s been screwed-over, real bad. It was done by people who should have cared for him. Instead, they fucked him. He has lived with ache and anguish for ten years when he shouldn’t have lived with it for ten minutes.

I will stop there because you should hear his story from his mouth in his own words.

While you’re watching, give thought to how you might help Ben. Think in terms of what small effort you could make that would lighten his load and let him know that … as his brother, you love him.

When it’s all over, you may need to punch something – and grab some Kleenex while you’re at it.




 “Above all, it’s about going home at the end of the shift … “

We couldn’t agree more.



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