I choose me so……

We are currently in the grip of the “I CHOOSE ME GENERATION.” This sadly means that thoughts of service to others have completely fled the minds of those who are supposed to serve. It is distressing to think that most of the young who are coming into the profession now no longer view the job as a calling. Instead it has simply become a job nothing more and nothing less. Public service is simply that which means serving our fellow human not just serving ourselves.


I choose me so …

It used to be that when a new officer – young or old – hit the streets, they were a ball of fire or fur – depending upon your point of view. The ball of fur comes from the fact most supervisors or veterans know officers who are young in the profession are like puppies. They are into to everything and you must keep a close eye on them.

You do this out of concern because, they often have the desire to save the world, one shift at time. As time moved on during my career, I noticed a distinct lack of interest in doing the job the younger the officers became.


I choose me so …

Participating in departmental functions, such as dinners, celebrations and other celebratory times were ever increasingly sparsely attended. In fact, the only way that you could get one hundred percent attendance was for you to make it mandatory.


It was kind of like when I was in the Marine Corps.

The command would come down from the commanding officer and it would say, “All Marines will be attending, fun will be had by all!” When you require people to attend celebratory functions, they obviously become much less celebratory. The “I CHOOSE ME GENERATION” values loyalty, but that loyalty is firmly fixated on one person only.  Organizational identity and loyalty still exist but it is the exception and not the rule.


I choose me so …

Lower pay, ever shrinking benefits, lack of respect by the general public and biased media have damaged police morale significantly. The death of our profession is not going to be caused by those issues, however. What is going to kill our profession and cause it to be even more marginalized are the people coming into it.

People who spend 99% of their time fulfilling their own selfish needs.

People who have very little sense of duty, community, or anything beyond a phone screen located six inches from their noses.

I truly hope that I’m mistaken but look around your agencies for yourself. It is my hope that recruiters for agencies will read this and work to recruit real police officers versus what we seem to be doing lately – which is just finding bodies.

At the bottom line, it’s all about saving just ONE life.


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