Every day, we watch television shows that depict police officers in action. Shows like CSI, Law and Order, Dexter, etc. are major shows grossing millions for their respective producers. Although popular, they rarely portray police work accurately.

Thanks to these shows, a person believes a police officer can obtain DNA from one’s front door and immediately determine the suspect who just ding-dong-ditched their house. These same people believe we can pull fingerprints off of all surfaces, regardless of weather or surface type.

They also believe we can simply put the fingerprint in a computer and instantly know who the thing belongs too. These shows regularly portray officers acting illegally and/or immorally and generally getting away with it. Their only punishment is nothing more than being yelled at.

Of course, these situations offer suspense and entertainment, but the methods, tactics, and policies they follow are nothing short of TV magic. In reality, if real police officers acted in anything like what like was portrayed on TV or in the movies, they would be fired – instantly.

On June 11, 2020, I read an article titled, “Shut down all police movies and TV shows. Now.”   CLICK HERE




The article claimed Hollywood has created an, “… addiction to stories that portray police departments as more effective than they actually are; crime as more prevalent than it actually is; and police use-of-force as consistently justified. There are always gaps between reality and fiction, but given what policing in America has too often become, Hollywood’s version of it looks less like fantasy and more like complicity.”

Upon reading this statement, I was shocked.

Hollywood, who regularly scorns the police is now complicit in police officers “pattern of police brutality?” In reading further, the article articulates how crime statistics in TV shows are boosted to show a more effective police department, thus making the police seem more positive and helpful than they are in actuality.


I did not know what to think when I finished reading the article. Did the author just really try to accuse Hollywood of being too supportive of police?

Then, it hit me. This is not about CSI, Law and Order, or any of the fictitious shows people love to watch. The list of police shows used as examples, also included shows like COPS, Live PD, and believe it or not, children’s cartoon, Paw Patrol.



How can the anti-police groups get to shows that depict good police without doing away with all police shows? They can’t, so let’s get rid of them all!

Why censor shows like COPS, Live PD, and Paw Patrol? Because they paint the police in a positive light. These shows, unlike their counterparts, rarely show an officer doing anything illegal or immoral. Instead, they portray officers as public servants who aim to do what is right.

This is the reality for almost every officer in the United States. Each day they put on their gun and badge hoping that nothing occurs, but willing to risk their life to ensure your family is safe and healthy.

Here is where people usually say, “Yeah, but what about the bad apples spoiling it for the whole bunch?” In what other group of people do we allow this kind of ridiculous thinking to hold true?



When do we ever think it acceptable to group a segment of society based on the actions of a few?


When anyone else does this, they are called Racist, Homophobic, Xenophobic, Islamophobic, or whatever other negative connotation we can put on a group of individuals. Stop grouping all police officers based on the actions of a few. You would not accept it in any other situation. It is not acceptable here and now.

Further, police are the first to, “Stab each other in the back.” Police Officers do not tolerate bullshit, especially from other officers who violate the Constitution or the oaths they swore to protect. In my experience, cops are a bunch or tattle-tales who will throw a bad cop under the bus for a violation of policy and/or law faster than they can draw their weapon.  Ask any officer you know. I am confident they will confirm this.



By limiting access to positive experiences with police officers in the media, these groups are trying to control the public’s perception of what a police officer is and does.

Many people across the country have no idea what a police officer does, except for what they see on television or in movies. The anti-police folks want to ensure no one has a positive perception of policing, which makes it easier for them to vilify these men and women.

In my thirteen years of police experience, through my shooting and my medical retirement, I have experienced more hate, more disgust, and more vileness than most civilians will experience in their lifetimes.

Most Police Officers sign up to do their job because it is a calling. They want to keep their corner of the world safe. No officer goes to work hoping to hurt anyone, let alone, kill anyone. It is counter to what it means to honor our oath and the Thin Blue Line.

 “Above all, it’s about going home at the end of the shift … “

We couldn’t agree more.



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