Editor’s Note:  Recently, Officer Michael Langsdorf was murdered in cold blood while people watched and did nothing to help him.

 Oh yeah – a couple of other dirtbags got involved. One shot a video of the struggle between a good cop and a dirtbag. A second livestreamed his last gasps of life and final breaths of his execution.

 CopBlue won’t be showing those to you out of respect for our brother.

 In one of the videos, viewers can observe others stand by watching the struggle while holding beers.  You can also hear one of the people who are watching what became the cop’s execution saying, “F’in’ white ass cops”.

 The words that follow are from retired cop, Kirk “Cracky” Lawless. He said that he wrote them just before leaving to attend the fallen officer’s funeral.

DISCLAIMER:  The language in the following article contains curse words. It is the vernacular of the cop world: it is the way we talk amongst ourselves. It’s not pretty. But, I refuse to sugar-coat it for the sake of being politically correct.


If rough language offends you, NOW IS THE TIME TO LEAVE.

– Editor

I’ve had some time to gnaw on this since June 23, 2019.  I’m so full of fucking rage right now I can’t stand it.  I’ll blow off a little steam by putting my spin on this heinous murder of a police officer.

I’m going to tell the story just as I would while having a conversation with someone.  It’s just the way I talk sometimes.  I’m going to say what most cops want to say and the way they would like to say it but can’t.

If foul language offends you, now is a good time to move on.

Officer Michael Langsdorf of the North County Police Cooperative was brutally assaulted and subsequently murdered execution-style, after responding to a local business for a report of a man attempting to pass a bogus check.   He was attempting to handcuff the man when a struggle began.

How did I find out about the shooting?  Because some asshole live streamed on their Facebook page showing the final moments of a dying police officer, Michael Langsdorf as he lay dying on the floor of the establishment!

Fuck me, right?  You read it right here. Society has reached a new, all-time low.

In the brief video that I shouldn’t have watched but did, Officer Michael Langsdorf was laying facedown, nearly motionless, save for a few movements of his head.  A lady was holding his hand and gently telling him, “Stay still, stay still, don’t move.”

Another grabbed the downed officer’s radio and keyed the microphone asking for help, telling the dispatcher, or whoever else was listening that an officer was down, and that he needed help.  If I knew who these ladies were, I would personally thank them for their kind gestures of humanity.

Officer Michael Langsdorf was unresponsive; his handcuffs were on the floor next to him, with one cuff opened. That told me a few things about the assassin.  Assassin? Nobody’s dead.

That set of handcuffs told me that the assassin was familiar with being arrested and knew that when an officer is attempting place that first cuff on the suspect, is the opportune time for the suspect to initiate an attack on the officer.

They teach this shit to each other in prison folks! They practice it! Believe it!  This led me to believe he had previously been incarcerated.

I literally watched a deep-colored pooling of the officer’s lifeblood as it spread across the floor and saw him take his last breath.

What the fuck!

The scene was chaotic and brief.  Someone off-camera called the assassin a “motherfucker” she was correct, and I calling him an assassin, was also correct.  Others in the background were muttering gibberish, but none seemed over emotional about what they had just witnessed.

The video ended after back up officers arrived and attempted to help their brother.  He was my brother too. I didn’t know Officer Michael Langsdorf, although we might have crossed paths on the job.

Why do I call him my brother?  I refer to him as brother because I wore the badge of a police officer for twenty-eight years.  I was born and raised in St. Louis. I have stepped foot and put in work in just about every jurisdiction in St. Louis County, St. Louis City, and most of our adjoining counties, in every type of neighborhood.  I did my job and what was asked of me, fearlessly and without regret.

So again, who played a part in the execution-style murder of Officer Michael Langsdorf? Well, the murderer obviously.  According to the North County Police Cooperative Chief, upon reviewing video surveillance footage from the business, he said the officer was first seen escorting the soon-to-be murderer into the business and almost immediately a scuffle ensued.

A handgun was visible in the shit bird’s waistband.  He broke free from the officer, pulled the handgun and pistol-whipped the officer, hitting him in the head and face stunning him, leaving the officer lying face down on the floor.

A brutal pistol-whipping is usually enough to do the trick, in allowing the bad guy to make good his getaway, not this evil fucker.  He had a chance to run, but didn’t.  Instead he stood over the stunned officer and fired one round into the officer’s head/neck area.

That is just plain cold-blooded fucking evil personified!

As Officer Michael Langsdorf was now mortally wounded, the killer then decided to flee.

Bonette Kimbrelle Meeks had just become a cop-killer.  The manhunt unfolded real-time as officers responded from every nearby agency.  He was captured a short time later, still in possession of the murder weapon, not far from the murder scene.

There were witnesses, video surveillance evidence and a confession from the murderer as well.  He was reportedly uninjured, where many had hoped, myself included, his own body bag would have been put into play, but that was not the case. And yes, he was no stranger to the criminal justice system.  He is an ex-con from North Carolina. My assessment of the video was correct.

To execute a police officer while he is damn near unconscious, is an act so cowardly and vile, I cannot hide my hatred for him, the killer, no longer a man, but an animal.  And my hatred for him goes to the bone. Fuck that animal!

So, who is to blame for the death of Officer Michael Langsdorf, just forty years old, with a fiancé he cannot marry and two children, now fatherless? Meeks, obviously, but there is more to the equation.

Society is partly to blame, like the person who posted the original video on her Facebook page, like it was a fucking game.  Posted to gain notoriety or attention? I will tell you this; she popped a second video earlier this evening.  It was there briefly, and then it was gone. I won’t share it, because I found it to be more shocking than the first.

I did notice that it appeared under two different names but with the same profile picture I saw on the original posting.  It was said that the original poster of the video was in the employ of the market where the crime occurred.  Now this bitch offered a half-assed apology for live-streaming the death of the officer, but now she posts a second video and when folks attacked her on Facebook, she disappeared like the fucking rat that she is.

Fuck her and her bullshit apology.

I’ll break it down for you. The video was filmed from behind the counter of the market.  The audio is horrible, but someone took the time to dub on the screen in white letters several times with the words “I can’t breathe.”

You can hear a female voice say “fuckin’ white ass cops” as the camera pans down to Officer Michael Langsdorf wrestling with a man who is wearing a hooded sweatshirt.  Over and over I could hear Officer Michael Langsdorf tell the man, “Stop, stop, stop, stop” as he tries to gain control of the man who was seconds away from murdering him.

Officer Michael Langsdorf was deliberate in his commands, not loud, no profanities, just “Stop.”  While the two wrestled a woman carrying two tallboys of Bud Light, slowly approaches the two and at one point says, “What are you doing?”  I assumed she was talking to Officer Michael Langsdorf?

She then slowly goes about her shopping, as though a police officer grappling with someone was no big deal.  The video ends just as the soon-to-be-murderer gets free of the officer and stands up.

Officer Langsdorf was murdered just seconds after the video stopped.


I’m assuming the person recording the video also captured the pistol-whipping and execution of Officer Michael Langsdorf. I haven’t heard any reports of anyone surrendering the video to the investigating agency.

So as far as I’m concerned, fuck her. She just needs to go away.  I hope she gets the attention she apparently craves! And to all of the asshole that posted comments in support of the cop killing on her Facebook page made me want to puke. So, fuck every last one of them, too!

Now, before any “assholes” out there, go all “Ferguson” on me, let me just say this, “Fuck you!”

This coddling of criminals since the Ferguson “shit-show” (and that’s exactly what it was, a media driven, political shit-show).  Everyone who fanned the flames of that shit-show is partly to blame for the murder of Officer Michael Langsdorf.  He was doing his job and in the day of heightened technology, everybody hits “record” and lets her rip.

Everybody calls the cops when their world goes to shit in a rickshaw, but when we show up to handle your shit and things “get real,” everybody is a fucking expert, and everybody complains, unless they are the “victims” then they pray shit “gets real” real fast and the “real police” show up and handle their shit.

Add  folks of this ilk  to the list of folks I don’t give one flying fuck about.  You want reality. I’m about as real as it gets. The bullshit comes at us from all directions and you fuckers, at some time, are going to have to come to the realization that, “You can’t have it both ways!”

I’m off the job now, so and I can say whatever the fuck I want to say.  I didn’t enjoy the 1st Amendment free speech when I was working, but now, I can enjoy the same freedoms that you use and abuse.

My time in uniform is over and I am all out of fucks to give, unless I care to give a particular fuck about someone or something of my choice.

I have earned the right to tell plenty of folks to “Kiss my entire Missouri ass!”

Now, let’s get the media involved in this. There’s only one newspaper in St. Louis really, The St. Louis Post-Dispatch.  They decided to initiate a “first strike” and get the story of the murder of Officer Michael Langsdorf, out there, ahead of any other media platform.

On their social media page, Facebook they told the story, but sadly, they posted a link to the video that showed his death.  His family probably didn’t even know he had been killed yet (remember it was live-streamed).  So, to whoever made that decision, “Fuck you” in the heart.  I wouldn’t use that rag to wipe my ass.

The law enforcement community voiced their displeasure about the newspaper’s choice and demanded the video link be taken down.  They did, eventually. After it had spread like wildfire all over the internet.

In its place they ran an article from 2017, as a special “Fuck you!” to the cops.  The article was a story about some SLMPD cops being investigated for stealing via padding their overtime sheets.

Yes, Officer Michael Langsdorf was one of the officers.  However, the Post-Dispatch failed to highlight the fact that he was never formally charged and the investigation conducted by the St Louis Circuit Attorney’s Office, headed by a known cop-hater, simply sputtered out.

The body of a murdered police officer isn’t even at room temperature and the newspaper is smearing his name – his good name.  I didn’t know Officer Michael Langsdorf, but I know some of his friends and they vouched for him as a good, solid, cop and that is good enough for me.

How dare you!  Have you no sense of decency or compassion? I’ll answer, save your breath. You don’t.

The Circuit Attorney of the City of St. Louis, spends more time coddling criminals and attacking good police officers that are out in “the shit” every damned day.  It’s hard enough to do the job when fuckers like her are trying to bag cops because she doesn’t like their social media posts.

I’ll speak for lots of cops that can’t say it, “Fuck her and her investigators,” she’s about one foot inside a federal prison for the shit she pulled indicting the Governor, on some shit charge with evidence so shoddy, they had to fabricate and perjure themselves in an attempt to make a case.

Let’s play a game of “Let’s see what she’s going to do?”  Missouri is a death penalty state.  On October 29, 2018, a retired SLMPD officer, Sergeant Ralph Harper, was shot and killed during an armed robbery.  This guy is a bona fide hero.

The suspect was charged with 1st degree murder, ACA, and Robbery in the 1st degree, pretty classic death penalty stuff.  Is she going to do it, or is she going coddle this fucking cop killer? Let’s see what happens, but I’ll bet the death penalty is already off the table in the death of another good cop.

Meanwhile, the war on cops continues and our area is worse than the Wild West and they are killing us cops, folks.

Where’s the outrage? Where’s the protests. Who is going to protect the protectors? It’s your laws, not ours.  We don’t just make this shit up. We enforce “your” laws, the law of the land and we pay for it with our blood and our lives.

Since the murder of Officer Michael Langsdorf happened in St. Louis County, the ball is in the hands of the newly elected Prosecuting Attorney.  Perhaps it’s is just a rumor. I have asked his office a very specific question. I am anxiously awaiting a reply, “Is the death penalty off the table, for the killer of Officer Michael Langsdorf?” It’s a very simple, yes or no answer.

There are stories out there about the St. Louis County Prosecuting Attorney making a Yeoman’s effort for special programs to assist inmates and reduction of sentences and such. He is reportedly doing this rather than doing his job, which is to put people in the system, to hold them accountable for their actions.

The judges and juries make the call as to how things happen after the prosecutor issues a warrant.  Public Defenders represent the criminals; the Prosecuting attorney represents the “Law of the Land.”

If a police officer breaks the law, he or she should be held accountable.  That’s how our system is supposed to work.  I’ve seen bad cops go to prison, and they needed to go to prison for what they did.

I’ve also seen my fair share of murdered cops and just not enough death penalties getting handed down.  I’m known for ruffling feathers.  I’m also known for not giving a fuck.

If the death penalty in this case is already off the table, given the circumstances, then we, as a society are completely fucked.  If a police officer is assassinated and the amount of evidence we know exists is so clear and, and the death penalty is off the table before we even get started, that will send a real strong message to the police officers still putting in work.

The message is a very loud “Fuck you!” We’ll hear it, and if that’s the case, “The system can kiss my entire Missouri ass, too!”

In the meantime another one of us, our brother, Officer Michael Langsdorf will be laid to rest on Monday, July 1, 2019.

Author’s Note:  My most sincere apologies to the family and friends of Officer Michael Langsdorf should they happen to read this and are offended by what I have said.  I assure you, my intent is not to intensify your grief nor increase your burden of sorrow the weight of which, so heavy, is seemingly unbearable.

At the end of the day, it’s all about saving just ONE life.



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