Cute little cartoon isn’t it?  It’s good for a little chuckle.  Sadly, it is becoming an accurate representation of the way criminal justice is going.  What’s really happening is even more humorous if not more tragic.

Crime in most large cities has reached such massive levels that the Criminal Justice system no longer knows how to deal with the offenders.  Here in Chicago, you have a 50% chance of getting away with murder.  Kill someone and unless you’ve been stupid, you’ll get away with it.  Walk into a chain clothing store, grab all you can carry, and walk out.  The store won’t prosecute, and the State’s Attorney won’t press charges.  Beat up a police officer and get released without the need for a cash bond.

The politicians and judicial system have decided to take the lazy approach to crime-fighting.  If they stop prosecuting by putting their hands over their eyes and ears while mumbling “La la la la,” they ignore it and it goes away.

In Illinois, for over a hundred years it was illegal to spit on the sidewalks.  Originally enacted when most sidewalks were wooden, and men needed to spit because they were chewing tobacco, it was designed to prevent staining and rotting of the wood.  I’m 63 and in my lifetime, it hasn’t been a problem however it remained on the books because it had been ignored and forgotten.

See my logic here?  Ignore shoplifting long enough and it is no longer a crime.  Ignore defecating on the streets, and people accept it, it’s no longer a crime.  Ignore pedophilia and get people to say it a normal way of life and it eventually fades away.  Pull a gun on a police officer and get shot then file a lawsuit against the officer who protected his life and the bad guy becomes the victim while the cop is now the bad guy.

See how that works?  In this game of peek-a-boo, the public sees the crime stats showing are down and think crime is down.  Like the toddler, they’re very surprised when it pops back up at them.

Of course, the hardest part is getting the people to not see the crime.  In California, it is common to see a homeless person shit in the streets.  No one is being prosecuted for that.  Fail to clean up after your Chihuahua shits on the sidewalk and you get a hefty fine.

Throw in support from your local pulpit and politician and get your news media to ignore the facts and you have a new society.


It is only a matter of time until the laws are taken off the books.  Pedophiles are simply misunderstood after all.  Those poor people shoplifting in the high-end stores deserve the right to wear designer coats.  They certainly shouldn’t be prosecuted.

I remember reading the Illinois vehicle code and the Illinois criminal code.  If I stopped someone for a broken taillight and saw a pistol stuck between the seats the driver went to jail.  He got charged with the dope in his pants even when he swore they weren’t his pants, and it wasn’t his dope.  We did pile on the charges, but we didn’t have to make them up.  If the courts tossed something that was on them. I did my job.

As police officers, we get to look behind the curtain keeping the truth from the public.  We are expected to react like civilians when we know better.  When we point out the fallacies, we are vilified, and the offenders are made to be victims.

My father always told me the criminal justice system was a big pendulum.  Currently, the pendulum is to the left.  Eventually, it will reach the extent of its oscillation and begin its swing back. It is the extent of the swing that determines how far it will swing in return.  Too far to the left and the pendulum swings too far to the right.

Currently, most communities want the police to be seen and not heard.  Direct traffic. Find lost children. Write tickets for puppy poopers.  Leave those Hollywood hypocrites alone to pedal in underage sex junkets.  Be sensitive to everyone’s needs no matter if it is illegal.  After all the teen that just crashed a store deserves to wear Prada or $500 Nikes.  If you arrest them, you might hurt their feelings and they will have to go to court where the judge will take pity on them and accuse you of being racist.

To the idealist, the world is soft and cuddly. To the police officer, the world is dangerous and filthy. In time the pendulum will swing back to the center.  Until then it sucks to be a cop.

Thank you for taking the time to read my article. Remember to run low and zigzag.  Stay safe. – Robert Weisskopf (retired CPS. Lt.)

At the bottom line, it’s all about saving just ONE life.




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