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What is wrong with this picture?


While the rich have often enjoyed privilege in the U.S. legal system, should they also get to decide what, and how much, punishment is fair? Should we defund the courts, too, so that billionaires can determine guilt, along with what is fair & just in our justice system?

First, billionaire-president, Donald Trump, decided that months of investigation, more months of legal jousting, and days of jury deliberations were less important in the legal process than his friendship with sleazy Roger Stone. Case closed.

Justice takes time, investigation, and deliberation, unless a billionaire decides that it’s unfair.

Now, billionaire Oprah Winfrey has decided who is guilty and who should be punished in the sad case of Breonna Taylor, who was shot and killed in a police raid, in Louisville.

Taylor was killed March 13th as officers served a ‘no-knock’ warrant. Taylor’s boyfriend opened fire, through the door, on what he said he thought were burglars, and officers returned fire, killing Taylor.

That seems like a curious fact – how did he get shots off BEFORE the police kicked in the door? MacCrabby could never get to his gun that fast; what if Grub-Hub had been at the door instead?

When billionaires begin to influence prosecutions and court decisions, disguising their actions as activism, it becomes more than harmless P.R. It can inflame attitudes and prejudices and incite violence. People can die.

Yet Oprah just bankrolled 26 billboards in Louisville calling for the police officers who shot Breonna Taylor to be charged. Aren’t we lucky that Oprah has all the facts and can make such decisions with impunity?


Winfrey began creating the billboards last Thursday, and they read “Demand that the police involved in killing Breonna Taylor be arrested and charged.” The billboard also includes a race-baiting quote from Oprah: “If you turn a blind eye to racism, you become an accomplice to it.”

And, Oprah believes in this cause so much, Taylor’s picture appears on her “O” Magazine cover this week, the first time in more than 20 years that anyone other than “O” has graced the cover.

At the end or her column, in the magazine, Winfrey states, “What I know for sure: We can’t be silent. We have to use whatever megaphone we have to cry for justice.” That is a revealing statement, in that it was the only thing she knew “for sure.”

Oprah claims racism in the Taylor case, but there is zero evidence to support that. Bad police work? Possibly. Undeserved tragedy? Absolutely. But racist? Taylor’s death was tragic – it should be fully investigated.

But, claiming racism plays well in the press, and Oprah portrays herself as a victim of racism, declaring “the system of white people” is responsible for keeping black people off “the ladder of success.” She also assessed that no matter how poor a white person might be, “you still have your whiteness.”

Thanks O, but I am getting tired of apologizing for being white – I can’t help it. It appears racism can be a two-way street.

Winfrey came from a poor childhood to become North America’s first black multi-billionaire, yet she keeps telling black Americans, that they’re oppressed and have no future because of racism.

Regardless of wealth, of race, of political standing, perhaps we should let the legal system do its job: investigate ALL the facts, and reach a conclusion. The billboards should come down because Oprah is not investigating, she’s instigating.

And, haven’t enough people already died?

Oprah is putting more lives at risk, and they matter.


“Above all, it’s about going home at the end of the shift … “

We couldn’t agree more.



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