NYPD officers were hit with objects and, very disturbingly, doused with buckets of water by residents as they attempted to make arrests in Harlem and Brooklyn over the weekend. The two separate incidents, both caught on video, are beyond disturbing for me as a police officer. My first thought upon viewing was, “Turn around and grab the first person you can who was committing these crimes on the officers!”

My second? What the hell has become of this country that officers disrespected to the point that they are insulted and humiliated in such a fashion? Add the social media component to it, and I was outraged.

That said, I immediately caught myself. I am well aware that law enforcement officers are still very much respected throughout this country by the average law-abiding citizen. Look it up: Gallup, Pew, and Quinnipiac University Polls—all bear it out. Gallup has Police in the top three of institutions with the most confidence from U.S. citizens. They are light years ahead of politicians and the media.

So back to the first questions. Why not arrest immediately?




Were they afraid of what would happen if they attempted arrest? Both from the large group of miscreant cowards who were doing the dousing and perhaps the political fallout?

Mayor Bill de Blasio purportedly told CBS News, “Throwing things at NYPD officers is not only not acceptable, it can lead to charges. All of those actions can lead to charges.”

And that struck me. Mayor DeBlasio, the leader of New York City, has not exactly been a cheerleader for the NYPD over the years. The relationship between NYPD and the mayor’s office is strained, to say the least.

Even his statement was weak: “can lead to charges.” Of course it can.

His statement should have been one of strong condemnation of the perpetrators and support for the police! Something along the lines of, “What I saw was beyond disgusting! It was criminal, plain and simple. I’ve instructed the police administration to view the videos, find these people and charge them with the full extent of the law. This will not be tolerated and I’m putting people on notice right now: If you disrespect our honorable and hardworking police officers, if you throw objects and dump water on them,  we will hunt you down, we will find you and you will be arrested. And we will hit you with every conceivable charge!”

But, alas, nothing like that was said.

So what has happened to this country? What about the current climate allows people to think about, and act upon, an act of disrespect at this level?

Well, just look at our political class. Every single solitary day, these national elected officials are insulting and disparaging law enforcement. It is literally part of the platform for many running for the Democratic Presidential nomination. The police, U.S. Border Patrol, Immigration and Customs Enforcement—they are literally called murderers, torturers, abusers, Nazis, concentration camp guards, racists, thugs, and worse—by elected officials!

So what’s a little water over the heads of the police?

Nothing compared to the vile, disgusting rhetoric spewed by people elected to serve this country and honor its Constitution, as well as the laws and statues its states and cities.

But they don’t honor any of those things. They refuse to assist in the rounding up of criminals and refer to those that do as the true criminals (ICE). They publicly indict police officers before investigations are complete, and they demonize the character of the individuals who wear the uniform. And they do this daily.

Shame on these dishonorable cretins.

None of those elected officials who participate in such behavior and spew such despicable bombastic speech have a scintilla of the honor of those men and women in uniforms who put their lives on the line EVERY SINGLE DAY in true public service.



I’m obviously angry, to the point of shaking to be honest. My purpose here isn’t to teach or explain. It is, honestly, to condemn the spoiled and sanctimonious politicians who demean police officers and have created the climate where such acts are considered humorous and acceptable.

If any of you pols had any sliver of honor, you would universally make a public statement not only condemning this behavior You would apologize for your part in creating the climate where it’s tolerated.

I will not hold my breath.

UPDATE: According to our crew member in New York, there have been three arrests today that relate to this incident.

 At the end of the day, it’s all about saving just ONE life.



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