New Year’s Day was good, as best I can recall. After that, it seems that everything went into the tank.

We got word of a new, evil virus that had been unleashed on the world by China. Initially, folks in my world seemed pretty chilled-out on the whole thing. All of a sudden, someone from Washington D.C. was blathering on the TV nearly every day.

Travel from China was cut-off. The Democrats screamed that the Prez was over-reacting.

Nancy found a way to get in front of a camera one evening from China Town (in SFO). “Nothing to worry about. Come on down and party with us.”

People with big titles continue to whine endless on TV nearly every damn day.

Next, it was Europe.

I was beginning to think that I was caught in a Chicken Little trap.

Up was suddenly down.

Black was suddenly white.

Right was now wrong.

Stay home. Don’t touch or talk to anyone. Don’t work. Don’t you dare kiss anyone. Don’t worry … it’s only for a couple of weeks.

Oops, sorry:  I meant a couple of months.

Or, maybe a year.   Or maybe two.


Nothing is normal, much less customary.

Some of the basic foundations of our world began to crumble. It appears that people at the top of places like the FBI and CIA have been lying to us. No, that can’t be.

Yes, it can and it has.

Suddenly, being patriotic is bad. Only horrible, racist, terrible, dishonest, hateful people would ever be patriotic.

Only rotten people would praise America – for anything

Very, very wise people now talk shit about America in the worst possible terms. It’s fashionable you know; very fashionable.

There are all kinds of new rules which confine and contain Americans with the claim that all of them are, “for our own good.”   Uh-huh.

Everyone must comply.  There can be no exceptions.  Unless you’re Governor Newsome and it’s some hot-shot’s birthday. Or, you are Nancy and deem that you need your hair ‘fixed.’ The rules never applied to the ruling elites. “How could I even think such a thing?”

Sadly, even churches and synagogues are bowing to these false-gods when they meekly cancel worship services. God-fearing people cannot now even seek shelter in one another.

Oh yeah. I almost forgot: The rules don’t apply to the newly created mobs, either. You know … the mobs currently ruling many of our large cities? Those using the labels of ANTIFA and BLACK LIVES MATTER.  Yeah … those mobs.

Got it.



Mob rule doesn’t work.

It was tried here:

The “justice” many Black men received in past years

It’s back.

We cops are now the bad guys according to ANTIFA and BLM.

We are reminded every time somewhere in America, a cop is forced to use force on a Black man, the cop is assumed to be wrong.

Even when video evidence says otherwise.

No matter what the local prosecutor or Grand Jury says.

The cop is guilty of hunting down and killing the black man. Need examples:

  • Ferguson, MO:  Officer Darren Wilson killed Michael Brown
  • New York, NY:  NYPD officers are accused of killing Eric Garner
  • Baltimore, MD:  Freddie Graye dies in custody after arrest
  • Minneapolis, MN:  George Floyd died in police custody after arrest
  • Atlanta, GA:  Rayshard Brooks was killed while actively resisting arrest

Over recent months, we have watched violent crowds destroy businesses, loot millions of dollars in merchandise, take lives and essentially walk free. All because they were upset about how cops do business.

That makes sense.  Sure it does.



The FBI defines domestic terrorism as acts “perpetrated by individuals and/or groups inspired by or associated with primarily U.S.-based movements that espouse extremist ideologies of a political, religious, social, racial, or environmental nature.”


Another one of our own is now the victim of terrorism. His name is Joseph Mensah. Until November 30th, Mensah is an officer with the Wauwatosa, WI Police. On that day, a resignation which he was coerced to sign, will take effect.

Why? Because of mob rule.


Officer Joseph Mensah


Officer Mensah has been suspended since July – without cause – after the city received undo political pressure from ‘outside influences’ (pronounced mob). Prosecutors have cleared Mensah of wrongdoing in three fatal shootings, the most recent was a 17 yr. old Black teen.

The mob doesn’t care about the law. Screw the law. The city experienced months of violent protests.

Mensah was suspended by the Wauwatosa Police and Fire Commission following a complaint by relatives of Jay Anderson Jr., who was fatally shot in 2016 by the officer when he reached for a gun in his car in a city park, the newspaper reported.


Following a full investigation into all the details, a good cop loses his job because relatives of the dead thug complained? They should have their collective butts kicked for raising an asshole who wasn’t taught to respect authority.



Rather than standing up for that which is right; standing up for an officer who followed the law; standing up for the community which they represent, they caved-in to a vocal minority.

Just like Pontius Pilate caved-in to the mob demanding that Jesus be crucified.

A mob demands that Pilate crucify Jesus


It wasn’t right then and, it’s not right now.

Mensah has lost his job. He has lost the career that he loves. He has been taught that the rules and laws aren’t worth the paper they are written on.

The Wauwatosa officials responsible for this hideous action have pissed-on every law abiding citizen in Wauwatosa, every citizen in Wisconsin and every citizen in the United States with their blatant disregard for the law when they caved in to a mob.

Screw them.

I hope they rot in hell. Every single one of them.

That’s my .02 worth; your mileage may vary.


“Above all, it’s about going home at the end of the shift … “

We couldn’t agree more.


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