It was reported that the mental-midgets on the Minneapolis City Council backtracked last Friday on its original push to defund the city’s police department.

I’m sure you recall when last summer, following the death of George Floyd (look under ‘scumbag’ in the dictionary for his picture), the council caved-in to the jerks, idiots, morons and good-for-nothings (see picture below). Council made a major cut the cops’ money and things went to hell in a handbasket.

Imagine that.


Minneapolis protesters following the death of George Floyd


The report is that Minneapolis residents, ‘begged the city,’ to hire more cops. It seems that they aren’t very happy with the terribly long response times coupled with a drastic increase in violent crime.

Imagine that.

I wonder where these unhappy citizens were last summer when four of our Brothers (see picture below) were railroaded by a corrupt and racially prejudiced district attorney because they had the nerve to enforce the law. The subject of the arrest was a useless piece of sh*t who had overdosed himself on a variety of drugs which caused his own death.


Chauvin                    Kueng                      Lane                       Thao


The sad part is that our Brothers were ‘holding the ball’ when Floyd took his nosedive, i.e. he died while in police custody. He was going to die, where he was  when he took hist last breath was just a matter of chance.

As a result, the lives and careers of our brothers – men we swore take a bullet for, no questions asked – those four lives have been destroyed by a bunch of no good, useless thugs who unfortunately, hold positions of power in Minneapolis. They have prevented the blame for Floyd’s death being placed where it really belongs: on Floyd.



Sorry Charlie, it just may be too late, this time.

Now, you want to use cash to bribe solid American citizens to come and protect you once again. You’ll have their backs. Until you jam a knife into it.

Sort of makes me think of a child-molester attempting to woo a little girl into his van with a piece of candy. It just fits, doesn’t it?

The ‘good people’ of Minneapolis had their chance. In fact, they’ve had more than one. First, they allowed dishonest crooks to be voted into various city offices. Second, they allowed the thugs to screw-over anyone they didn’t like – for whatever reason. And the ‘good citizens’ of Minneapolis sat home on their collective asses – and did nothing as the good cops got screwed-over.

Now, you will live with the consequences. But, before you open your mouths, think about my four Brothers who worked hard to become a cop in your city so they could protect you with their lives. You may not have put a bullet through their hearts, but the lives they sought have been ended – just the same.

So now, I think of a statement my dear old Dad would say when someone screwed themselves:


Happy sitting, Minneapolis. I hope you enjoy what you’ve done to yourselves.


“Above all, it’s about going home at the end of the shift … “

We couldn’t agree more.



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