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It’s that time, again. When most folks are celebrating with their loved ones. Smiling, laughing, loving, eating too much and drinking a wee bit more than they should. For many, the stroke of midnight on Christmas Eve would find them in Church to celebrate the birth of our savior, Jesus Christ.

Many in our ranks would be grousing about missing those moments with our own families because we gotta’ work. It’s nice to have enough years on to be able to pick the holidays that you want to stay home – the same as others.

But, this year it’s different.

Really different.

For most of us, it’s been a helluva tough year. Worse for some, than others. Think of the cops in Portland, Minneapolis, New York or Seattle … just to name a few. To be sure, there are plenty more in the same category. Those guys have gotten shit on nearly every time they came to work. Imagine, ‘gearing up’ as the time to report approaches and for you, every moment is one of dread: anger, frustration, isolation and a sense of being trapped.

A person is not supposed to feel that way about his chosen career.

But, we’re cops. And that’s what makes this different. It means we are brothers who care for each other. Even if it means giving up my life to save a brother.

As really rotten as 2020 has been, NONE OF US WENT THROUGH IT ALONE.

There are two elements about being a cop that are at the core of what makes us unique. The first is that backup is always within reach.

Backup might be my shift partner, or my section partner. It could be another cop on another shift or in a different department. That point was driven home for me when I began attending Police Week in D.C. each May.

Tens of thousands of us gather in May each year. We mourn those we lost and we celebrate being together. TOGETHER. I have some very close friends who I only see once a year in D.C. Those few days each year reinforce the fact that we are one, very large family.

We laugh together. We bleed together and we cry together. What is done to one of us is done to all.

What a gift our brotherhood is to all of us.

The second element that sets cops aside from the rest of the world: God.

There are multiple instances in the Bible that he reminds us that we are blessed by Him and we are doing His work. Amen to that.


Yes, it has. But, we are tougher.

As I write this, 288 cops have died in the line of duty so far in 2020. Surely, there will be more. The Wuhan Virus has killed more cops than anyone could have ever predicted. And, it’s not done yet.

But, we won’t quit. We will do all that we can to protect ourselves. Yet, we all know that we would sacrifice ourselves in a heartbeat to save a brother. It’s the way we’re wired and it ain’t gonna change, any time soon.



No matter how much the assholes of BLM or ANTIFA scream about defunding and getting rid of the cops, it isn’t gonna happen.

Most people in America have great respect and gratitude for any one of us who has ever worn a badge. Those are real Americans and we can be confident that their love for us will not waver. Not now. Not ever.

Now, let’s think just about Christmas and the role it plays in these really rotten times. Remember these things that you were taught as a child:

Unto Us, A Child is Born

Thank you, Lord, for sending your Son to save us from ourselves. It could be said that in these difficult times, we need to be saved from ourselves, once again.

He told us to do just one thing to honor Him. Love each other as we love ourselves. The crew of CopBlue lives out that command by doing our best each day to save just ONE life.

We treasure and love our Brothers & Sisters in Blue all year long. At this time, we ask that our Heavenly Father keep us strong and safe as we continue to do His work.

The Crew of CopBlue cares about you more than words can say. We are here for you, night and day. You are never alone.



Nearly a year ago, Danny Watson began appearing in a weekly video article, Danny and the producer, Daniel Johnson, began sharing our world with hundreds of thousands of people every week.

They have prepared a video for this occasion. It is 2020 – The Year in Review. We invite you to watch and enjoy it with us.



This is a time for reflection. Think about the things that a really important. The name of the cops below want to reaffirm our devotion to our mission:  CopBlue exists to save just ONE life. Yours. We care more about you than words could ever describe.

We will face 2021 together. As one family in blue. We will never waver.

God be with us all.


Merry Christmas & a Safe New Year

Butch, Chris, Danny, Don, Jim, Paula and Tim



“Above all, it’s about going home at the end of the shift … “

We couldn’t agree more.



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