Today there was yet another news article published somewhere in the United States about the shortage of police applicants in their jurisdiction. Admittedly, I didn’t read the article.

The headline stated what we already knew, or at least what any reasonable person would suspect. People aren’t applying to be police officers anymore. At least not at the rate they did in the past. (If you could see me as I write this, I’m displaying my best shocked face).

This shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone who hasn’t been living under a rock for the past four years. Since the Ferguson, Missouri police shooting and the subsequent riots and protests that swept the nation, police officers across the country have been labeled nothing short of racist and blood thirsty monsters. By and large, thanks to the Mainstream Media (M/M) in this country.



The answer is simple. The controversy surrounding policing in the recent years has made the M/M money. Sadly, it’s that simple. The more people protested, marched, and held rallies, the more the M/M could give them the microphone to stir the controversy. The more controversial a topic gets, the more clicks, views, and revenue the M/M make. Their job is to make money. Nothing gets more views than something which is controversial.

How do I know this? I know from experience in writing and posting articles like this one on various websites and social media platforms. The number of “views, clicks, or shares” articles get, seem to be directly correlated to the photo or title that accompanies the article.


To test this, I’ve posted the exact same article with two different photos and guess which one got more traction? The one with the more controversial and sad photo. Same article. Same title. Different photo. Completely different results in readership.

The photo and title I choose for this article will be relevant the first time I post it. Then the following day I will repost it with an even more controversial person in the photo, I’m almost certain, the results will be completely different.

We will see how it affects readership and I will update this article. I don’t like or want to be controversial. I started this to be honest, truthful, and give officers a voice. Their side of the story if you will. But, sometimes controversy happens.

Conclusion, the more sad or controversial an article title or photo appears, the more “clicks, reads, or views” it garners. So maybe we as consumers are also to blame? Apparently, America just loves controversy and sadness. This may all be true, but it doesn’t remove responsibility from the mainstream media to be mindful on how they report facts and stories, or worse, how they choose to skew them.



The narrative they push matters and has direct and tragic real life consequences. They create hate that leads to police being ambushed and killed like in Dallas on July 7th, 2016. Other consequences are less tragic, but equally concerning when it comes to the lack of police applicants nationwide. Soon, there will be a crisis. I’m calling it now.

Unless the economy crashes and people are in dire need of jobs, police applications will remain low, continually pushing police departments to levels that put officers and the public at risk. Who honestly wants to work holidays, weekends, and be called a monster for doing your job for $60,000 a year? Not to mention the obvious dangers associated with the job.

Sadly, the mainstream media doesn’t care about the repercussions of their controversy-creating headlines. They don’t care if people who once strongly desired to be a police officer, are now rethinking their career choice. Can you blame them?

After over a decade of wearing the uniform myself, in one of the largest cities in the country, my simple answer is, NO. I don’t blame them. In fact, I think it is wise to really question your desire to be a police officer in 2018 and beyond. If you really, really, want to be one, then do it.

Because those are usually the best ones. It’s not just a job, a paycheck, or something you should do half-assed. It’s a serious job, with lifelong consequences for you, your family, and everyone you deal with. If it’s nothing more than a paycheck to you, you’re likely the kind of officer I wish never became one. They generally seem to become officers that make negative headlines in legitimate way.

Buzzwords like “police reform” now flood media headlines and political rallies. Somehow, “they” believe “they” can change this fact: Every day police officers are forced to confront horrible violence. It is the violence that most people deny exists.

Yet somehow, “they” get upset when the confrontation turns deadly. Well, let’s keep speaking the truth, “they” only get upset if the police officer survives and a citizen dies. However, if the officer happens to be one race and the deceased another, CHACHING!!! Time for an inflammatory headline!

Let’s not worry about the facts or circumstances surrounding the incident. Just publish that inflammatory headline! To hell with the consequences! Who cares about the facts of the incident? Who cares if or the fact the entire incident was on video and likely justified!? Profit through division. Tell me I’m wrong.

Sadly, no matter how many community events police plan, cute lip-sync videos are made, or ice cream cones are handed out in the summer, it can all go to hell in a handbasket over one incident. One remotely controversial police shooting has us back to square one with the help of the media.

Police are quickly painted with a wide accusatory brush. With ONE particular incident, you will be reminded that ALL cops are racist, blood thirsty monsters! It’s like a sad game of chutes and ladders.



Meanwhile police recruiters hastily hold up signs at a job fairs proclaiming:

  • Sign up folks!
  • Come join the team!
  • It’s the greatest show on earth!
  • Let’s make a difference!
  • You can help people!

Come on, let’s stay on the honesty train. Times have changed. Your good intentions no longer matter. It’s now all about what the media headlines say that define police officers’ actions.

The media doesn’t care if you are the best officer to ever wear the uniform, you have never been disciplined, or you have 58 medals pinned on your chest. Ultimately, when given the chance you — the American police officer — will be crucified for their benefit.

To my knowledge there’s never been a protest or rally after a police officer was shot and killed. If there has been, please enlighten me, because I am unaware of such an incident. Vigils don’t count. Police haters generally spew the usual despicable response when an officer is killed, “That’s what they signed up for.” Get real. No one signs up to die.

I’ll be the first to say, dirty or racist cops of any kind should be fired and go to prison, if warranted.

The recent three year prison sentence of a Police Chief for framing African Americans for crimes they didn’t commit was too short. The punishment should have been more severe for ruining people’s lives. He betrayed the trust of society, and tarnished the badge. His despicable acts have consequences for everyone involved. The damage is permanent and likely irreparable. For that, he should’ve been punished more harshly.



To conclude, I will say this:

  • Police officers don’t become police officers to get rich.
  • They don’t become police officers to hurt people.
  • They genuinely view their job as a way to keep the evil from hurting the good.
  • They know their role is to hold those accountable for THEIR bad decisions.

Becoming a police officer, is a way to serve their community and bear burdens of which most people are blissfully unaware. They don’t go into notoriously violent communities – no matter what the racial makeup may be – looking to hurt someone.

The next time you hear about a fatal car accident with multiple people killed, a deadly shooting, or any horrific tragedy, pause for a minute and ask yourself, “Would I want to be the one rushing to that scene?” Do you want to see the dead bodies sprawled across the highway? Do want to see the person taking their last breath after having been shot by a rival gang member?

How would you feel about the fact the media is able to portray you as a monster or an inherent racist with a few simple keystrokes –

  • Even when they know nothing about you?
  • Despite the fact you rush to those scenes without knowing or caring about the race of the victim?
  • Even when you just want to HELP.
  • Would you be able to handle it?

I think we know the answer most people would give about themselves. When you think about it in these terms, the nationwide police application shortage comes as no surprise. There is an elephant in the room. The question is, how long until it reaches a critical point?

Thank an officer today.

Be safe and have a Merry Christmas!

At the bottom line, it’s all about saving just ONE life.



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