It is darned near impossible for anyone in the U.S.A. to have failed to notice the multitude of unending, ongoing demonstrations across the country regarding a whole bunch of issues.  Some of the most vocal among them have claimed that law enforcement officers have declared ‘open season’ on young black men.

A cluster of click-bait phrases have erupted in order to get our attention.    Of great popularity is, “Hands-Up; Don’t Shoot” which refers to the incident where Michael Brown was killed by Ferguson police officer, Darren Wilson.

For the sake of reality, that event never happened.  The whole thing is a scam; a bold-faced lie.

Why would throngs of demonstrators make the effort to ruin lives, destroy businesses, lose hundreds (maybe thousands) of local jobs and essentially decimate their lives?  The Constitution and various statutes provide multiple methods for the public to express their displeasure and bring change.

I must ask:  “WHAT DO THEY WANT?”


Sympathy protests for Brown happened all over the country.  One of the most profoundly damaging happened in Baltimore, MD.  Again, lives and the community were destroyed – including the life of Freddie Graye.  Like Detroit following the 1967 riots, Baltimore may never fully recover.








I must ask:  “WHAT DO THEY WANT?”

More recently, former Milwaukee cop Dominque Heaggan-Brown was acquitted in the fatal shooting of Sylville Smith.  There was an investigation of the shooting, the officer was indicted and a trial ensued.  All of this was done within the strict rules established in the Constitution.

Based on the evidence, the officer was acquitted at trial.  However, the officer no longer has the cop job he worked so hard to get.  His life has been ruined as the result of doing his job, as trained and instructed.

However, it seems that many of the citizens of Milwaukee were displeased with the outcome of the trial – in spite of the fact that the Constitution’s rules were faithfully followed.


I must ask:  “WHAT DO THEY WANT?”

On Friday, June 16, 2017 protesters in St. Paul, MN blocked the I-94 freeway through their city.  Unfortunately, some demonstrators resorted to more violence than blocking a roadway.  Property was lost and people were injured.

St. Anthony Police officer Jeronimo Yanez had just been acquitted of felony manslaughter in the course of performing his duties.  Like other officers before him, Yanez was indicted and tried on the charges.  In accordance with the Constitution, a jury of his peers heard the evidence and found him innocent of the charges.

It doesn’t end there.  Even though the officer did his job properly, his hard-earned job was taken from him by his agency.  He was protecting YOU and ME.   This is his reward.

The demonstrators felt free to deprive other citizens of their rights by stopping their free movement within their own community.  All of this hoopla ensued even though the rules of Constitution were faithfully followed.

I must ask:  “WHAT DO THEY WANT?”


Last September, Tulsa officer Betty Shelby used deadly force to control Terence Crutcher, a black male.

Again, in accordance with the Constitution, an investigation was conducted, Officer Shelby was charged and a trial ensued.  After hearing all of the evidence which was presented at trial, the jury acquitted Officer Shelby of any wrongdoing. All of this happened in accordance with the Constitution rules and guidelines.

Following the announcement from the jury, many local residents protested the outcome.  Unfortunately, many of those involved in the protests chose to use violence to express their displeasure.

Once again, all of this nation’s rules were faithfully followed over the duration of this tragic event.  A family member was quoted as saying, “Betty Shelby got away with murder.”  On what basis can such a ridiculous claim be made?


Therefore, I must ask:  “WHAT DO THEY WANT?”




Woven through all of these protests and others like them are signs displaying “BLACK LIVES MATTER.”   I must agree: black lives matter.  However, they matter just the same as every other life.  Dare anyone raise a sign displaying a phrase like, “ALL LIVES MATTER,” and BLM activists will go crazy – bristling in anger.

I rely upon our nation’s founding documents where it is clearly stated that “ALL MEN ARE CREATED EQUAL.”  That statement is unequivocal and there is no room for alteration for the sake of political correctness.

Therefore, I ask, “WHAT DO THEY WANT?”



The cacophony of citizen screeching is further embellished by the utter nonsensical protests against the exercise of free speech which has come to be standard fare on many college campuses.

At one time, the college environment was celebrated where young people came to be exposed to new ways of thinking, new ideas and life styles which were new to them, as well.   We encouraged debate, open / frank discussion and evaluation of the concepts put forth.

Years ago, I was a student in that environment.  Many years later, my children experienced it for themselves.  From my perspective it was the collective societal hope that youngster’s moral and logical strength would be increased as a result of the exposure to – and testing by – these different concepts about life.

Now, for reasons too numerous for this article, many college campuses have become thought cocoons for young people.  Over recent years, liberal / progressive ideologies have somehow been deemed the only acceptable life philosophy for the young people to hear, see and learn about.


Non-conforming philosophies (e.g. conservative) are banished.  They are stricken from discussion or evaluation.  Period.   Force has been (and will be) used, if necessary to prevent our young people from being exposed to these ‘foreign’ ideas at every turn.

Sadly, there too, the nation has watched violence erupt.  Cop cars burned, buildings smashed, cops injured along with other vagaries as the “Collegiate Snowflakes” are protected from the horrible damage created by exposure to any thought or idea with which they disagree.

Collegiate institutions and those who study there extoll the need for the protections offered by the Constitution and the Bill of Rights in other matters.  Yet, they appear blind to their wholesale rejection of the First Amendment which promises the right of Free Speech to everyone.

Again, I must ask, “WHAT DO THEY WANT?”



Probably the most perplexing demonstrators of all are those who have used violence (and associated threats) to put their disapproval of last November’s election on display for all to see.   This article is not a political commentary. In the interest of open disclosure, I did support Mr. Trump for his current job.

Reflecting back over the election cycle, my recollection is that nearly all of the political “experts” were certain of Mr. Trump’s impending loss.  The pollsters agreed, as well.

On election night and the following morning, I witnessed people in tears.  They were frantic with disbelief.  They were in a state of total emotional upheaval.  I had never witnessed that kind of widespread response to any election in my lifetime.

In the ensuing days and weeks, the country has been exposed to people behaving badly.  It has been observed that the folks in the most distress are those who had been among the “ruling elite.”  They lived in the Coastal Bubbles with little concern or awareness of their American brethren who live in “flyover country.”  They could not conceive that a bloc of American Nobodies would rise up and collectively take control of the country.

There has been violence, property damage, personal injuries and yes – a week ago, an attempted murder of a member of Congress.


The election of every President, including President Trump, is a process which is steeped in tradition but, more importantly, it is tightly controlled by the rules set forth in the Constitution.  Those rules were followed to a “T”.

It is the Constitution and the guarantees of the Bill of Rights which permit citizen demonstrations to occur, at all.  Without that awesome document, the showing of dissatisfaction with the government would probably get shut down as they are in countries like Iran.  Not here.

Dissatisfied people across the country depend on the Constitution so they can behave like jerks.  However, they decry an election which followed its prescriptions to the letter.

Once again one must ask, “WHAT DO THEY WANT?”



“I promise to defend the Constitution against all enemies, whether foreign or domestic,” is part of the oath we all took.  It was then that the Badge was pinned on our chest and it came with the weight of the Republic.  It was my promise as it was yours.  It has no expiration date.

There are those who support Constitutional rights on a selective basis.  The presumption of innocence and the right to a fair and speedy trial are two such rights.  But, if a black male is murdered by a cop, apparently those rights are withdrawn.  Well, maybe:

It seems that the most vocal, i.e. Black Lives Matter, has shown little concern with the ongoing genocide in Chicago.  As of today (06/24/17), 1,668 Chicago residents have been shot; 314 of them are dead.  The VAST MAJORITY (e.g. +90%) are black.  Nary a whimper from BLM about these black lives.  Apparently they don’t matter.

College kids want the Constitution to provide endless protections, but most of all: shield them from the Free Speech of those with whom they disagree.  They even want to use violence to stop such “awful” talk.

Yet, if criminally charged and taken to trial, they want all of the Constitutional protections they can muster.


Then, there are those who continue to reject one of the most fundamental tenets of the republic: each citizen’s right to vote.  Since my vote was for Trump – and they don’t like him – I lose my vote.  Right?   WRONG!

It seems these folks believe that the Constitution exists only at their pleasure.



It’s time to call a spade, a spade.

Those whom I have described above have commonality with terrorists and all others who wage war against the United States. They are in league with Nazis, fascists, Communists and others who wanted America to fail.   When engaging in violence or stealing the rights of others, they are committing Acts of War against our country.

A wise man once said, “My right to throw a punch ends at your nose.”  Amen.

The liberals want to label these evil-doers as ‘misguided’ children.  Bullshit.  They perpetrate acts of war and, if allowed to continue on their current path, they will put the existence of United States of America and its citizens at risk.

When a person sets a business afire, shoots a cop, blocks a public roadway or prevents an invited speaker from talking to a willing audience, they are committing an Act of War because they are attacking our Constitution and the rights it guarantees.

While preparing this article, I thought back to the Detroit riots which happened in late July, 1967.  That insurrection began late on a Saturday night.  Our family had a business right in the thick of it.  Folks were hurt, some died.  Businesses and homes were destroyed.  It continued through Monday morning.  The Detroit mayor didn’t have the balls to confront it for fear of offending his black constituency.

Midday on Monday, the governor – along with President Johnson, held a press conference.  They announced that they were deploying military forces into Detroit who would be in place by nightfall.  An 8:00PM curfew was announced.  At the same time, from the governor came this statement:



That night, two or three people tested the will of the military.  They lost.  The riot ended then and there.

Coddling acts of war is rarely a good idea.  It certainly is not now.



It’s time to get a copy of the Constitution and read it.   A free pocket version can be had on line from Hillsdale College.

THAT document is the final word.  THAT says everything we need to know.  THAT is want we swore to defend.  So be it.


If we do our jobs, citizens will always have the rights of free speech, the right to assemble, the right to express dissatisfaction with the government along with a whole bunch of ways to peaceably bring about change.  We cops need to protect, care for and foster those critical assets.  We can no longer afford to protect those who bring violence to our land.  They must be eliminated.

Recognize that the people described here want to end life in the U.S. as we know it.  Are you ready to surrender?  I’m not.

At the bottom line, it’s all about saving just ONE life.


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