Remember that infamous Monday, May 25, 2020? It was Memorial Day in the United States. It was also George Floyd’s last day on earth. At the early age of 46, Mr. Floyd passed away during a medical procedure in a Minneapolis hospital, according to police reports.

In the years prior to his death, Floyd spent five years in prison for armed robbery. He was no angel (not that any of us are) and being handled by law enforcement and corrections officers was not new to him.

In the hours immediately preceding his death, he broke the law by attempting to make a purchase with a counterfeit twenty-dollar bill. In the process of being arrested, Mr. Floyd was taken to the ground by the officers at the scene. After he was handcuffed, he was held in place by Officer Derek Chauvin who used a neck restraint.

Watching Ofc. Chauvin use the restraint was not a pretty sight. But then, most use-of-force events are not pretty to watch, especially if you are an untrained civilian. It was reported that Floyd told the attending officers, “I cannot breathe,” more than once. Sounds bad.

Once on the street, rookie cops quickly learn that it is quite common for people who have been arrested and are on their way to jail to suddenly claim some kind of horrible medical problem.

  • “I can’t breathe.”
  • “I’m having horrible chest pains.”
  • “I’m feeling dizzy and have no sensation on my left/right side.”
  • “When you punched me, I think you broke my arm, wrist, hand, shoulder, ribs, yadda, yadda, yadda. I need to go to the hospital.”

Experienced lawbreakers are doing everything they can to delay their entrance into the jail because they know that they have a much better chance of escaping from a medical facility than they will have escaping from a jail cell.

It’s an old song and most cops quickly grow tired of hearing it. It is usually shrugged-off unless there has been some evidence of the problem previously as the incident unfolded.

Ultimately, after an unknown amount of time dealing with the criminal, (Floyd) at or near the store, medics arrived to check him over and he is then he was whisked off to be checked at the hospital and ultimately, held at the local Iron Hotel.



As is common these days, members of the public were recording videos of the incident.  A few seconds of it were parsed and presented to public via social media.

It was intended to show the ‘awful’ things the four ‘bully cops’ did to this poor, defenseless, unarmed man who did not deserve such harsh treatment. As a result, Minneapolis citizens began to protest against what they saw as excessive force being used by their local cops.

They didn’t like it and they took to the streets to let their opinions be known.

They had every right to do that.

Over the years, experience has taught cops everywhere a lesson. The average Joe in the community believes this falsehood: Contemporaneous videos which are recorded at the scene and shown later tell the entire story. And, of course, they are always 100% accurate.

Many times, the videos meet those expectations. In this case though, the video led the viewer to a conclusion which was 180 degrees off-the-mark.

People demonstrated in the streets of Minneapolis. They appeared in huge numbers and their voices were loud. Their demands and their desires sincere. All of that is very much part of the fabric of America; it has been since our founding.



[Forewarning: rough language ahead. If you can’t handle the rough language of the streets, now is the time to leave and read something else like a nice Bambi story.]

I need to define some terms at this point.

When I was a kid, a common term for Black people where I lived was: ‘Nigger.’  I stress to you, it was very common. It wasn’t mean-spirited. It wasn’t ugly. It wasn’t hidden in mixed company. It was commonly used by grandmothers. Like it or not, that is a fact of history.

In my early teens, folks (I don’t know exactly who) said it was no longer appropriate to use that word. They claimed it was demeaning and inferred ugliness. We were taught in school and in church that the appropriate term became, ‘Negros or Colored People.’


By the time I reached college, the term changed – again. In order to show respect, we should now use, ‘Black.’  It made a whole lot of sense to me, so I made the change, as well. I’m white, you’re black and someone else might be yellow. No problem.

Then came the politically correct crowd.

Most recently, we were told to refer to Black people as ‘African-American.’ That’s where I drew the line. Using that term implies they are some part African with the remainder being American. Nope. Not for me. I won’t use it because it implies that my Black friend is not 100% American – though his family immigrated many generations ago.

He is 100% American – just like me. We are equals, and that’s how it will stay, for me.



 When I became a cop, I learned that there is yet another way to categorize people. It has nothing to do with color and everything to do with behavior. There are people in America who were never taught ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ as I was. ‘Right’ or ‘correct’ is situational.

Here’s how it works:  I want something or I want to do something – like break into a store and steal a big-screen TV. If I want it and can get away with doing it, then it must be right.  These people:

  • Have no understanding of society’s definition of right & wrong.
  • Have no respect for the property of others.
  • Have no respect for authority.
  • Place no value on human life.

These people, by definition are ASSHOLES. Cops deal with them constantly, every day, almost every hour of every day. And, we get real tired of it.

Sadly, Black people make up a huge chunk of this group. There are a million opinions about the reasons for that. That’s a whole different subject and not part of this writing. While many Blacks are assholes; not all Blacks are.

In the course of daily life, I don’t much care or distinguish a person’s color. What does it matter?

My last police department had roughly a 50-50 split between Black and White officers. When I think back on working with these guys, I really have to think about their color. I cared deeply for all of the guys on our crew back then, with no regard for their color.

It’s much the same at the gym today.

I enjoy being with other people. But, I don’t want to hang out with assholes. Do I have a prejudice against assholes?  You betcha. Anyone who would steal or murder another person is not welcome in my life.




The perpetrators of the current violence are not Black people. Rather, they are assholes.  Here’s a partial list for your consideration:

  • Michael Moore
  • George Soros
  • Many Hollywood actors
  • Many in the media

Their goal is to cause so much disruption that ultimately, they will be able to seize power over the country and be in a position to control the rest of us.

A very visible asshole in the world today is Michigan’s Governor Whitmer.



The assholes pretend to be outraged. Destructive riots began across the country. Property was destroyed, i.e. buildings, vehicles and private property of others. There has also been a needless loss of life.

The assholes’ approach has been to scream louder than others, make threats and intimidate other people around them. However, the real leaders of these assholes have kept themselves out of sight so they won’t be identified by the rest of us.



The four officers on scene in Minneapolis have been convicted in the Court of Public Opinion. Never mind that the investigation is not complete. Don’t fret over the fact that many facts remain unknown.

The wellbeing of these officers has been threatened at every level of government:

  • Mayor of the City of Minneapolis
  • Governor of the State of Minnesota
  • S. Department of Justice

Chauvin’s wife is reported to be seeking an ending to their marriage.

All four cops have lost their job / income.

Chauvin is in jail.

The rights acknowledged in the American Constitution have been thrown right out the window.

The following story is not true. For a moment, imagine yourself there.

It is a nice Sunday evening in the spring. You and your wife have two great kids who are in college and have lived away at school for the past couple of years. Your wife has gone to visit her mother for a few days.

The phone rings. The caller ID displays the name of a hospital that you don’t recognize. Upon answering, a woman introduces herself as a nurse who is assigned to the emergency room of the hospital.

She tells you that your son has just been brought in by the local EMT squad along with his girlfriend. It seems they we traveling on an area freeway and got into a car accident. They both survived but she could not tell you much more right then. She suggested that you get to the hospital as quickly as is possible.

Although you are frantic with worry, you know that you must stay calm. You expect that it will take about 1.5 hours on the freeway to get to the hospital.

You drive with the most focus and intensity possible. The posted speed limit is 70 mph but you’re driving 79, hoping you won’t get pulled over. You set the cruise and off you go.

However, it doesn’t work out as planned. About 45 minutes into the trip, you get pulled over by one of the state boys. When he lights you up, you do a quick check of your speedometer and yes, it’s still at 79 mph.

You’ve always believed that it’s not appropriate to flash your tin as the trooper makes his approach. You believe that’s sort of like saying you expect to get a break. Not cool.

You are stunned when he tells you that he stopped you for going 92 mph is a 70mph zone.

Because you were driving more than 20 mph over the limit, it will automatically become a Reckless Driving citation. The fine is $550 and you will lose your driver license for a year.

Your reaction is one of great surprise. You now decide it’s time to tin him, but he says he has already advised dispatch, so he must go forward with the citation. He offers to show you the radar unit. Sure enough, it shows 92 mph.

You don’t learn until much later that his radar unit had not been calibrated or checked in over six months. When it is checked, it is found to be showing subject vehicle speed at 15 mph too high.


If you got the same treatment as Ofc. Chauvin then …

The trooper explains that the fine is $550. You can either have it deducted from your bank account right now or charge it to one of your credit cards. If you are found to be innocent in court on your court date, the money will be returned.

The state’s driver license data base has already been updated: your license is suspended, effective immediately. Because there is now no licensed driver with you, your car will be impounded. The tow charge and daily storage fee will be charged to your credit card, too.

You frantically call a buddy who comes to pick you up and take you to the hospital where your son will be found.  By the time you arrive, he has been transferred into the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) and you are unable to see him.

Question:  Just how fucking mad are you?

That is just a fraction of what our four brothers in Minneapolis are feeling right now.



The assholes in Minneapolis should get an Emmy for this performance. There are groups of them in cities across the country who act as though they too are wildly mad because of the death of a Black man:  George Floyd.

But wait …

It has been reported that during 2019, there were 490 people murdered in Chicago.  The best estimate I could find showed that 93% of them (441 people) were Black. QUESTION: What did you hear from this same group who is now throwing a violent fit over one death?


Those 441 folks from Chicago are just as dead as Mr. Floyd. They are just as Black as Mr. Floyd. The data shows that those 441 dead Black Chicagoans were almost all killed by Black people.  Aaaaah!

Outrage over the death of George Floyd?  BULLSHIT!



Because it works.

They get what they want: their bad behavior is excused, the cops leave them alone and our ever-so-wise government officials try to appease them by spending money and giving them ‘treats.’



Hell, look what happened to four good Minneapolis cops who were simply trying to do what the law says they should when someone attempts to use a counterfeit twenty dollar bill.

The politicians frantically try to cover their backsides when the folks who lead the Assholes scream, “RACISM” to a media camera.

In this case, the Minneapolis prosecutor had Ofc. Chauvin charged before the coroner’s report was done, before the investigation by the detective bureau was complete …   Hell, before Floyd’s body was cold, the prosecutor had the charging affidavit completed.

The four cops were fired and one was in jail without any of the proper substantiation.

Minneapolis’s boy mayor, Jacob Frey had the microphone so he could whine and cry as he was pleading with the Assholes to stop the violence. It reminded me of my daughter when she was three years old, begging me for a new Barbie doll. What a load of crap. Stand up and act like a man!

Governor Tim Walz threatens to take action, but does nothing.

Stevie Wonder could see what is going on here – and it ain’t good.



Most of my cop brethren know better than to attempt to take enforcement action against a Black man – unless his actions are so horrible that they cannot be overlooked. Street Cops don’t want to become the star of a YouTube video or be dragged into Internal Affairs.

The Assholes can (and do) get away with murder. Don’t believe me? Check and see how many of Chicago’s homicide cases from 2018 remain open, i.e. unsolved.

On top of it, we have fewer cops, every day.

  • It’s tough to hire new cops.
  • It’s tough to keep the cops we’ve got.
  • Police Officer suicide rates are through the roof.

Are you getting the picture?



In previous writings I have shared one of the ways that I figure out how America should handle some challenging problem.

We should do one of two things. My first choice is to look back a hundred years, or so. I pose this question:  If the year were 1900 and Assholes across the country rose up to destroy parts of our cities, how would America have reacted?

It is tough to figure that out because the civil unrest we face today has been made possible, in part, by very new technology, i.e. cell phones, Facebook, Twitter and a very fast news cycle that let’s everyone see and hear what is happening almost anywhere in the country – as it happens.

So, I now choose my alternate approach to figuring out what we should do now. Instead, I pose this question:  If troops from Iran or China parachuted into a bunch of American cities and commenced to burning down buildings, destroying businesses, destroying police equipment and killing cops, what would America do?

THE ANSWER:  The invaders would be dead just as soon as we could raise our weapons and destroy them.


Think back to Detroit, August of 1967. Here’s a picture:





Then, DO IT.



The four Minneapolis cops were doing their jobs. They were doing what the law called for when someone passes counterfeit money. Did they do it properly? Was there excess force? I don’t know. We must wait for the report once the investigation is complete.

The four cops have been fired without so much as a hearing. Without an IA investigation. Without DUE PROCESS of any kind.

Officer Chauvin is in jail with a $500,000 bond.

Oh, but wait …

Now, the coroner’s report has arrived. It says, “The preliminary results of the autopsy on George Floyd, who died Monday after an encounter with the Minneapolis Police Department, showed that his death was NOT FROM STRANGULATION OR ASPHYXIATION, which would have indicated that the neck restraint DID NOT CAUSE THE DEATH of Floyd.”

People and media-types across the country are upset because Chauvin was taped holding Floyd on the ground with his knee to the back of Floyd’s neck. That’s what has their collective panties in a bunch.

Maybe these jerks should look at what Chauvin was trained to do.

According to the Minneapolis Policy Manual, the restraint used was within policy and it also indicates that training is given to officers on the maneuver.

 So, now whose face is covered in shit? Certainly not the four cops who were doing their jobs.

Now is the time for the FAILED LEADERS to take the heat they’ve earned.

To my brothers and sisters: It’s time to stand up and be counted on this issue. We cannot allow these four men to fall victim to mob-rule or a public lynching.

Enough is enough.


 “Above all, it’s about going home at the end of the shift … “

We couldn’t agree more.


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