Since their invention, lighthouses have served as navigational tools for maritime pilots.  They give warning of coastlines and potential dangers.  They let the sea travelers know where land is, what rocks to avoid and sometimes, where the ports are.

Police officers can serve that purpose for their fellow man, as well.  We can be the lighthouse in the darkness that lets people know where it’s safe to go and what places and people to avoid.

The red and blue lights of a police car can serve as a beacon of hope much as a lighthouse would be for a wayward ship’s captain.  We are there to be that calm voice telling others, “We are here. You will be alright, and we will not let you crash into the rocks.”

There are many people whom we serve who don’t have anyone to help guide them.  We can, and should help mentor that segment of society who depend on us when the needs arises.  If we can help them avoid making decisions which will negatively affect the rest of their lives, shouldn’t we reach out?

Don’t we have an obligation and duty to help them be better?  I think we do, and we owe it to them to try.

I have referenced the public in general but, what about our family, friends and colleagues?  We should be the guiding light of hope in their darkest times, too!

We never know what even the smallest of gestures could mean to someone.  Offer help when you are able or lend an ear just to listen.  Suspend all judgment and be the lighthouse they can steer to.

The reality is that our communities have entrusted us with responsibilities and authorities given to few. We must remember that most people look up to us and trust us. With the simplest affirmation from a person in a BLUE uniform can change the trajectory of a life with a comment or remark which either affirms or degrades.

That is a great power. Be careful of how you use it.

At the bottom line, it’s all about saving just ONE life.



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